Paige – Merchant Development Representative

Paige – Merchant Development Representative


Merchant Development Representative
Chicago, IL
Joined: 2017

If there are two things Paige is passionate about, it’s competition and dogs. Lots and lots of dogs.

What do you love about working at Groupon?

I liked when they announced President’s Club (Groupon’s top sales rep competition) because no one was expecting it. The office was pretty quiet on this particular day (which is rare I know!) and all of the sudden there was Mexican music blasting and people were running around in sombreros and outfits to announce the winners of it!

Who inspires you?

Honestly, there are way too many people who have inspired me in my life to pick just one.

What was your first impression of Groupon?

I kind of felt like I stepped into another world when I first went on my office tour. I absolutely loved everything about the office and I knew right away that it was going to be a fun place to work.

What’s your favorite Groupon story?

I’m not one to brag ever, but this story is too funny to pass up. My good pal Griffin & I were neck and neck for contracts in the GroupOnboarding program (the 12-week training program for Sales). Towards the last few days he was ahead of me and on the last day of the program, a merchant signed my agreement at 4:47 PM. Griffin was so mad that he went back to his desk and kept calling out in hopes to get another contract back! He didn’t and we ended up tied and we beat the old record and made a new GOB record for most contracts closed!

“I love the office environment and how friendly, outgoing, and laid back everyone is. It is a great, challenging job but we are all constantly being rewarded.”

Are you involved in any organizations within Groupon?

I’m a member of Women@Groupon. I love meeting new people here at work and being involved with a women-focused group. In college, I was able to meet a lot of people through my involvement with different clubs and activities, so I felt like this was a great way to get involved.

If you could do any other job for a day, what would it be?

I would be a veterinarian. It was always my dream job and to be honest it still is. I just would be too sad on a daily basis if that was my job to help hurt or injured animals on a daily basis.

What makes Groupon a unique place to work?

I love the office environment and how friendly, outgoing, and laid back everyone is. It is a great, challenging job but we are all constantly being rewarded. I work with a lot of cool, young, and fun people. The office is a great place to be and I really like how there are no cubicles (yuck!)

Tell us something random about you.

I’m totally, completely, and utterly obsessed with dogs. Honestly, if I’m not watching dog videos on the internet, I’m either looking up future breeders, talking about my own dogs, or showing people pictures of my dogs. They are perfect.


Groupon World Headquarters

Anita – Business Development Representative

Anita – Business Development Representative


Business Development Manager
Phoenix, AZ
Joined: 2016

If you ever come across a deal for a llama tour in the Phoenix area, be sure to thank Anita. She’s determined to win over a llama farm just as much as she wins in Catch Phrase.

What are you most proud of so far?

I worked on an account for almost a year before it closed and it was by far the account I’m most proud of! I built a relationship with this merchant, met with him in person, and waited as patiently as I could for him to come around. It was well worth the wait once it went live and I even bought the Groupon once (ok, twice)! Persistence is really half the battle.

How do you keep work fun?

CATCH. PHRASE. Totally bragging about my Catch Phrase team here….but we don’t joke around. It’s serious.

Who or what inspires you?

Obviously, my mom. She’s almost 60, smiles all of the time, and has a super positive outlook on life. She’s the most compassionate person I’ve ever met. Also, honorable mention goes out to Beyonce. Because, Beyonce.

What was your first impression of Groupon?

It’s so laid back, and there was so much LaCroix! At my last job, we had a $6 fee each month to be in the “water jug club,” so unlimited LaCroix was awesome. On a side note, there are tons of really pumped, incredible, and inspirational coworkers.

“I love the Groupon marketing platform. It’s really cool to work for a company that only makes money when the marketing works for the business.”

What do your parents think you do?

Our conversation via text:

Me: “Mom, what do you think I do at work every day?”

Mom: “Whatever you do in your life, do it with honesty, integrity, and best intentions. Love, mom.”

Are you involved with any ERGs (Employee Resource Groups)?

I’m a member of Women@Groupon. Whether it’s women in sales, leadership, or outside of G2, it’s been inspiring to see women play a vital role in the direction of the Groupon’s future. A few months ago, Women@Groupon’s Phoenix chapter hosted an event that brought women from various backgrounds and companies together for a happy hour. I really enjoyed learning about the goals and roles of local female entrepreneurs.

