Employee Spotlight: Freedom Shannon, Outside Divisional Sales Manager Extraordinaire

at April 28th, 2016

Name: Freedom Shannon

Title: External Divisional Sales Manager, New Business Development, Restaurants

Start Date:  April 2011

freedom sales rep

You’ve been with Groupon since 2011, so you’ve obviously seen a lot of organizational changes. How do you balance pivoting with the company while still kicking butt in an Outside Sales role? 

Staying focused and never forgetting our mission is to help businesses grow and make life less boring for our customers​. Regardless of the changes, you just have to roll with the punches and stay focused on what you have control over. Another key to pivoting is staying on top of the changes and knowing how those changes affect your position.

What are some common misconceptions about running a Groupon campaign?

There are two common misconceptions about running a Groupon campaign:

  1. Restaurants, more than any other vertical, believe it will damage their brand. Someone recently compared Groupon to a hotel yield management system. Groupon connects businesses directly with consumers. For example, if you’re a customer looking at Expedia or Hotels.com and see a Ritz Carlton ad placed next to a Motel 6, your impression of the Ritz doesn’t change.
  2. There are many restaurant owners who still believe they will lose money running on Groupon. Groupon is an advertising vehicle, and the most cost-effective customer acquisition tool there is on the market. Groupon not only takes the cost of goods into consideration when developing an incentive to ensure it makes financial sense, we customize campaigns to ensure the image restaurant owners have built stays in tact. We leverage the reputation they have built to attract new faces and keep current customers coming back.

The value of Groupon to both restaurants and customers is the win-win-win scenario. A customer gets to try a great new place with no risk, the restaurant gets to showcase what they’re known for and allow someone to have a real experience vs reading or hearing about it.

freedom sales team

What’s unique about you that sets you apart from other Sales leaders?

Tough question. I still learn so much every day from other sales leaders in the organization, and all of us have different backgrounds and experiences.  There are two qualities I admire in a leader so I try to adhere to them: empathy and dependability​. People confuse sympathy and empathy.  Empathy means understanding where people are coming from and putting yourself in their shoes. If you’re able to do this, it gives you the ability to help them grow and remove barriers to success. The other is being dependable. If I say I’m going to do something, I do it. ​I like to think I’m always there for my reps, managers, and merchants even nights, weekends, and holidays. With a team that is in the field, they need to know I am only a phone call away.  ​

As an Outside Divisional Sales Manager, you (and your team) are obviously physically far from headquarters; how do you maintain that sense of Groupon culture and mission while out in the field?

The Groupon culture is ​like a collaborative family. Regardless of our roles, we are all here to help each other. Although we are remote, we still have weekly team meetings and​ thanks to technology we can be on camera sharing success stories. We have team get-togethers, meeting for breakfast or lunch, and occasionally have Groupon Cupcake Takeovers where we get together and deliver cupcakes to some of our top merchants. The team of individuals I get to work with daily are driven, smart, hard-working, and bleed green.

freedom sales freedom

Do you have any favorite merchant stories that stand out?

Oh, my. There are so many! One that stands out is when I was still a rep here at Groupon. I was sitting with a high-end restaurant owner and he was concerned that running a Groupon would damage his brand. The ROI made sense, but he was still on the fence. While sitting there, another restaurant owner I personally worked with walked in. They were friends. The guy sits down next to me, gets a cup of coffee and starts raving about how much Groupon has helped his business. He was seeing new faces, customers would overspend, and then he turned and ​actually hugged me. Knowing Groupon helped his business felt like a buzzer winning last minute shot in a basketball game​.

Favorite Groupon memory?

My favorite memory is still from my first week of training.  I was in Chicago, stressed because there is so much to learn and so much information. One night I went out with a few people from our training class, and other Groupon staff. Midway through the night, we were in a bar and Florence + the Machine’s song, “Dog Days Are Over” came on.  It seemed everyone was singing​, ​dancing, and having a good time​. The next morning, we were all right back to work. ​I knew this is where I belonged!

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Getting to Know Groupon Phoenix: Account Executive Patte Waddell

at April 27th, 2016

Last year, we circled up the wagons and headed to the southwest to open up a new sales office in Phoenix, Arizona. Today’s interview features Patte Waddell, a member of our Sales team who joined us from an extensive background in Sales and loves the strong management and teamwork of the Phoenix office.

