local heart, global impact

Local heart, global impact

Travis Cohen – Customer Service Representative

TRAVIS COHEN Customer Support Representative Chicago, IL Joined: 2016 Travis' in-flight customer service experience with Southwest landed him with the Customer Service team at Groupon, where he focuses on creating positive Groupon experiences for customers and...

Pradeep – Visual Designer in Dublin

PRADEEP Visual Designer Dublin, Ireland Joined: 2015 Pradeep finds inspiration at Groupon everywhere he looks, whether it's in the array of local deals on the site, the supportive and diverse teammates with whom he works, or in the vibrant culture of the...

Chelsey York – Sales Trainer in Scottsdale

    CHELSEY YORK Sales Trainer Scottsdale, AZ Joined: 2017       How many people can claim they've played My Little Pony with Luke Skywalker? We see you're a member of Pride@Groupon. Why did you join?  There are so many companies, especially in Arizona, that don't...

Heather Wilson – Senior Financial Analyst

HEATHER WILSON Senior Financial Analyst Chicago, IL Joined: 2017 Heather proves it's possible to be both a Finance professional and a stunt driver in movies. Who says you can't do both?! Why is it important for Groupon to champion and support...

Andrew Stonehill-Brooks: Senior Human Resources Manager in Dublin

ANDREW STONEHILL-BROOKS Senior Human Resources Manager - ER Dublin, IE Joined: 2017 From Dublin BBQs to cucumber sandwiches with Her Majesty, Andrew fills us in on his Groupon journey and creating supportive spaces for the LGBTQ+ community inside and...

Pride@Groupon: LGBTQ+ 101

June 2018 Pride@Groupon presents                                                 LGBTQ+ 101 The LGBTQ+ acronym L: Lesbian G: Gay B: Bisexual T: Transgender Q: Queer/Questioning +: Other groups, such as asexual, intersex, pansexual, polysexual, etc. Rainbow Flag The...

Featured Stories

Volunteer-a-Thon in Groupon Bangalore

  Groupon Bangalore celebrates annual Volunteer-a-Thon Hiral Mehta Human Resources Business Partner Bangalore, India We are extremely proud of our Bangalore Engineering teams' involvement in the annual Volunteer-a-thon in 2018. Here's how Grouponers in Bangalore spent...

Jason Nahani – Chief Revenue Officer, International in London

JASON NAHANI Chief Revenue Officer, International London, UK Joined: 2011 Meet the Grouponer who essentially built the EMEA Goods organization from scratch. Tell us about your job! What do you do? What do your days look like? I am responsible for matching...

Nicola Turnbull – Goods Buyer in London

    NICOLA TURNBULL Buyer London, UK Joined: 2017       Finally! An answer to the age-old question of "How many Grouponers can you fit into a phone box?" thanks to Nicola, a Goods Buyer and President's Club winner in London. Tell us about your job! What do you do?...

Raj Shanmugasundaram – Database Administrator EDW in Dublin

    RAJ SHANMUGASUNDARAM Database Administrator - EDW Dublin, Ireland Joined: 2012   Data is integral to Groupon's success and Raj's work ensures that everything is running smoothly in the system, which he likens to being a traffic cop. What was your first role here?...

Celia Arroyo Gonzalez – Head of Revenue Management in Madrid

CELIA ARROYO GONZALEZ Head of Revenue Management Madrid, Spain Joined: 2011 Celia joined Groupon ES and felt like she was in a movie depicting American office life. She must have liked the Hollywood vibe, because she's still here almost 8 years later! What's your...

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How To Design a Well-designed Offsite Helena SEO Director, Product Design June 28, 2018 UX Design at Groupon is an organizationally-centralized but geographically-distributed team. There’s one time of year when everyone in the team — designers, researchers and content...