Tell us something about you that might surprise us.

I was really lucky to have the opportunity to be a Peace Corps Volunteer in Namibia from 2011-2013 (a country in Southern Africa). I taught and managed an After-School program and learned so much from the resilience of the kids I worked with!

If you could do another job for a day, what would it be?

I’m a huge animal lover. If I could have any other job, I’d own a llama farm and do llama tours full time. I’m on the Things to Do Vertical, and I’m always chasing farm tours. It’s been my dream to close an account that does llama-walking tours. I think it would crush. I’m not kidding.

Can you write a Groupon haiku?

Smiling and dialing

I’ll call back in the morning

Objection overruled


Groupon World Headquarters

Drew – Business Development Representative

Drew – Business Development Representative


Business Development Representative – BeautyNow
Chicago, IL
Joined: 2016

Drew is bringing merchants onto the new BeautyNow booking platform almost as quickly as she’s changing up her hair color.

What was your first impression of Groupon? I was shocked, honestly. Everyone was so friendly and the office was creative and beautiful; the opposite of the stuffy office I pictured. Practically the second I entered the atrium I knew I wanted to work here. I haven’t been disappointed yet and still love coming to work every day as much as my first day. Although I do require more coffee now.

Who or what inspires you?

My mom (unique answer, I’m sure). But she’s a single mom and a complete Wonder Woman. She’s the strongest, most determined person I know and every day I try to have the fortitude she does, both personally and professionally. I hope she’s as proud of me as I am of her!

Speaking of…what does she think you do?

From a text: “You boss people into making money.”

What keeps you motivated?

GroupOnboarding Business Development Reps! I was so excited to start in the role and I try to perpetuate that excitement for my job in every position I enter into. Whether that’s joining a new team or helping launch an entirely new product, there are so many opportunities here and it would be silly of me to not jump in head first and learn everything I can.

“What do I love about my role? I’m helping launch a whole new product [BeautyNow]! We could change the face of the beauty industry and it’s so fantastic to get in on the ground floor and participate at the core level.”

What’s been your biggest accomplishment while at Groupon?

When I won “Rep of the Week” for my last week on G2 (Groupon local sales) and when I got the first two closes on BeautyNow once my team moved! I helped kickstart the rest of the team’s first closes and tried to implement myself as a leader and integral member of the team who could be a resource.

Are you involved with any of our ERGs (Employee Resource Groups)?

I’m super active in women-positive groups and the LGBT community here in Chicago, so I wanted to continue that involvement in the workplace! I’m a member of Women@Groupon and love meeting the passionate, successful women here and getting professional advice during talks and meetings.

If you could do any other job for a day, what would it be and why?

I’d be an art curator or a museum director. I’ve always been passionate about fine arts and fascinated with the curatorial end of bringing in art to new locations for more people to appreciate. Also…what better way to get up close and personal with amazing artwork without dealing with massive crowds?

Now for a Groupon haiku!

Booking concierge

There’s never enough coffee

Revolution starts



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How Women@Groupon is Commemorating Women’s History Month

How Women@Groupon is Commemorating Women’s History Month

Written by: Nicole Meyerson, Marketing Program Manager and Women@Groupon Community & Volunteering Co-Chair

Women's history grouponYou may recall some ideas we suggested for companies to celebrate International Women’s Week last year. Since our past celebrations of the important day have been so well-attended, and in light of the current political climate, we’ve expanded our programming to all of March around Women’s History Month.

Companies large and small can draw inspiration from our initiatives below. The first step is acknowledging that women in the workplace have different challenges than men, and that truly anyone can be an ally.

“We’re excited to build on the successes of last year and celebrate the amazing accomplishments of women with engaging programming throughout March,” said Anjana Dalal.  Deb Schwartz added, “Acknowledging all those who have blazed the trail for us makes me realize how much more impact we all can have.”

March 6: Women@Groupon presents our “View From the Top” speaker series featuring former Navy Seal and business expert Pete Naschak. He’ll discuss leadership skills for women in the workplace.

