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Groupon is a massive data-driven experiment — this team helps run it

DATA SCIENCE & ENGINEERING 29 August 2017 Groupon is a massive data-driven experiment — this team helps run it Groupon has tweaked and tested every corner of its e-commerce platform to find out precisely what makes customers click. Its platform is one of the...
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Sviatlana – Software Test Engineer

From Belarus to Palo Alto, one Test Engineer’s journey navigating the world of Silicon Valley.

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Wendell – Business Development Representative

WENDELL WALKER Business Development Representative - Health, Beauty, Wellness Chicago, IL Joined: 2017 Teammate Superlatives! When he's not busy closing merchants for one of Groupon's biggest vertical, he's busy creating music videos in his head. But really, we just...
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Miresh – Business Development Representative

MIRESH PATEL Business Development Representative Chicago, IL Joined: 2016 Shortly after we met with Miresh, Phil Jackson stepped down as President of the New York Knicks, a role that he coveted. We'd be intimidated if someone who performed at 484% to goal was after...
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October 23, 2017

4:00 pm ISU Sales Career Fair @ ISU Bone Student Center Prairie Rooms

October 25, 2017

9:00 am AIESEC Dni Kariery in Warsaw @ Warsaw School of Economics

October 31, 2017

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  • I guess you could say alpfaatuic had some fun tonighthellip
  • Yesterday our Seattle office celebrated Diwali Diwali is Indias Festivalhellip
  • TeamGroupon crushed it at the depaulsalesleadership Career Fair this afternoon!
  • G marks the spot at talentdays warsaw teamgroupon
  • Last night Groupon partnered up with arizonastateuniversitys student org SPARKhellip

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Catarina – Software Development Engineer

So, what brought you to Ireland and Groupon? In 2014 I received my master's degree in Software Engineering from the University of Minho in Braga, Portugal.  Unfortunately, though, Braga did not offer any real opportunities for newly qualified engineers like me, so my...

Erik – Android Engineer

ERIK KAMP Android Engineer Palo Alto, CA Joined: 2015 This Engineer keeps himself and Groupon's top-rated Android app running. We wonder who would win in a race, though? 🤔 What's your favorite Groupon memory? My favorite Groupon memory was when part of my team went to...

Eric – iOS Engineer

When he’s not working on the local school board, whitewater rafting, acting in community theater, or taking photos as a Google Trusted Photographer, he’s traveling the country with his father to visit every baseball stadium. Oh, and he’s also helping build Groupon’s top-rated iOS app.

Dom – Business Development Representative

DOM VERNASCO Business Development Representative Chicago, IL Joined: 2016 Dom's dream is to have 15 minutes of fame, but we're pretty sure he's already accomplished that with his cameo in a Groupon video for....a facial fitness muscle training device? What do you love...