Groupon Phoenix Sales Patte

What brought you to Groupon? I used to work at the University of Phoenix, where I was for 12 years. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stay in that sector or move elsewhere. My sister’s daughter-in-law was working here, and she raved about it. I’ve always enjoyed using Groupon, so I came in and interviewed. I love to talk and I love the product, so here I am!

How does Sales at Groupon differ from previous companies you’ve worked at? The students I used to work with at University of Phoenix knew they needed an education, so the sales aspect wasn’t challenging. Here at Groupon, you consult with local business owners to see how they can benefit from the product depending on their business needs. As a customer, I always bought Groupons to try new places. I know from a consumer point that it is needed, and it’s up to me to meet with the merchant to showcase the benefits. It’s great to experience it from both sides!

What makes selling Groupon to local businesses unique? All businesses need Groupon to some extent. I’ve been to a lot of the type of industries that I am calling, so I can predict what their needs are. Most of the businesses I work with are small and medium sized, and the world is hard out there. From camera shops, to massage parlors, to restaurants…we can help! Whether a business is looking to gain new customers or get some great marketing, it is a remarkable assistance.

What are you excited to accomplish this year? I want to bring on bigger merchants, that have locations nationwide. I love working with smaller sized businesses, but the big prize is in the larger size corporations. My manager has been helping me locate the opportunity, and it’s up to me to make it work.

What do you attribute to your success here? Coming into this job, I didn’t really know how to sell – I was far more an account manager. Here, every single manager helps you, whether you report to them or not. My manager Josh has reinvigorated me and I’m here to stay. People don’t quit jobs they quit managers, and Josh has helped me realize that. With the help of my team, the sky is the limit.

What’s your favorite Groupon memory? Our grand opening was amazing. The team from Chicago was in town, news reporters, etc. I love that I am working for a company that is so supportive, and that day symbolized it!

What was your biggest Sales accomplishment at Groupon? I closed 7 contracts in a week and a half! Three out of four of those merchants are located here in Phoenix, where I live, so it will be great to actually oversee their success. I love helping!

Favorite merchant story? I was talking to Sidewalk Cafe in Newport Beach. I talked to him hundreds of times. He always pushed me on margin, and always told me he was ready to go. Then I would call to finalize it, and then he would be busy. Once I called, and when I got pushback again, I asked to talk to his wife. I knew that she was the major roadblock, and I took it upon myself to work with her too to get the job done!

What’s the culture of the Phoenix office like? The culture represents teamwork. Everyone is always willing to help…every rep, every manager. People here don’t just care about their success, but rather the success of the office. People go out of their way to show you that they care. It’s a great bunch of people unlike other places I’ve worked. I love it.

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Working in Groupon Seattle: Krassimir Dimov, Software Development Engineer

at April 19th, 2016

What’s it like to work as an Engineer at Groupon in Seattle? Krassimir Dimov, a Software Development Engineer, gives us the scoop. (And some nice new office pics!)

krassimir dimov seattle groupon 2

What brought you to Groupon from your previous company? I moved to Groupon from Amazon Web Services. It was a magnificently executed recruiting effort that started with a cold call. I had several meetings with the team leadership; we talked about vision, execution plan, team needs, and my fit. I was looking for leadership that inspires, impacts, and provides ample learning opportunities. These are the two questions I always ask when approached with new opportunities:

  • What about my background stood out to you?
  • What will I learn in the next year?

What do you do here? I am a Software Engineer on the Relevance team. As I like to describe it, we are the team that chooses the deals you see and the order in which you see them. This includes the content of web, mobile, touch, email, and notifications. The work is very interesting; it involves data mining, machine learning, real-time streaming and analysis, and a massive number of requests. We have teams of specialists in different areas: Applied Research, Data Science, and Infrastructure. We all work very closely together.

I am lucky to be in a position to contribute to our service at an architectural level while still spending a good part of my time deep in code. Some of my projects in the past year include traffic shaping on the load balancer, profiling and performance optimization of several systems, a new plugin for our indexing system, traffic analysis, design and implementation of a new request fallback system, and redesign and rewrite of a release and continuous integration.

