Geraldine Ah-Soune – Outside Account Executive in Montreal

Geraldine Ah-Soune – Outside Account Executive in Montreal


Outside Account Executive
Montreal, Canada
Joined: 2015

Former chess champion Geraldine talks about her experience working in our Montreal location and shares what it takes to stay motivated in Sales.

What’s your favorite Groupon memory?

When the whole team went to Bubble Soccer. It was very funny to see my colleagues in a different light.

Tell us about your job! What do you do? What do you love about it?

I’m in touch with the partners and tell them about Groupon. I find it very interesting because I have the opportunity to interact with people from all industries. What I like about what I do is that I am convinced that I truly help small and medium businesses with their business strategy. I believe in what I sell!

What’s been the most challenging thing you’ve worked on?

In my humble opinion, I think the biggest challenge is doing what you have to do on a daily basis. It is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. You must take baby steps every day. Several small decisions put together makes it a productive day.

Who inspires you?

I admire many people but here is an unoriginal example: Nelson Mandela who prevented a civil war in his country by breaking the vicious circle of hatred and violence.

What was your first impression of Groupon as an employer?

The first impression I got was from the employees. During the hiring process and when I first started, what struck me was the team’s humility. Even though they work for a multinational, the people were very cool and helpful. There was no ego game like we may find in other companies. Everyone is helpful and ready to stop working just to help you.  

What’s your biggest accomplishment and/or what are you most proud of? Tell us your story!

Be creative in bringing deals.

What do your parents think you do?

My parents think I’m selling coupons.

What’d you do before Groupon?

Before Groupon, I was in door-to-door sales. I was my very first job after university. I  learned a lot about attitude and sales techniques.

You probably have a life outside Groupon; what are you up to when you’re not at work? What are your hobbies?

I practice yoga and I recently bought a sewing machine to motivate me to learn how to sew. I am also a tea drinker.

Your role probably exists at other companies aside from Groupon…so what makes your role at Groupon unique?

I believe in Groupon and in the fact that we are really helping small and medium businesses. There is no initial investment. Our business model is very flexible.

Tell us something that might surprise us about you.

I was a chess champion between the age of 8 and 10!

Jessy Gheen – Business Development Manager in Phoenix

Jessy Gheen – Business Development Manager in Phoenix


Business Development Manager, Things To Do
Phoenix, AZ
Joined: 2015

Meet Jessy: she helped launch Groupon Phoenix’s volunteer program and finds empowerment through making connections with other women in a historically male-dominated industry.

There are a lot of amazing Groupon stories. What’s your biggest accomplishment?

What I’m most proud of is my involvement with Groupon Volunteers. Being able to launch in the Scottsdale office has been such an amazing experience. I not only get to give back to the community that I love so much, but I have helped others in the office get more involved as well. We volunteered with Habitat for Humanity a few years ago, and working side by side with the family we were building the house for just instilled in me how important it is to work for a company that values volunteering and giving back to the community..

Why did you join Women@Groupon? What do you get out of it?

I am all for women empowering women, and being part of W@G shows what amazing ladies we have in the office. I get a sense of pride for doing this job in such a generally male-dominated profession, and having my fellow female peers support each other in this has been great.

Name a woman who you look up to and why!

I honestly look up to my entire female group of friends. I have been lucky enough to befriend a group of incredibly strong women who all support each other and work hard in their own professions. I honestly don’t know what I would do with them and watching everything they do helps push me to be a better person.

Tell us something that might surprise us about you.

I grew up incredibly shy; I would not talk to strangers, babysitters, or anyone new. It’s taken a lot of confidence building and years of practice to get comfortable enough to be who I am. I still get nervous in groups on new people and have to pep myself up to start a conversation and get over my social anxiety.

What’s your favorite Groupon memory?

In the original Phoenix office, we all had to use iPhones because the building was older and there weren’t enough lines in the building to have desk phones. This made it a very interesting workplace with high energy, lots of loud talking…it’s something we all laugh about when we think back on it.

What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received?

When you go home after any day of work, you should be able to say you know you gave that day your best.

What’s your favorite local business?

OHSO: it’s a brewery with a patio built especially for people to bring their dogs. It’s a great atmosphere and I love going on a nice afternoon with my pup and friends. Great beer, too!