March 15: Groupon’s Talent Development team established a partnership with Second City Works to put on a series of Inclusion 101 Workshops; the first starts in March. In their words, “We believe that the same skills that make successful improvisers can also support an inclusive culture. By offering experiences, unpacking ideas, and providing real-world tools, our programs give participants ways to practice inclusion.” Explore their course offerings.

March 16: In partnership with Blacks in Groupon (aka BiG) and IMPACT Chicago, we’re hosting a “Speak Up, Speak Out” self-defense workshop. Skills including reading body language and assessing verbal communication, projecting confident body language, and speaking confidently and powerfully can prove vital in a variety of situations.

March 17: Fireside Chat with Groupon’s new Vice President of Investor Relations, and Women@Groupon’s executive sponsor Deb Schwartz.

All month long, and March 11: Collecting gently-used professional clothing and accessories for Dress For Success throughout the month, and volunteering onsite at their Chicago donation center. (Anyone can contribute to their Amazon wish list!)

March 22: Networking organization ARA launched in Chicago in 2013, and has since established chapters in other cities across the country. Women@Groupon is co-sponsoring their event A Journey in Progress: Diversity & Inclusion at the Chicago Trading Company. This event is open to all attendees who register in advance.

Curious about what diversity and inclusion mean to Groupon at a corporate level? Read Karishma Patel Buford’s take, Global Head of Talent Development & Diversity, on ARA’s blog.

People of all genders can celebrate this important month with coworkers and loved ones. Follow the conversation on social media at #WomensHistoryMonth. Men, your efforts are needed and appreciated, too! Watch this speech to learn more about where to start.

Groupon employees: Visit Women@Groupon’s Skynet page to view more details about the above events, and to RSVP.

A Year in Review | 2016 Employee Volunteer Program Recap

A Year in Review | 2016 Employee Volunteer Program Recap

Our Social Responsibility mission is simple: to help people and communities thrive and prosper. We do this through a secret formula of employee do-goodery, responsible business practices, customer collaboration and nonprofit investment.

2016 has been an exciting year for Groupon’s Employee Volunteer Program – a year of increased engagement and more significant impact in the communities where employees live and work. In short order, we’ve seen the culture of employee volunteerism shift from simply being a “nice to do” to being core to our values and a part of who we are as a global leader in local e-commerce.

This past year, we:

  • Engaged more employees in more offices than ever before during the third annual Volunteer-a-thon in June.
  • Piloted the first Grouponsultation (pro bono) cohort where teams of employees worked collaboratively on capacity-building projects with nonprofits to help solve critical community issues.
  • Launched the first Global Leadership Team, where 24 rockstar employees stepped up to support the great volunteer work in offices across the company.
  • Hosted the annual VolunteerMatch Summit bringing industry leaders to our HQ office in Chicago where Groupon’s VP of Sales & Merchant Operations and the EVP’s Executive Sponsor, Jay Klauminzer, delivered the keynote address.

Our volunteers are ready and eager to continue this great work and “do good” with exceptional purpose in the year ahead. Keep an eye out for more to come from Groupon’s Employee Volunteer Program in 2017.

Looking for something you can do in your local community? Check out VolunteerMatch for opportunities to get involved in your area.

2016 EVP Recap

2016 EVP Recap

5 Ways to Engage Your Workplace Around the Movement

5 Ways to Engage Your Workplace Around the Movement

Written by: Nicole Meyerson, Site Editor and Women@Groupon Recurring Events Chair

International Women’s Day is an international movement that builds support for women’s rights and participation in political, economic, and social arenas. While its focus in the early twentieth century was on women’s suffrage and the ability to hold public office, just over a hundred years later, the theme is an extension of those liberties: “Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step It Up for Gender Equality.”

This year’s theme echoes the United Nations’ 17-point agenda, which comprises a goal for gender equality and empowerment of women and girls, all to be achieved by 2030. And while the need for diversity evolution is global, each of us can create impact right where we work and live.