I maintain close working relationship with other Groupon teams; most are either our internal clients or vendors of our data. We work on requirements, designs, implementations, general ideas, and keeping up to date with technology.

What sort of impact do your teams have on the business? One great thing about my team’s work is that our impact is measurable. We are constantly running experiments and quantifying their impact on business. We have dashboards with trends, debriefs on the progress of every experiment, and the ability to promptly fine tune them. So, speaking fiscally, we can express the impact of each experiment with the precise lift or drop of Groupon revenue.

There is also the engineering impact. We own one of the busiest services in Groupon: virtually all real-time customer traffic results in calls to Relevance, plus email and mobile notifications. We have engineers experienced in designing, developing, and delivering highly available, scalable, and reliable services using the newest frameworks, libraries, and tools.

Just to give you an idea of the level of talent I get to work with every day, two members of the Relevance team’s papers were accepted as full-length papers at IEEE Big Data 2015 (plus oneposter), and we had a presentation at Elastic{ON} 2015 with a deep dive into the custom scripting we do in Elasticsearch scoring and ranking.

krassimir dimov seattle groupon

What’s important for an engineering candidate to know about Tech at Groupon?

  1. We are still a young and fast-paced company. Engineers here have a keen sense of ownership; even at junior levels we expect of them to own a task, carry it to completion, and maintain it. Out of all the companies on my resume, Groupon has the fastest time to market.
  2. We have well-established and solid engineering practices. We can teach you how to develop a well performing, scalable, production-ready software and how to test, release, and monitor it.
  3. At Groupon you will be exposed to a wide variety of open-source software. An important part of fast delivery is knowing what’s available, evaluating and choosing the best tool for the job, and recognizing what we can contribute back to the open source community.
  4. Groupon is a company where distributed development works. My team sits in Palo Alto, Seattle, Chicago, Santiago, Berlin, and Austin. We work on the same code base, do code reviews across offices, and regularly jump into a video conference for a quick “in-person” meeting.

Anything else you want to add? We recently moved into our brand new Seattle office, which is in the second tallest building in Seattle with amazing 360° views. Last week I had a video interview with a candidate and at the end I hauled my laptop to the window to give them a glimpse of the scenery. I’m not the only one impressed…after the move everyone brought friends and families and there were a ton of people staring out the windows or taking pictures. Because we anticipate growing the office here, we have many open seats for future Groupon employees. And as an added bonus, our gaming rooms are sound proof, allowing you to play without disturbing anyone’s work.

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Getting to Know Groupon Phoenix: Chris “Magoo” McGeough

at March 30th, 2016

Last year, we circled up the wagons and headed to the southwest to open up a new sales office in Phoenix, Arizona. Today’s interview features Chris, an Account Executive who joined from the golf industry with a determination to make the most out of the opportunity.


Chris Groupon Phoenx

What brought you to Groupon? The new office…new opportunity and new start. I shop on Groupon Goods so much anyway and thought it was an amazing chance for a new career with Groupon coming out to Phoenix.

What makes selling Groupon to local businesses unique? The fact that you can personalize a campaign around what their specific goals are. Each business is different and in turn so are their goals. I spend my days consulting and it’s so exciting to hear about what is important to different businesses in different places.

What are you excited to accomplish this year? Not only to grow my skills, but to help grow those around me. We’ve made such strides in this first year that there’s no ceiling on what’s to come this year. I know that there’s a ton to still do here to get to where we are going, and I’m excited to be involved.

What do you attribute to your success at Groupon? Management. As tough as things get here, the management team do a fantastic job of giving reps the opportunity to be successful. We have somewhat of a lax culture here, and occasionally it can be taken advantage of. Managers steer the ship, and we keep it moving.

What’s your favorite Groupon memory? Being in a room with 20 people on iPhones with those horrible ear buds, selling Groupon, and having a darn blast while doing it. If that’s not growth, I don’t know what is.

What was your biggest Sales accomplishment at Groupon? Closing Pier 98 Sushi in Newark, California. The restaurant is off of the beaten path, however we were able to put something in place to target new customers. The biggest win here is that because of her success with Groupon, she was able to build an outdoor patio. It’s been an amazing success story.

If you could combine your two favorite animals into one animal, what would you call it? A platypus and a rhino. I’d call it a rhinopus. The animal would be out of this world.