How does working at Groupon fit into your life?

Groupon can be incredibly fast-paced and I am a high energy person. I’m always out doing stuff after work and on the weekends and am involved in a variety of things. Groupon fits in perfectly with that.

Groupon Attends Lesbians Who Tech Summit in San Francisco

Groupon Attends Lesbians Who Tech Summit in San Francisco

Grouponers @ Lesbians Who Tech: Two (Lefty!) Engineers Recall Their Experience at the Inclusive & Inspirational Event


March 2018





JESSICA HARTOG, Software Developer in San Francisco

Taking place in the heart of San Francisco’s Castro District, LWT represents everything that Silicon Valley’s homogeneous engineering community is usually missing. The under-represented minorities in tech (and elsewhere in the world) are welcome on Castro Street and at Groupon. Groupon aims to build up amazing communities like this one — a home office for inspiration, respect, integrity, and inclusion. Acting as the embodiment of so many of the things that Groupon holds as its core values, LWT and the Castro District alike are aligned with what Groupon aims to be. So much of my role at Groupon has to do with helping foster an inclusive community. From working together with other engineers internally, to working with communities in the Open Source landscape, the things that I learned at LWT will help me to engage those communities in a more empathetic, respectful, and inclusive way. Some highlights from the summit were keynote speakers Sally Kohn (CNN Commentator/Activist), Dawn Laguens (Planned Parenthood Federation of America), Megan Smith (Shift 7 & former CTO of the US), and a surprise appearance from Samantha Bee. I was also excited to learn about some awesomely creative open source opportunities like Open Artificial Pancreas System (#OpenAPS), where using open source, engineers can come together to improve the market for care of Type I Diabetics.

KEVIN McINTOSH, Software Engineer & Pride@Groupon Co-Chair in Seattle

I attended LWT because I want Groupon to pay attention to the neglected demographic in the intersection of women and the LGBT space: lesbians in technology. I have partnered with this organization on and off for about four years, so I was excited to help Groupon continue to build the relationship. Groupon is taking greater steps to increase diversity within our organization, especially in tech, and we want to help promote badass women and allies in the tech space.

As an impromptu speaker, I presented a 60-second speech on the importance of businesses being able to consider technology bootcamps as a potential source of high-quality technical talent in addition to the traditional college graduate. On the recruiting side, I had the opportunity to spend some time in the speed mentoring section of the conference, where I ended up mentoring eight individuals on everything from interviews to resume crafting.

One of the highlights was running into Samantha Bee (the comedian from Full Frontal with Samantha Bee on TBS) who was interviewing attendees on the spot! As a key takeaway, I will be considering how to be more open at work. The issue is that by not being more open, you risk alienating candidates as well as your coworkers. Also, bringing passionate people to these events really makes a difference!  🙂

Sydney Celebrates IWD with Panel & Special Guest Speaker Pepa Randall

Sydney Celebrates IWD with Panel & Special Guest Speaker Pepa Randall


8 March 2018

Sydney celebrates IWD with a tea party, leadership panel, and special guest speaker

Written by Olivia Deskoski, PR & Communications Manager for ANZ

For International Women’s Day this year, the Sydney office focused on the theme #PressForProgress and making Groupon an awesome place for women to work by holding a morning tea event featuring a panel of three three senior team members who are parents. Wayne Nagle, Cara Amores, and Mel Cook discussed how to achieve work/life balance when you have children (it’s more a blend than a balance), men stepping up in the co-parenting role, and our HR lead Cara shared some great insights into her vision for the business and actions taken around making Groupon an attractive place for women to work.

We were also excited to have a special guest speaker from our corporate partner, GWS Giants AFL women’s team defender Pepa Randall, who was candid, humble, and brilliant in sharing her amazing journey into a new sport – women’s AFL (Australian Football League AKA aerial ping pong) that’s been traditionally male dominated for over a century. Women’s AFL has only been around for a couple of years, so the #PressForProgress message was very strong and she had a lot of inspirational takeaways for everyone – including her training and nutrition regime which includes eating 8 meals a day! Pepa emphasised it’s actually hard to eat so much, but somehow we didn’t believe her.

