Putting diversity hiring into action in Seattle

at May 31st, 2017

What’s one impactful way to connect diverse talent with tech companies? Put them in a room together and have deliberate conversations about diversity hiring. The Tech Jobs Tour, formerly TechUP, is an organization that—in conjunction with like-minded organizations such as Lesbians Who Tech—focuses on promoting and supporting diverse and non-traditional engineers in order to diversify… Read More

Groupon Recruiting Saves the Bay

at May 19th, 2014

As part of Groupon’s Volunteer-a-thon goal of 10,000 volunteer hours by employees in 2014, our Palo Alto Recruiting team helped out with the Save the Bay movement. Lindsay, a technical campus recruiter on our #GrouponU team, tells us more: On Wednesday, May 14th, the Palo Alto Recruiting Team (above) embarked on a journey to Save The… Read More

Groupon Recruiters Give Back

at December 23rd, 2013

Written by: AJ Wilton, Editorial Recruiter The holiday stretch between November and December is a time overflowing with joy, hot beverages, gift-wrapping, and online deals ad infinitum.  Consequently, it’s easy to get wrapped up, no pun intended, in the mad dash to the gift-giving finish line. As everyone scrambles to tie up loose ends at… Read More

Employee Spotlight: Inside Sales Account Executive Billy

at July 11th, 2013

In today’s employee spotlight, we chat with Billy on our inside sales team. Billy started as a recruiter at Groupon and soon learned that his true interests lie in sales. Billy talks about his transition into inside sales, his future, and an epic road trip he took with his family. Name: Billy Job Title: Inside… Read More

Women at Groupon: A Closer Look

at December 6th, 2012

Remember Nadia, our Head of Talent Development? In her interview, she discussed the launch of Employee Resource Groups here at Groupon, mentioning that these groups provide employees with an opportunity to network with each other, develop our brand, and capitalize on untapped market opportunities. Women @ Groupon is leading the way! The group’s steering committee… Read More