How does it feel to be both new to Groupon and know you’re helping to build out a brand new office as well? Motivating. This opportunity was amazing; I took it by the reigns and have been here for almost a year. I used to work in the golf industry for over 4 years, which is a way different industry. There are people here from all different professional backgrounds, but we make it work and it works very well.

What’s the culture of the Phoenix office like? Intense, but in a good way. It’s one big family here. Everyone wants to help. It’s like everyone’s family together on Christmas day. Christmas never ends here.

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Working in Groupon Seattle: Michael Janusa, Software Engineer

at March 22nd, 2016

What’s it like to be an Engineer at Groupon in Seattle? Michael Janusa, a current Software Development Engineer, talks about impact of work as well as learning from teammates. Plus, a brand new office with a stunning view doesn’t hurt.

Title: Software Development Engineer – Goods

Start date: February 2015
Michael Janusa Software Engineer Groupon Seattle

What brought you to Groupon? Before joining Groupon, I was working at a much larger technology company in the Seattle area where I was a bit frustrated with the slow-moving nature and low impact of the work. I started looking for opportunities in the area with smaller engineering teams where I would be able to have a larger impact and discovered the opportunity at Groupon. During my onsite interview with my team, I became very excited about joining Groupon after hearing about the various interesting, high-impact projects they were working on.

You work on the Goods team; how is the work you do impacting the Goods business? I work on the Groupon Goods logistics team, which handles the fulfillment of all of our customers’ Goods orders. We are able to have a huge impact on both the company’s performance and the overall customer experience. As a still relatively young business, there are still countless opportunities in our logistics operations to increase efficiency that leads to both cutting costs and faster delivery of orders. It is incredible how large of a financial impact a small change in our process can have due to the scale of the Goods business.

How have you grown professionally since starting at Groupon? My team at Groupon consists of some of the most talented engineers I have encountered in my career. As one of the more junior engineers on our team, I have been able to expand my engineering skills very quickly as I learn from my teammates. Groupon is also a bit unique in that engineers are tasked with a much larger project management role than is often expected of engineers so I have been able dive much deeper into the business aspects of the job and grow skills that branch outside of engineering.

How’s the new Seattle office? The new office is absolutely amazing. The building we are in is one of the tallest buildings in Seattle and a bit of an icon in the Seattle skyline. The office itself has beautiful views of Puget Sound and the Space Needle from basically every corner of the office. It’s great being able to come to such a beautiful office every day.

Michael Janusa Software Engineer Groupon Seattle 2

What’s the culture in Seattle like? We have a really tight-knit team; everyone on the team is always very open to jumping in and helping out if you’re in need or just sitting down to bounce ideas off of one another. We regularly go out to lunch together and have team events off site about once per quarter.  Our engineering culture is very fast paced and we often have multiple projects going at one time. Since our projects often have high impact on the company, there is frequently a lot of pressure to get our projects done on time, but our team manages to stay fairly relaxed in what can be a high-pressure environment.

What’s your favorite Groupon memory so far? I’ve made a lot of great memories at Groupon through various team events and engineering challenges so it is quite difficult to pick one as a favorite. I think one of the most interesting things I have done since joining Groupon was traveling to Kentucky to see our Goods Fulfillment Center. It was really exciting to see how the code we write in Seattle directly effects the operations of the warehouse as well as the people that work there.

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Getting to Know Groupon Phoenix: Account Executive Emily

at March 21st, 2016

Last year, we circled up the wagons and headed to the southwest to open up a new sales office in Phoenix, Arizona. Today’s interview features Emily, an Account Executive who transitioned from working at a hospital to sales at Groupon.

Name: Emily Sykes

Title: Account Executive Emily Sykes Groupon Phoenix

What makes selling Groupon to local businesses unique? Groupon is very customizable. You and the merchant are part of the creation. I talked to a merchant who sold cupcakes, but we ended up featuring a cupcake making class. The merchant had never offered that before, so it felt fun and different. We don’t force merchants into a mold, but instead create the mold with them.

What do you attribute to your success here? I’m not the kind of person that settles. Even if I am doing well, I know that I can always do better. I am hard on myself, but not to an extreme extent. I always push, numbers aside. I do my best rather than just coming in to do my job.