One of Pepa’s gold-star messages during her talk was: “Sport has the ability to teach you about aspects of life. And one lesson is you can’t be fearful to give your best. It is scary doing that because if you give it everything you’ve got and it gets shut down and goes the other way, it can be crushing. But I’ve developed confidence through moments in the game to not hold back because you can reap the rewards when it does all go right.”

Awesome words from a pioneer of Australian female sport!


Of course, it wouldn’t be an Australia story without some boomerangs. 

Dagmara Owczarska – SSC Director, Global Operations in Warsaw

Dagmara Owczarska – SSC Director, Global Operations in Warsaw


SSC Director, India & Poland, Global Operations
Warsaw, Poland
Joined: 2012

Building shared service centers from scratch with Dagmara—a Groupon veteran who has worked in multiple roles during her 5+ years with the company.

What was your first impression of Groupon as a workplace?

In 2012, when I joined, Groupon was—just like it is today—an amazing, fun, and extraordinary place to work. My first role at Groupon back in 2012 was Head of Operations for Polish business, with the responsibility of Inside Sales added to the scope several months after I joined. When the opportunity of pushing myself towards global operations occurred in 2014, I didn’t need to think twice and even though it wasn’t clear how my role would evolve in future, I jumped into it and started building the shared service center in Warsaw, initially for customer services only. In 2016, all operations came under one roof of Global Operations (Customer Service and Deal Factory), which was a turning point not only for me but for the entire organization. In 2017, we opened a second location in Poland (Katowice), and very recently I was granted an amazing opportunity to manage all in-house operations in Poland and India. This journey has just started and I am more than excited about it!

That’s an awesome journey! What do you attribute to your success here?

I attribute my success to 3 factors, whether at Groupon or anywhere else: an amazing team of super-smart people, hard work, and a can-do attitude.

What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received?

Stay transparent.

And what advice would you give someone looking to move up in their career?

Work with smart people and learn from them. Work hard. Always treat feedback as a gift. And then work even harder.

How does Groupon fit into your life?


What does your job look like day to day?

Right now, I’m formulating while already executing (this is Groupon after all, no time to waste!) a strategy to align all Shared Services operations in maximizing their contribution to customer growth, increasing customer lifetime value, growing profitability and last but not least, making Groupon a great(er!) place to work. This requires a lot of coordination between four locations but I’m super excited about how much we can do together to support our company goals!

How does your work impact Groupon’s mission of building the daily habit in local commerce?

In Shared Services, we’re in touch with hundreds of merchants and thousands of customers every day. By focusing on four pillars: People, Customer Experience, Merchant Success and Streamline & Simplify, we contribute to Groupon’s mission of building the daily habit.

How many times have you been promoted?

I think 4.

What are you most proud of in your time at Groupon?

Building the Warsaw and Katowice hubs from scratch. Warsaw and Katowice host two large Shared Service Centers that support business around the globe (customer service, merchant services, editorial, in six languages). We started with a small team of German-speaking CS reps in 2014 and build out the office in Warsaw followed by Katowice, which opened last year. Everything was literally built from scratch and it wouldn’t have been possible without the great team I have both in WAW and KAT, who every day live the “no compromise on quality” rule.

What’s challenging about the work you do?

Complexity, but that’s why I love it.  🙂

Tell us something about you that might surprise us.

I love sweet cream 😉

Who is the most inspiring woman at Groupon?

We all are!

=chennai badge

International Women’s Day in Japan

International Women’s Day in Japan

IWD 2018 in Japan

Highlights from International Women’s
Day in our Tokyo office


The local Comms team worked with volunteers to organize a food- and quiz-filled event for Grouponers in Tokyo.


Groupies from our Sydney office were

present for the festivities! Here, Sandy and Aline,

who are clearly on a world tour since becoming famous

on the People Blog, spent time chatting with

Yoshiko Mizushima, General Manager of

Accounting  & Finance.


Groupon-branded macarons?!

Say no more. The men from the

office prepared and served all of

the food and drinks for the occasion.

🎂 🍥 🍰


Grouponers were quizzed on the topic of women in the

workplace, including a question about President of

International, Julie Szudarek, and what job

she would love to do for a day.

Join the fun in Tokyo!

We're hiring!


Everyone watched a short

video highlighting Groupon women

from across the globe speaking to

the importance of International

Women’s Day and what it means

to them.


