With more than 6,000 employees in 16 countries, there are probably 6,000 reasons why people love working here. But they generally fall into a few areas: Respect, Community, Ownership, Inspiration, and Customers.


Solving Problems Together

When it comes to the people of Groupon, we believe that great ideas and great outcomes come from being open and inclusive. Everyone’s invited to the Groupon party, and we encourage everyone to speak up. Bringing our “whole selves” to work means a more interesting, education and engaging workplace, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


I think Groupon engineers are some of the most positive and helpful people I’ve ever met. When I got to Groupon, I was initially too nervous to ask questions, but quickly realized that everyone I turned to was extremely happy to answer any questions I had. Groupon is where I learned how to ask questions without fear. There is no competition, only collaboration and cooperation. It’s incredible to be part of such a supportive community; everyone wants to see everyone else succeed!

Tiffany Chou

Software Engineer, Seattle

It’s really about coming together as a Groupon family to support one another, identifying the skill sets needed to help grow the business, and cultivating internal talent by providing people with the feedback and coaching needed to learn and grow within the organization.

Milan McGraw

Senior Manager of Operations, Chicago

Oh man, how do I put in a few sentences how much I love working at Groupon?! There is such a vast amount of talent, creativity, kindness, and respect at Groupon that I have never experienced in a workplace. My team is made up of amazing women who are all so incredibly different, but we come together to support one another not only along our career paths, but on a personal level as well. We are truly able to be ourselves here and I am so lucky to work for a company that makes me excited to come to work every day, I feel like I’m living the dream!

Amy Alexander

Executive Assistant, Chicago

My favourite Groupon values are inclusion” and “solving problems the right way, together.” We are strong, but we are stronger if we work together. I try to connect Groupon to customers, merchants, and charities every day. I love to find new possibilities and angles to spread the Groupon word through both the media and online channels. We do a fantastic job, so we should be proud of our company!

Daniela Incerti

Communications Specialist, Milan

I really like the diversity. We have folks from more than 20 nations in the Berlin office alone. Seeing everyone working on the same goal and adding different points of view is great. What makes it unique to work here is that you’re allowed and encouraged to make your own decisions and explore new technologies.

Nico Kramer

Senior Engineering Manager, Berlin


Build Local Everywhere

One of the things that makes Groupon different is it works under the assumption that local communities are vital to the health of people, cities, and economies. And Groupon supports those communities by helping local businesses thrive. But when we think “local,” we think about all the different locals around the world. By tying all those locals together, we make a huge impact.


We sit at the nexus of offering a vast array of local merchants to our customers while developing those merchants’ businesses. Not many products enable a salesperson to actually interact with the two key stakeholders of the retail world. To succeed and build a new way, you need to have a lot of talented and driven people. I have them and I am grateful for that.

Rober Ruiz

Head of Local UK/IE, London


We work hard every single day to find the best merchants across local, travel, goods, and coupons for our customers. Local businesses are the core of our communities and the work we do for these businesses is one of the reasons I love working at Groupon. I love small businesses because they offer unique things to me as a customer. I’m glad we can help them thrive and obtain new customers.

Julie Szudarek

President of International, London


In any one week, we’ll be creating offers for museums and attractions, restaurants, and hotels…all the way through to independent business owners such as mechanics and hairdressers. Learning from business owners about how they approach their work and align their varying business models is massively inspiring.

Nate Morgan

Senior Business Development Manager, Auckland

I love that I am challenged every day to inspire my team to be great and hit our goals. I love that I am challenged to think outside of the box in regards to building a platform that doesn’t exist. I am surrounded by some of the smartest, most insightful people on a daily basis, and I am eternally grateful to learn from them.

Jasmine Alleyne-Gill

Manager BeautyNow, Chicago


Act Like It’s Your Business

When you talk to employees in every department, one of the things you hear over and over again is the ownership of the project, the roadmap, the customer experience. We are a company that started with a good idea and we haven’t stop having and launching good ideas. We don’t wait for someone else to fix it, we step up and make it better in whatever way we can. You can work at a big company without feeling like a cog in a machine, and that starts by everyone acting like Groupon belongs to them.