What was your biggest Sales accomplishment at Groupon? The San Diego Humane Society! I called and we featured them for an Animal Walk. They loved it so much that they want to run a campaign for all of their events.

What keeps you coming to work everyday? Knowing that every day is a challenge. I can have a great day any day I push myself. Also, my team is fantastic! My DSM keeps us engaged and challenged…it never feels like work.

What’s the culture of the Phoenix office like? This is a new office and it feels like a start up, but it has the backing and resources of a large organization. The office has a welcoming feel, and I love being a part of it. Spring Training contests keep the atmosphere light and the reps engaged. The employees are so communal and quick to lend a hand. That environment becomes contagious.

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Groupon Phoenix Volunteers with Habitat for Humanity

at March 16th, 2016

In late February, members of our Groupon Phoenix office had the amazing opportunity to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity of Central Arizona. Jessy Gheen, one of our Phoenix Account Executives, shares the experience of helping a family build their home.

Jamel Jibba was born in Ethiopia and moved to Phoenix, Arizona with his family a few years ago. Currently, Jamel, his wife, two children and mother-in-law all share a two-bedroom apartment. Jamel works two jobs to make ends meet and has looked forward to the day when the family can have a larger home and yard for the children to play soccer. Habitat for Humanity helps families who aren’t able to purchase adequate housing on their own in partnership with volunteers and organizations. The future home owners in return must contribute 200-400 hours of sweat equity toward the building or renovating of the home.

groupon phx volunteer 2

With a total of 19 Groupon volunteers including friends, family, and even new hires who hadn’t officially started yet, we were able to put in 5.5 hours of hard work and sweat. We were in luck to be there on “crane day” to put up the trusses, and also were put in charge of measuring and cutting wood, nailing everything in, putting up the sides, leveling out the yard, and other things I was surprised they trusted us with doing. It was an amazing opportunity for our group and so rewarding to help this family make a better life for their children.

The Groupon Phoenix team has already participated in more than 8 group volunteer events in our first year and were honored to be recognized with 61% participation in 2015, 2nd of any Groupon office in the world. It’s a great way to get to know your colleagues and helping those in our community who need it most. We already have 10 planned activities for 2016 and we’re getting more great ideas from our new hires as well.

groupon phoenix volunteers 3

“There are so many great things about the culture at Groupon, but sharing in volunteer experiences with my coworkers has to be the best. Working with Habitat for Humanity this last weekend showed how much everyone can accomplish when we come together and each pitch in some labor. I was very impressed with the handy skills that many of my fellow sales reps have (myself not included) and overall enjoyed the quality time spent doing something important. The best part was meeting the future homeowner, Jamal, and seeing the pride he had in building his home with such a great organization. I look forward to many more Groupon volunteer events! A special thanks to Jessy for always giving us these great opportunities!” – Sarah H.

“I am new to area so when I got the email I thought it would be a fun experience and I never did habitat before.  It felt great to be able to help a family and learn something new but I also realized I should stick to an office job and im not very handy haha.  But it was definitely fun.” –Kalli C.

“Volunteering this past weekend for Habitat for Humanity was a great experience. Working hand in hand with the family that was going to be living in this house was really amazing. Seeing the family extremely excited and proud of the hard work they had already put into the home so far was the best part. The amount of hours dedicated by not only the family, but countless volunteers that were put into building this home for a family in need was incredible and I was happy to be apart of it. It was great to bond with my co-workers at Groupon in an environment other than the office and helping out a family that was in need was a great feeling we all shared.  I was really happy to be a part of it and can’t wait for the next event.”- Rob A.


Groupon Volunteer Spotlight: Devin Breen and the CHIditarod

at March 14th, 2016

Written by: Alicia Koch, Program Coordinator, Employee & Community Engagement

groupon volunteer chiditarod

Photo by Bartek Karas

This past weekend, 535 Chicagoans ran through the streets of the Wicker Park and Ukrainian Village neighborhoods in costumes pushing shopping carts full of canned food for the 11th annual CHIditarod. Founded and led by Groupon Senior Software Engineer, Devin Breen, the CHIditarod is a Chicago staple: part charity food drive, part beauty pageant, part bar crawl, all costumed urban shopping cart race supporting the Greater Chicago Food Depository’s mission to end hunger.