After a short quiz about women

and the gender gap, the winner

received Groupon bucks and everyone

snacked on sandwiches and sparkling



Yoshiko from our Finance organization spoke about

the importance of recognizing International Women’s Day

and overall gender equality at Groupon,

finishing off the speech with a toast.

Women@Groupon – Hillary Proctor, Technical Project Manager

Women@Groupon – Hillary Proctor, Technical Project Manager


Technical Project Manager
Chicago, IL
Joined: 2010

It might surprise you to find out that some of our earliest employees who started in our Editorial department eventually took their skillset to the Engineering organization. Hillary is one of those people! What sort of skills allow for that interesting career move? She explains.

Tell us about what you do!

I was originally hired as a fact-checker in the editorial department and spent my first few years at Groupon as a site editor. I learned a lot about problem-solving under pressure and communicating with different kinds of stakeholders across the company. Both of those skills were key when I transferred to the engineering department for a role on the Application Operations Support team (better known as AOS). AOS handles technical triage and support for both customer-facing and internal applications globally, essentially bridging the gap between business and technical teams. It was a bit of a learning curve at first, but making the switch to tech was the most significant turning point in my career thus far, and I’m so grateful that Groupon afforded me that opportunity.

While in AOS, I was especially interested in coordinating cross-team collaboration and improving documentation, which I later realized was actually project management. After honing those skills through several types of projects, I recently moved into a role in the Engineering Project Management Organization (PMO), so I now get to manage cross-functional projects full time! Members of the PMO have been described as air-traffic controllers, or conductors – whichever metaphor you prefer, we’re basically the ones who orchestrate and keep track of complex efforts across many individuals and teams to ensure a project is executed successfully. We’re also obsessed with spreadsheets and Google calendar, both of which are close to my heart.

What’s the proudest moment in your time at Groupon?

I worked from our amazing Dublin office for six months to help train a new support team there. I’m incredibly proud of that opportunity and how it expanded my own perspective on Groupon as a global company. Plus, it was easy to love living in Ireland!

Take us back to 2010: what was your first impression of Groupon as a workplace?

I joined in May 2010, so it was a lot different back then! Near the end of my second day of work, everyone in the company gathered for a “mandatory meeting” that turned out to be a Cinco de Mayo…toast, if you will. I knew at that moment that my time at Groupon definitely wouldn’t be boring!

How does your work impact Groupon’s mission of building the daily habit in local commerce?

Our technical projects bring together many teams and drive key strategic initiatives – whether it’s rolling out a new product, ramping up an engineering service, or overseeing a cross-platform campaign with our truly hilarious spokesperson. I know that if the PMO is working on it, it’s mission-critical. More broadly, I’ve seen a ton of growth and operational improvements in my time at Groupon, and I’m excited to keep making the experience even better for customers and merchants.

What keeps you busy outside of work?

I love trying new restaurants and blog about them at In fact, before I joined Groupon, I went to culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu to become a better-informed food writer! I wrote a few food pieces for Groupon as well, during my time in the editorial department.

What’s your favorite local business?

I’m partial to my neighborhood, Logan Square, so I’m going with Lula Cafe for food and Lost Lake for drinks.

What’s the story behind your track jacket nickname?

I have the full green tracksuit from the early days (I think the pants are considered vintage now), a 5-year black track jacket, and two platinum stars. HPro is a nickname that started in college, but I also made it my handle on HipChat, our internal chat room system. Every so often I’ll hear it out loud from someone I don’t know very well, and it takes a second to remember that it’s only because they’ve seen it in HipChat so many times!

Can you write a Groupon haiku?

This haiku is dedicated to the PMO:

Talented colleagues – –

Managing cross-team projects

Rockstars? Herders? Both

What’s your favorite Groupon memory?

Too many to count over (almost) 8 years! A few that come to mind: celebrating women in tech with 15,000 others at my first Grace Hopper conference, watching multiple sunrises over Lake Michigan during early shifts at our temporary office space, going to Medieval Times and a horse farm for (two different) team outings, and having Thursday market lunches along the canal in Dublin. Oh, and I made a 5-second appearance in a Nightline segment way back in 2010.

