Commemorating UIC’s 2017 Latino Graduates

at May 22nd, 2017

UIC’s 31st Annual Recognition Dinner: over 600 attendees, 200 graduates, and one fiery mariachi band. Lauren Mullins – Campus Recruiter // Fernando Diaz – Divisional Sales Manager & Groupon en Español Chair  Fernando: As the Chair for Groupon en Español, one of my goals is to create an inclusive work environment by making connections with Latino… Read More

Miami University’s Women in Business Chapter Visits Groupon

at April 7th, 2015

Last Friday, Women@Groupon hosted a group of students from Miami University’s Women in Business chapter for a panel on career development. The panel, which was comprised of women from Groupon’s Marketing, Sales, Finance, Tech, and Recruiting organizations, shared career advice and Groupon stories. Top 10 pieces of career advice from the panel: Never stop learning:… Read More