Our Berlin Office

Groupon Germany’s HQ has moved to a brand new office on Hausvogteiplatz in Berlin. Right around the corner from our old building, and like all Groupon office spaces, it offers just the right balance between getting work done and having fun. Take a break on the 6th floor, which is almost exclusively a community area where Grouponers can hang out with other colleagues and recharge.

As well as being home to our Germany Sales business, our teams here work on a variety of complex engineering projects, helping to build the next set of Groupon technologies to power our growth!

Berlin Office

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CTO Colin Bodell visits Groupon Berlin

ENGINEERING New CTO Colin Bodell & VP of Engineering Paddy Benson visit Groupon Berlin HQ 6 February 2018 The Berlin Engineering team meets with new CTO Colin Bodell. Members first. Relationships matter. A philosophy Colin Bodell believes in and lives by, using his...

Architecture Patterns for Backends beyond SOA

Architecture Patterns for Backends beyond SOA Javier Cano, Senior Software Engineer Sergey Burkov, Senior Java Developer December 13, 2017 In the Merchant Experience team specifically, and in Groupon in general, we have to deal with the challenge of scale and...

Messaging at (Groupon) scale

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