But on a sentimental note, I’ve met some of my closest friends here, so that’s what stands out overall.

Have you won any awards in your time here?

Last fall, I won Engineering Operations Employee of the Month and received a (super soft) hoodie.

Tell us about your involvement with Women@Groupon and Groupon Volunteers.

I’m currently on the Women@Groupon leadership board. I’m in charge of finance, so I help ensure that we’re using our budget for maximum impact. Our W@G programming aims to empower women through professional development, networking, community outreach, and other events. I’ve really enjoyed supporting that mission and also partnering with other employee resource groups to build a more inclusive atmosphere. On the volunteering side, I’ve helped out with the Red Cross Disaster Relief Telethon, Scout Out Engineering, and Girls Who Code mentorship. I’m also passionate about participating in quarterly blood drives – my grandpa donated 22+ gallons of blood in his lifetime, so I donate in his memory..

Roshni Mukherjee – Senior Customer Support Representative in Bangalore

Roshni Mukherjee – Senior Customer Support Representative in Bangalore


Senior Customer Support Representative
Bangalore, India
Joined: 2017

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference. In Roshni’s case, it was coasters in the Bangalore lobby that helped her realize Groupon was for her!

What was your first role when you joined? 

I joined as a Senior Customer Support Representative and within a span of three months, I was asked to work on the Bangalore Escalations Queue. It was a really new experience and it helped me prepare for when they actually had an interview and test procedure to choose the new SME’s in Bangalore.

So tell us about your job! What do you do?

As an SME here at Bangalore, my key focus is to try and bring up one of the key metrics for the entire process. We regularly do audits for agents and we have our own dedicated daily editorial board, which sends out update and solutions for any viral issues. We also work on the Bangalore Escalation Queue. This is how we get insights into what the areas of improvement are in an agent’s knowledge base and determine how we can improve it, bringing up their Resolution Rate.

What’s the most challenging thing you’ve worked on here?

When I was selected to work on the Bangalore Escalations Queue, it felt like we were thrown into a pool of water and we did not have any knowledge and training before we started working on it. We had to learn on the job and the learning curve was indeed steep. I would really like to thank Benjamin Minga and Matthew Washington: two people who really made my life so much easier at that time by being there with us and assisting with escalations which stumped us.

How does your work impact Groupon’s mission of building the daily habit in local commerce?

Customer Support is always the only part of a company that a customer can directly interact with. We have to make sure that we try and go the extra mile for them. Walking them through their issues and treating them with respect guarantees that they make us a daily habit. They would know that they have someone to fall back on and help them.

What’s your favorite Groupon memory?

On Diwali, 2017 we were asked to come up with a dance routine. So a couple of friends and I planned a dance routine and performing it was so much fun! Also the time I was in Training. Ratheesh Rajan was training us on how the whole process works, and I can’t explain how lovely that experience was. I am an extremely curious person and I grilled him with questions regarding the process every few minutes. But he was extremely patient with us and I wish I had teachers like him during my school and college days.

So where were you before joining Groupon?

I used to work for a start-up called Headout for a few months. Once they automated the process I worked in, I landed an interview here at Groupon. and woohoo, here we are!

What was your first impression of Groupon?

On the day when I came in for an interview, I remember sitting in the waiting room and they had these funny coasters that said, “Put your drink on me. Or just hold me. I’d like that, too.” It felt so nice to know that a huge multi-national company such as Groupon is not afraid to show its wit and humour.

Tell us something about you that might surprise us.

I used to be a theater actor for a year before I moved to Bangalore. I have acted in more than 20 shows and plays in a year.


Women@Groupon – Jomis Jose, Accounts Payable in Bangalore

Women@Groupon – Jomis Jose, Accounts Payable in Bangalore


Accountant Associate, EMEA Accounts Payable
Bangalore, India
Joined: 2015

Jomis talks about taking her career to new international heights at Groupon, what she does day to day, and her first time seeing snow while on a trip to our Berlin office.

What’s your favorite Groupon memory?

Germany! As part of a transition, we had to visit the EMEA offices and I was one of the lucky people who got a chance to go and visit Groupon office in Berlin. That was my first flight, my first international travel, and my first time seeing snow! We can never forget our first experiences, right? First experiences are always special and close to the heart.