Here are five ways that you can prompt change around International Women’s Day during the week of March 8th in your workplace:

  1. Wear purple on March 8 to show support and awareness for women globally.
  2. Attend a local International Women’s Day event near you (here’s a panel in Chicago moderated by Chicago Tribune columnist Heidi Stevens). Bring a coworker or two, and invite them to bring a friend as well. You’ve created a group!
  3. Contribute to the conversation online by sharing articles that interest you about gender equality, from publications such as Lenny LetterHuffington PostCareer ContessaWomankind magazine, and more
    1. Be sure to include relevant hashtags to link your thoughts to the broader, online community: #PledgeforParity, #IWD2016, #WomenatYourCompany
    2. Bonus points for using a Pledge for Parity social media banner, similar to the ones seen following last year’s marriage equality ruling
  4. Join a Lean In Circle in your area, or create one for your workplace (no need to have read Sheryl Sandberg’s book, but it wouldn’t hurt).
  5. Formulate a panel of women leaders at your company to discuss their career journeys, and take questions from the audience.

Tune in to Women at Groupon’s live-streamed panel on March 10, “How to Succeed in Leadership Roles: Perspectives from Women Leaders and Change-Makers,” to hear local women executives’ opinions on how to effectively push women to seek out and succeed in leadership positions.

If we bring these important issues into the conversation, we’ll be on track to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls by the year 2030.

Feel free to share what you and your company are doing to celebrate International Women’s Day in the comments below!

Ali on Data Science and Big Data

Ali on Data Science and Big Data

Today’s Women in Technology (WIT) blog entry is about Ali, a Data Scientist in Chicago who will be speaking at the Unstructured Data Science Pop-up event here at Groupon headquarters on June 10th. 

Name: Ali
Title: Data Scientist
Start date: July 2013

In a nutshell, what does your role entail? 

I am on the Data Science team, which works on analyzing our vast heaps of data and on developing models to optimize various aspects of the business. It’s a huge team which is split up into several sub-teams. On my specific sub–team we work on issues pertaining to sales and the Local business. This includes using historical data to determine ways to accelerate growth and increase engagement. We have also worked on modeling both merchants and markets in order to optimize the workflow of our sales force with a system called Quantum Lead.

How did you get involved with Unstructured

I first heard about Unstructured and the speaking opportunity through my manager. After looking up the history of the project and the people involved, I knew that I had to get involved myself!

What’s an interesting project or challenge that you’re working on? 

Right now I’m working on predicting customer values — given everything that we know about an individual customer, can we predict their purchasing habits for the next 90 days, 6 months, or even one year? If we can, then we can figure out when users are starting to disengage or when new users are likely to make their first purchase. This knowledge can help us tailor the way that we interact with each individual customer. It turns out that we can indeed do this, but it’s really hard.  This project has essentially all of the tech challenges that you hear about with data science, especially those associated with “big data.” We have a lot of users who interact with us in lots of ways, which translates into lots of data.

Thanks for reading the People Blog—a blog about people at Groupon. We’re hiring Data Scientists! No football skills required. 

Arianna Huffington Visits Groupon

Arianna Huffington Visits Groupon

On Monday, Groupon employees experienced a more seamless segue into the work week when Arianna Huffington paid a visit. Huffington, co-founder and CEO of Huffington Post, as well as author of the book Thrive, spoke about her professional and personal life, and the importance of a healthy balance between the two. Thrive focuses on unplugging, mindfulness, and getting a good night’s sleep in order to feel more centered and also be more productive at work.

Groupon is known for its quirky culture and our offices boast plenty of oases for when employees need some R&R. But behind the irreverent and relaxed facade is a business that is propelled by the hard work of our employees. Growing from a small team in 2009 to 10,000+ employees worldwide was no easy feat—plenty of hours of dedication, passion, and not-taking-ourselves-too-seriously affirmations enabled Groupon to grow so astronomically in half a decade.

Working at a tech company, the thought of unplugging and practicing more mindfulness can be difficult to put into practice, but Huffington gave sound advice on how to effectively integrate these ideas into daily life. Neglecting our well-being is something many of us are guilty of from time to time, including Arianna Huffington. The main driver for her to re-evaluate her priorities was an unfortunate incident 8 years ago where she collapsed from exhaustion, sleep deprivation, and burnout. “As I came to in my own pool of blood, I had to ask myself the question ‘is this what success is?'” After recovering, she began to assess how she got to that point, and how to avoid a repeat of that event in the future. She spoke about the 4 important pillars to living a more fulfilling life:

1. Well-being
2. Wisdom
3. Wonder
4. Giving

Employees absorbed wisdom and shared laughs with Arianna, who quoted The Onion and cracked jokes about ex-husbands as well as the benefit of having a thick accent in America.

