iOS Engineer Nicolas Yuste Tirados

iOS Engineer Nicolas Yuste Tirados

Name: Nicolas Yuste
Location: Seattle
Title: iOS Engineer

You came to Groupon through Blink; can you talk about Blink and what it was like being part of an acquisition?

I was living in Madrid working for Blink (Blink by Groupon). We had about 30 people in the office and it was awesome; everyone was super young and it was one of the best working environments I’ve ever been in. I was there for a year and will remember it forever. I was only 23 when I was hired and it was my first real job as an Engineer.

We had an awesome time there but we also worked really hard. I remember those days with pizza in the office at 9:30pm… Our bosses (Miguel Ortega, Rebeca Minguela, and Alvaro Febrel) did an awesome job and got an agreement with Groupon. After a year working with Blink, Groupon acquired the company and the three bosses and four engineers moved to Seattle to work on the Getaways team. It was a really fast process!

Spain’s work environment is really different from the US and it took a while to adapt to the new environment. Anyway, we did really well and here we are. I am working with an awesome team and I am living in an awesome place. The Getaways Team is really cool, there are a lot people from all over the world: Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Mexico, Chile, China, India, Korea, El Salvador, Brazil, and Taiwan. This makes both the team and the office great.

So what do you do? 

I was the first member of the Getaways Mobile Team and we built the Getaways standalone app from scratch. It was really challenging but we did awesome work and finally shipped one year later in December 2014. After launching the Getaways app, the Getaways Mobile Team (3 devs and 2 QA per platform) started working on the main Groupon app. We made a trip to our Palo Alto office to learn from the main Mobile team how the app was built and the foundation of the project. After that two weeks of bootcamp, we started to build features related to Getaways and that is what I have been doing the past year. I have grown a lot and I am also working in a really big project not related to Getaways. The Getaways Mobile team is now essentially part of the main Mobile team based out of Palo Alto.

Can you talk about the technology you work with? 

Being a mobile person means working with the latest technologies. I am an iOS Engineer and I get to work with the latest features that Apple launches. I have written code in Objective C and Swift for all the possible platforms: iPhone and iPad, Apple Watch, and I have been playing with tvOS lately.

What do you love about working here?

I wake up every morning wanted to go to the office, isn’t that enough? I love to be in the office with all my peers; they are awesome and we have so much fun. I am working on one of the biggest apps in the world. I love the fact that what I do is touched by millions of fingers around the world…that makes me feel really grateful.

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