Each moment throughout that week was a new and special for me: different culture, food, language, etc. My favorite moment during the whole experience was first seeing Germany. It was around six in the morning when I reached Berlin; I boarded the flight it was midnight, so I didn’t bother to grab a window seat. My only aim was to sleep as I had to go to the office the next day.

When we landed in Berlin, I was tired and a bit grumpy, but when I stepped outside my first view was breathtaking! The whole area outside the plane was covered in snow. It was a picture-perfect view. For a 22-year-old girl from a small village, the whole week was a dream come true. Groupon had given me lifetime special memories, these are just a few…my list is long.

What’s the most challenging thing you’ve worked on in your time here?

I had to finish transition of four entities in one week. That was a very short time span to understand the entire AP process of four entities where my trainers did not speak English as their first language. Invoices, mail communications, and even their accounting systems were set in their mother tongue. But my manager and my wonderful colleagues over there supported me to accomplish my mission on time.

Tell us about your involvement with Women@Groupon.

As a woman, I love to be part of any groups that celebrate womanhood. I really enjoyed all the events conducted by Women@Groupon Bangalore and I am looking forward to other future events. My favorite event was when we launched Women@Groupon in our Bangalore office. We had a good crowd and it wasn’t just women who attended, all the men in our office joined us to make the event even more successful!

What was your first impression of Groupon?

My first impression was “wow, this is definitely a great place to work.” Groupon allows you to be yourself, and always welcomes new ideas and suggestions no matter how small of a role you are handling. Here we are like a family; I am away from my family back home, but I have found a second family in Groupon.

What did you do before joining Groupon?

I was with HP (Hewlett Packard) before. I worked there for a year and a half as a financial associate. I was looking for a company that could offer me something distinct rather than just work. One fine day I got Groupon interview email and I found that my passion was one of their requirements. They wanted someone who is willing to travel if required and that is my passion of mine. From the day I attended my interview to until today, Groupon has never let me down. I am glad that I chose Groupon.

What’s your favorite spot in the office?

Tell us about your job! What do you do? Why do you love it?

My main job is payments, payments, and payments! I belong to the Payments Team and we handle all of EMEA. We execute payments and make sure they are all successfully released. Payments are one of the key areas where we have to maintain 100% accuracy. We also face rejections and other challenges often. Finding out the hidden cause of rejection is always tough and interesting…I often learn something new. I am also part of the Fresh Desk query management team. We are the single point of contact for EMEA payments, so I am always in touch with most of the EMEA office employees. Fresh Desk is also a great platform to learn about business and its complexities. In order to answer queries or clarify doubts of others, we should know the system and functionality thoroughly. I am always pleased to help someone with the knowledge I have.

What keeps you busy outside of work?

I am an avid traveler. Also, you can find me out and about with my friends, exploring and becoming one with nature. Some weekends I will do absolutely nothing other than lay in bed and binge watch TV shows. Other weekends, I am spending hours shopping, buying unwanted things. My main hobby is designing; I love to design Indian traditional wear. Designing is something which I can sit and do for hours without even food.

Tell us something about you that might surprise us.

I was college champion at chess player for three consecutive years; I love to play chess with someone who is competitive. I love trekking and adventures activities. I am very talkative; I cannot keep quiet for more than 10 minutes and last but not the least I love desserts, no matter what it is, if it has just sugar in it that is enough for me…

Women@Groupon – Emily Sykes, Business Development Manager in Phoenix

Women@Groupon – Emily Sykes, Business Development Manager in Phoenix


Business Development Manager, Things To Do
Phoenix, Arizona
Joined: 2016

Emily—a Music Therapy major in college—talks about embracing failure and the inspiring women she works with in Phoenix.

What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received?

Embrace failure! All failures in the workplace and in life are teachable moments and they’ll eventually lead you down the right path. And don’t give up if you don’t succeed right away. Good things take time 🙂

What was your first impression of Groupon as a workplace?

Every day felt like a party! Everyone was so friendly and excited to get to know me; it was a complete 180 from my last job.

What has been your biggest accomplishment since working here?

My biggest accomplishment sales-wise was probably closing a huge luxury movie theater in Vegas. Also, building the Phoenix GOB mentor program from the ground up! When I first joined Groupon, the program was unorganized and there was no accountability for people to meet with their GOB mentee. By tweaking the process and understanding the GOB training schedule, I think we were able to create a simpler process that has stuck.