This year’s event raised more than 15,000 pounds of food (which translates to 13,000 meals) for the Greater Chicago Food Depository and more than $32,000 to support local nonprofits working to alleviate hunger in the Chicagoland area via an annual grant program offered by the CHIditarod Foundation – the 501(c)(3) Devin started in 2012.

The idea for the CHIditarod was born after Devin’s return back from his first Burning Man in 2005. He came back inspired with creativity and empowered to create participatory change in his hometown of Chicago. After hearing about San Francisco and New York’s “urban iditarods,” Devin knew this event could be something big for the Chicago community – and if there was a charity component added on top of the festivities, it could be even bigger.

When catching up with this inspiring Grouponer after this year’s event, he mentioned his favorite part would be “The Yard” where participants line up to start the race. “When you have all of the teams hanging out together, there is this concentrated ability to see the creativity and sense of community in the CHIditarod,” said Devin.

As the momentum around the CHIditarod continues to grow year over year, Devin’s work has been recognized by the Burning Man community leadership, and he will be presenting a keynote at Burning Man’s Global Leadership Conference in San Francisco next month on his work with CHIditarod. At the conference, Devin will be announcing the event’s exciting expansion plan, Rod in a Box. The CHIditarod Team has been working over the last year to open source all of their materials and software (http://github.com/chiditarod) to allow cities to replicate the event, tailor it to the unique culture of their local community, and fight hunger in one of the most unique ways that I’ve ever seen!

To learn more about the CHIditarod, visit http://chiditarod.org

Tech Spotlight: Austin Talks 2010 Groupon Customer Service & Managing a Tech Team

at March 14th, 2016

Today, we’re chatting with Austin Campion, Manager of the App Ops Support team here in Chicago. Austin began his Groupon journey in August of 2010, utilizing his improv background in Customer Service. Almost six years later, he’s running a team in Engineering and also helped  produce a video of our new office space.

Name: Austin Campion austin app ops manager

Title: App Ops Support Manager

Start date: August 2010

What brought you to Groupon? In the early days of Groupon there was an urgent need to hire Customer Service agents. Someone discovered an untapped population of the hyper-verbal and underemployed: improv comedy. I was brought in along with a boatload of others from that community as people recommended friends and friends’ friends.

What does your role entail? Currently, I am the manager of Application Operations Support in Engineering, having jumped departments along with the rest of my team. I help to assure that AOS offers the best possible service to internal users of the products we support…things like Cyclops (CS), the Merchant Center (Account Managers), and Orders (everybody). The goal is to be a one-stop shop for any Groupon employee who needs to contact an engineering team or sees something they suspect is a technical issue, and to save Groupon money by assuring that problems which can be solved by non-devs don’t make it to a dev.

You were recently involved with the creation of a video that highlights our new Engineering space; what was your role in that project and what was it like to work on such a creative endeavor? Funny story! My boss came to me and said ‘hey, they want to make a video about the new space! You write funny things; want to help work on that?’ and I said ‘oh, yeah! We could have people sitting upside-down in their chairs, typing with their feet! Classic Groupon wackiness! What’s my flamingo budget?’ So I volunteered and it was quickly explained to me that no, there’s a real company (Chicago Creative Space) which does this sort of thing all the time and we’re going to do what they think is best. My role was mostly assuring that plenty of people contributed to articulating the ‘Groupon vision,’ wrangling interviews with execs and senior engineers, and opening the doors when the crew got here early in the morning. It’s a really classy video and I think Groupon’s culture and mission come across really well.


What’s your favorite thing about working here? Groupon is a pleasant place to work, baseline. I really enjoy what I’m doing these days, and like everyone on my team. But my honest answer (also the answer most likely to help my career, lucky coincidence) is: my boss. If I have learned anything from my years working in corporate America, it is that the biggest difference between terrible/tolerable jobs is your immediate manager. This is why I take my own job as manager seriously; I feel very responsible for helping my team feel safe, supported, and confident.

You’ve brought up writing and performing a couple times; where could people go see you? Thanks for asking! I spend several nights a week at the pH Comedy Theater.www.whatisph.com – check us out! It’s BYOB comedy in the heart of Andersonville!

Can you write a Groupon haiku?

‘A Groupon haiku

would be half o-‘