Why Leave Groupon Engineering for a [Much, Much] Bigger Tech Company, Then Return? Director of Engineering Manish Chhabra Tells All.

at April 10th, 2017

I am one of the recent boomerang employees of Groupon. Like some others who have left and come back, I also decided to return for the challenging opportunities and the engineering culture. In my first role here, I was leading our Goods Engineering team which is responsible for driving the engineering and product enhancements to build the online… Read More

Groupon Engineer Spotlight: Breadcrumb Engineering Manager Ulf

at October 11th, 2013

We recently had a chat with Groupon Engineering Manager Ulf about Breadcrumb, Groupon’s iPad based point-of-sale system. Ulf talks about leading his team of 5 engineers, taking in the San Francisco culture, and an app he created during our latest hackfest to unlock the doors to the office if people forget their keys. Name: Ulf… Read More

Groupon Engineer Spotlight: Senior Software Engineer Pete

at August 19th, 2013

We recently caught up with Groupon Engineer Pete to chat about what’s been going on lately in his world. Pete talks about his life before Groupon, our recent 3-day internal hackfest, advice to potential Groupon Engineers, and a few things that interest him outside of the office. Name: Pete Job Title: Senior Software Engineer Start… Read More