View From the Top aims to educate, enlighten, and develop Groupon employees via speakers from different industries, backgrounds, and cultures who have interesting and inspiring stories to tell. Previous speakers include Reshma Saujani, CEO of Girls Who Code, Sheila Talton, former SVP of Cisco, and Laura Rickets, co-owner of the Chicago Cubs.

Melody, Groupon Software Engineer

Melody, Groupon Software Engineer

Today’s Women in Technology (WIT) blog entry is from Melody, a Software Engineer at Groupon. Melody started her technology career here and is currently working on our Goods homepage.

Name: Melody
Title: Software Engineer
Start Date: June 30th, 2014

What brought you to Groupon?

This is my first job out of college! I was really excited to move to Silicon Valley. I wanted to come here to develop my skills, learn new technologies, and become a better developer. I like that Groupon has a start up culture and provides mentorship as well as employee resource groups, such as “Women@Groupon”. In the 10 months that I’ve been here, I have met many passionate and driven developers—many of them women!

What are you currently working on?

As a software engineer, my biggest project currently is the Groupon Goods homepage. I was so excited when it launched for the first time in production for the US. I got to revamp the entire webpage and now I am rewriting the application and putting it in its own repository for better maintainability. We also started internationalizing the homepage earlier this year and now it is live in three countries. It has been great to own an application that impacts thousands of users! Shoutout to Calvin, Ray and Ruichuan for contributing to this project as well.

What are some tech challenges that are unique to Groupon?

1. InternationalizationGroupon Goods is currently live in ~25 countries and we also need to support countries with multiple languages. All of this is done from the same repository so it’s really important that we think globally when planning our projects.

2. Mobile First – Groupon is one of the top mobile e-commerce applications. We always need to think about mobile for every feature and service that we develop.

What do you enjoy about working here?

Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I was really nervous at first—Palo Alto was a new city for me and I had no idea what to expect for my first job out of college. Groupon provides a great culture and environment in which to work. I look forward to coming to work everyday because of my team and the support and mentorship that everyone here provides.

Thanks for reading the People Blog—a blog about people at Groupon. If you’re interested in beginning (or continuing) your career in Groupon Technology, click here to view some of our current openings. 

Music Education Major Turned Tech Specialist

Music Education Major Turned Tech Specialist

In 2011, Emily’s Grandma encouraged her apply to a company called “Groupon”—in 2015, she’s embedded in the Tech organization and is a master user of the word “triage.”

Name: Emily
Title: Application Operations Support Specialist
Start date: January 31, 2011

Tell us about your Groupon journey

This was my first job after college. My grandma suggested I apply. I was having a hard time finding a job in my major, and reading the Chicago Tribune every day convinced her that Groupon was a fun place to work, and moving to Chicago could be a great new adventure. She was right! I applied and began my Groupon career in Customer Service as a regular ol’ CS rep.

After a few months, I asked my manager if I could shadow a developer because I wanted to understand why some customers had trouble receiving daily emails. She added to a special project in CS. The goal of this project was to make sure that CS was appropriately routing tickets to Engineering Support. Today, this team is called Application Operations Development. We slowly went from being a project to a team of our own, Application Operations Support. We still support the Customer Service department, but we’re now in Engineering supporting all other business teams that interact with the website as well.

I don’t have a technical background (I was a Music Education major), so it’s interesting to me that I ended up in the role I’m in, but it fits. I’ve been working with the site so much that it has become intuitive to me what works and what doesn’t. I’m also the project owner for Groupon Central, our internal communications tool. I work with people who are making process changes to make sure that the forms the developers create are efficient and instinctual for the user.

What are the biggest challenges you’ve encountered?

There are so many people and there is so much to know. Something that really drives me is process improvement: I strive to get to a place where I can understand what everyone is doing so I can try to make things better. Growing globally has been a challenge, but these are all good challenges. They all push me to be better at my job.

What advice do you have for someone who is interested in joining Groupon?