How does working at Groupon fit into your life?

It fits very well with me! I have always been the type of person who tries to be “the best.” At my last job, that didn’t matter too much. But here, I can see my hard work in my paychecks and in the deals I close.

How does your work impact Groupon’s mission of building the daily habit in local commerce?

I try to put as many unique deals on the site so I can to increase interest from consumers!

How many times have you been promoted?

Once, from Business Development Representative to Business Development Manager in January 2017.

Who is a woman you look up to?

My mom! She is one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met and I can only hope to be as successful as she is in my adult years.

Who is the most inspiring woman at Groupon?

There are too many. If I had to pick, all the women in leadership in the Phoenix office are great role models and have a lot of great insight. Kelly Light is always resilient, Grace Litteken is never seen without a smile on her face, and Sam is professional and easy to talk to.

What’s your favorite Groupon memory?

Going curling with my team for our most recent team outing! It was much harder than it looks on TV!

What’s your favorite local business?

There’s a cute boutique local to Arizona called Grand Central Clothing that I’ve been going to for years. They have great clothes and they reward their regular customers!

Tell us something about you that might surprise us!

I have never done sales before Groupon! I was actually in the ASU Herberger School of Music and graduated with a music therapy degree. Before Groupon, I worked in a psychiatric facility. 🙂

Women@Groupon – Karolina Ruszczyńska, Head of Revenue & Operations in Warsaw

Women@Groupon – Karolina Ruszczyńska, Head of Revenue & Operations in Warsaw


Head of Revenue and Sales Operations
Warsaw, Poland
Joined: 2011

We love how Karolina references space in her story, especially her term for women who are strong and hardworking.

What’s your favorite Groupon memory?

The very beginning of my adventure with Groupon. At that time things were happening kind of fast. The very next day, after I’ve got the job, I was on the plane going to Berlin. I spent the next few days in the DE Groupon office, learning how to be a City Planner. It was a great time.

How many times have you been promoted?

Twice: both times by my then-managers.

What’s the best career advice you’ve ever been given?

My father always told me to stay one step ahead of everybody. It isn’t the easiest thing to do, but it works for me.

What was your first impression of Groupon?

That it is my place on earth. I loved the team of bright and ambitious people as well as the fast pace and startup vibe.

What has been your biggest accomplishment while working at Groupon?

The creation of the brand new role of the City Planning team and transitioning from planning cities to categories. This provides good value, as City Planners are more into category details and can be a great support for sales representatives.

Who inspires you?

I’m inspired mainly by women who work insanely hard and constantly prove their courage, talent, and strong character. I call them #kobietyrakiety, which literally means women who are as powerful as space rockets.

Tell us something about you that might surprise us!

I know how to sew and how to create shoes 🙂

Women@Groupon – Kristi Angel, Data Scientist

Women@Groupon – Kristi Angel, Data Scientist


Data Scientist
Chicago, IL
Joined: 2015 & 2016

“That’s great, it starts with an earthquake…Birds and snakes, and aeroplanes…And Kristi Angel is not afraid…”

What was your first role here? How did you get to where you are today?

I started as a Contract Tableau Analyst while in graduate school. I left that position to focus on finishing my M.S. in Statistics. I had fallen in love with the culture at Groupon. Having made some great connections during my brief tenure, I was able to find the perfect role for myself doing challenging work on a super smart and supportive team with incredible leadership.

After I graduated, I returned as an Experimentation Analyst. The needs of my team shifted and I grew into taking on more complex projects. Here at Groupon, I’ve been given a lot of autonomy in developing my career and identifying projects that are right for our platform but also aligned with my own professional development goals. After eight months, I spoke with my manager about a change in title to Data Scientist to more closely reflect the work that I was doing. I was humbled by the support I received from my peers and leadership across Groupon to make that happen!

What did you do before Groupon?

Blood, sweat, tears, and a lot of eraser dust! (That was a math joke.) Fun Fact: I was a waitress for 20 years before I joined Groupon! I worked while studying Physics as an undergrad and then while completing my M.S. in Statistics.

So tell us more about your job! What do you do every day? What do you love about it?