I love the sense of flexibility, autonomy, and creative freedom. Because we are still a fairly young company, there are still opportunities to build structures and processes from scratch. I love that my value as an employee is measured on the impact that I have on the business!

Ana Trujillo

Senior HR Business Partner, Chicago

When you have some amazing and talented people coming together and solving challenging problems for a global platform–keeping local communities and businesses in mind–work then becomes fun. That’s Groupon and that’s why I love working here. Although we connect local communities, the scale and impact of the engineering and product teams’ work are truly global. Not many companies provide a platform where you are exposed to this sheer volume of users.

Varun Sood

Director of Software Engineering, Chicago

Groupon culture is very much employee friendly. Here, high-level people don’t do micromanagement. It means you can work without being bossed. Hence, I have my work-life balance and I can manage my family and office work very well. Overall, it’s a great company where everyone has the opportunity to learn and grow while being valued.

Khushbu Argrawal

Data Warehouse Engineer, Bangalore

I love working at Groupon because it is a place that allows you to be yourself and empowers you to make a difference. The people whom I have worked with over the years, from frontline customer service agents to senior VPs have, to a person, been encouraging, approachable, and receptive to new ideas. It is also a place where hard work and dedication is rewarded with more opportunity.

Eric Jackson

Manager of Customer Enhancement, Chicago

Groupon is a great place to work. There are two things I like the most: 1) Freedom…freedom to think and place your ideas where decision and discussions take place democratically. 2) Ownership…the work environment is such that it instills a sense of ownership and responsibility for all of the work and projects that you do.

Kumud Joseph Kujur

Manager of Data Science, Bangalore


Make Work Less Boring

Maybe it’s the fact that we started in Chicago (home of The Second City), but there’s something in our DNA that says you can work hard and get amazing things done without being boring. And we’ve build Groupon across continents and industries with that same DNA. Every location and team makes work less boring in their own way (from office-roaming dinosaurs to karaoke to bunny outfits), but know that you don’t have to be dull to succeed.


Groupon is not like anywhere I have ever worked. You are encouraged to be yourself, to be unafraid to shine, to express your opinion and to be involved in shaping our future. We make it a matter of course to think outside the box: we don’t just talk about it, we do it.

Kathleen McRory

Facilities Manager, EMEA


I love working at Groupon because it has a startup culture–with a great environment and room to try crazy ideas–with the capabilities, impact, and resources that a large public company provides. We also respect our work-life balance, which makes everybody happier and less stressed. There’s nothing like working on a team of passionate people who have a great time being together.

Juan Pablo Verdejo

Software Engineering Manager, Chicago


Why do I like working for Groupon? I love working at Groupon because it gives me the opportunity to work with almost 2,000 of the brightest and most fun people on the planet.  Everyone brings their own ideas and heart to each and every day. I consider myself truly blessed to call Groupon my work home.

Julie Johnston

Office Services Manager, Chicago


There have been endless opportunities for me at Groupon. I originally joined Groupon in an entry-level role not really knowing how long I’d be here. Turns out, Groupon is the kind of company I wanted to work my butt off for, and a place where hard work has always been rewarded.

Jamie Strycker

Senior Manager of CS, Chicago


Since Groupon is still a relatively young company, things can change quickly as we learn and grow. Sometimes there isn’t necessarily a set way to solve a problem, but it’s fun and challenging to figure these things out by yourself. It makes things interesting. You can be a pioneer here because there isn’t always a trail blazed, which allows you to try new things.

Azusa Villevieille

Merchant Payments Support Specialist, Tokyo


Opportunities to Grow

We love our customers, and that includes when we are our own customers. The people who work at Groupon (usually called “Grouponers,” though, in Australia and New Zealand, they are partial to “Groupies”) take every opportunity to learn, stretch themselves and achieve more than they could elsewhere. When everyone has a voice and everyone is responsible for the company’s success, it’s only natural that everyone grows. That’s an outcome we invest in and encourage at every level. Just ask people who used to answer phones and fix customer problems who now help manage tech projects or own their own teams.


I love working at Groupon because it’s been the first place where I’ve seen so many opportunities to grow professionally (and personally, too) regardless your background. At Groupon, people matter and if you excel at something, success is guaranteed.

Leandro Ariel De Oto

Engineering Manager, Palo Alto