Keep an open mind. I got to where I am now because I care about helping people. I’m really passionate about helping local merchants and helping my coworkers around me. I want to help make Groupon an awesome place to work. If you can keep an open mind and find purpose in what you’re doing, and be genuine while doing so, then doors will open up for you.

Similar to the creation of the word “Groupon,” what two animals would you pick to create a new animal? E.g.: dirds?

Well my favorite animals are whales; I’m very knowledgeable and passionate about them. I think I would combine a dog and a whale because I want a whale that can be on land and be a loyal friend.  So, I’m thinking a humpback whale mixed with a a lab…so it will be called a “Wab.”

Thanks for reading the People Blog—a blog about people at Groupon. If Emily’s Groupon story has inspired you to try something new, click here to view our open opportunities. 


Meet Some of the Women Behind Groupon’s International Women’s Week

Meet Some of the Women Behind Groupon’s International Women’s Week

Women @ Groupon sponsored a five-day femme-stravaganza for International Women’s Week and every day saw great turnout and participation.

Here’s a quick breakdown of last week’s events:

Monday: A Lunch & Learn with an all-female panel of senior executives from across the organization covered topics such as raises, performance reviews, self-promotion, and how to navigate the often murky waters of career growth.

Tuesday: A screening of Half the Sky brought roughly 50 employees together to view how the Half the Sky movement continually helps women from across the globe who strive to change their often difficult circumstances.

Wednesday: Both a bake sale and a bra drive generated impressive donations for our partnership with Dress for Success.

Thursday: Women @ Groupon’s new executive sponsor, Sri Viswanath, spoke at a Town Hall meeting which focused on what to expect in 2015.

Friday: Ann Ziegler, SVP/CFO of CDW and Groupon’s only female board member, spoke to an audience of over 100 people (with many remote participants as well) about her professional journey.

Let’s meet the women who helped to make IWW happen.

1. Carolyn Dorant, Site Editor and Women @ Groupon Communications Co-Chair

As Communications Co-Chair, Carolyn’s main responsibility for IWW centered around ensuring that our North American employees were informed of all the events of the week. She also interviewed many of the IWW participants and speakers for Groupon’s intranet and kept the forum updated with information about when and where events were taking place.

“My favorite event of the week was the Lunch & Learn on Monday in which leaders from different departments talked about raises, promotions, and self-promotion.”

2. Rachel Matuch, Content & Community Manager, Groupon Coupons and Women@ Groupon Special Events Co-Chair

Rachel helped to coordinate the entire week of events as Special Events Co-Chair alongside Allison DiDominick. Having Ann Ziegler in to speak was one of her favorites parts of IWW, and she felt that Ann had great advice on asking to be considered for new roles and challenges, “Take that step. The worst thing that can happen is that somebody says no.”

Rachel says, “Our GrouponWorks merchant blog profiled female small business owners in honor of the week. Check out their interviews with Wild Heart Beauty Salon owner Misty Briglia and Dragonfly Cakes owner Brooks Nyugen for some great inspiration from women who are out there making things happen.”

3. Allison DiDominick, Technical Recruiter in Chicago and Women @ Groupon Special Events Co-Chair

As one of the co-chairs for the events committee, Allison coordinated and planned how to execute the multiple events throughout the week. The project management this type of event entailed proved to be a great learning experience for her.

Allison’s favorite part of the week? “Having our Executive Sponsor, Sri Viswanath, join our Town Hall meeting to speak about his passion for supporting Women @ Groupon as well as learning about navigating internal office politics from our internal female panel.”

4. Val Agnew, Recruiting Project Manager and Women @ Groupon Co-Chair

As Co-Chair for Women @ Groupon, Val oversaw much of the general event planning, but was most excited to hone skills she doesn’t use everyday as a Project Manager in Recruiting. Val MC’d the Town Hall on Tuesday (in conjunction with Lori Kaplan, Co-Chair in Palo Alto) and interviewed Ann Ziegler on Friday.

“My favorite part of the week was seeing it all come together. We had an event everyday, we had great attendance, and all of it culminating with the event with Ann was a great way to cap off the week.”

Thanks for reading the Groupon People Blog–A blog about People at Groupon. You can see all of our current open jobs here, and please let us know what you think in the comments below.