I am a Data Scientist working in the Experimentation space. We are a team of Developers and Data Scientists and together we build Groupon’s A/B Experimentation platform.

In my role, I work with Product Managers and Engineers to help develop sound experimentation design, to interpret results, and to debug experiment configuration (and occasionally, our platform 😉 ). I also research methodology for new features on our platform and help develop and validate our data pipeline and import process. Additionally, I help guide the roadmap for our team, partner with other organizations within Groupon to grow relationships and improve operational efficiency, and advocate for sound statistical practices and data literacy for all!

I love that I get to stretch my leadership skills, make mistakes, and learn from my peers. Above all, I love that every now and then, a great idea strikes and I get to make someone else’s job a little easier or I find a novel way to increase the value my team delivers to Groupon. I owe this to my coworkers who have trusted my perspective and skill set, elevating my voice from Day 1.

What’s your favorite part about your team’s Software Development process?

We are very democratic and thoughtful about process. Also, we have a lot of say in the features we work on. We work closely with our customers and are best positioned to assess the impact a new feature can bring. If anyone on our team has an idea about a feature or improvement they would like to see implemented on our platform and they are willing to really advocate for it and prove its value, there’s a good chance s/he will be able to see it through to production.

You’re involved with PRIDE@Groupon, Women@Groupon, and Groupon Volunteers. Why do you participate? 

I joined because I care. And there’s so much power in joining forces with others who care! Interestingly, one of the unintended side effects of joining Groupon’s Employee Resource Groups is that I have made some of the strongest connections through participating in ERG events. The camaraderie that develops through participation means you always have your own personal cheerleading section. And everybody needs one of those from time to time!

What’s unique about Groupon’s Engineering culture?

Everyone here is incredibly kind, helpful, empathetic, super smart, and fun! I’ve learned so much about being a person in the past two years and I owe that to my peers, my mentors, and strong leadership all around.

What’s something that would surprise people to learn about Groupon Engineering?

Our people genuinely care about people. This is a place where we encourage an experimentation mindset, failing fast and moving forward. We really value the process of giving and receiving feedback at all levels. It’s how we grow.

Name your favorite programming language.

I’m a statistician by trade so, R.

How does your work connect to Groupon’s mission of building the daily habit in local commerce?

We provide tools for Product to rapidly and iteratively make improvements to our mobile apps and our website. Building tools to help guide efficient and effective product development helps Groupon to capitalize on optimizations that drive the daily habit.

Tell us about the most challenging thing you’ve worked on here.

I just rewrote our experimentation platform’s stats libraries in R. The goal was to create experiment metadata for a project I am working on. It’s a rather complex system with nuance and so validating my model with our platform has been trying at times. But, I was able to identify a few places in our platform where we could improve our methodology. And the metadata that I have created will serve our Data Science team on a number of future projects.

What’s your favorite Groupon memory?

This past September, Groupon participated as a sponsor at Chicago Women In Technology where our VP of Engineering Operations, Erica Geil, spoke. Later that same beautiful late summer day, the Women @ Groupon Employee Resource Group hosted a happy hour on our roof top deck where Silvija Martincevic, GM of Health, Beauty, and Wellness, spoke about her own career path. It was just an incredible day, taking in the sunshine with strong, successful, empowered women and learning from everyone’s unique journey.

What’s your favorite local business?

Can I have three? (Yes, you can!)

Lombard Skate Shop: Steve is super knowledgeable about getting a person into the right skates and gear for them.

Play: A children’s toy store in Logan Square with really unique and smart gifts for kids of all ages.

And Wasabi: It has been a pleasure to watch my favorite ramen shop grow over the years. I used to be one of a few in there weekly. Now there is a line out the door nightly.

What do your parents think you do?

my_family <- ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What keeps you fulfilled outside of work?

I can generally be found cooking, eating ice cream, checking out new restaurants, roller skating, chilling with my cat-dudes, traveling, or seeing live music.

Tell us something about you that might surprise us!

What about me would surprise people? That I love The Muppets? I was in the Army for 6 weeks? I attended 9 different colleges and universities? I was an undergrad for 14 years? I was a waitress for 20 years? I know all the words to “It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)”? I’m just throwing things at the wall here.