Accountant Associate, EMEA Accounts Payable
Bangalore, India
Joined: 2015

Jomis talks about taking her career to new international heights at Groupon, what she does day to day, and her first time seeing snow while on a trip to our Berlin office.

What’s your favorite Groupon memory?

Germany! As part of a transition, we had to visit the EMEA offices and I was one of the lucky people who got a chance to go and visit Groupon office in Berlin. That was my first flight, my first international travel, and my first time seeing snow! We can never forget our first experiences, right? First experiences are always special and close to the heart.

Each moment throughout that week was a new and special for me: different culture, food, language, etc. My favorite moment during the whole experience was first seeing Germany. It was around six in the morning when I reached Berlin; I boarded the flight it was midnight, so I didn’t bother to grab a window seat. My only aim was to sleep as I had to go to the office the next day.

When we landed in Berlin, I was tired and a bit grumpy, but when I stepped outside my first view was breathtaking! The whole area outside the plane was covered in snow. It was a picture-perfect view. For a 22-year-old girl from a small village, the whole week was a dream come true. Groupon had given me lifetime special memories, these are just a few…my list is long.

What’s the most challenging thing you’ve worked on in your time here?

I had to finish transition of four entities in one week. That was a very short time span to understand the entire AP process of four entities where my trainers did not speak English as their first language. Invoices, mail communications, and even their accounting systems were set in their mother tongue. But my manager and my wonderful colleagues over there supported me to accomplish my mission on time.

Tell us about your involvement with Women@Groupon.

As a woman, I love to be part of any groups that celebrate womanhood. I really enjoyed all the events conducted by Women@Groupon Bangalore and I am looking forward to other future events. My favorite event was when we launched Women@Groupon in our Bangalore office. We had a good crowd and it wasn’t just women who attended, all the men in our office joined us to make the event even more successful!

What was your first impression of Groupon?

My first impression was “wow, this is definitely a great place to work.” Groupon allows you to be yourself, and always welcomes new ideas and suggestions no matter how small of a role you are handling. Here we are like a family; I am away from my family back home, but I have found a second family in Groupon.

What did you do before joining Groupon?

I was with HP (Hewlett Packard) before. I worked there for a year and a half as a financial associate. I was looking for a company that could offer me something distinct rather than just work. One fine day I got Groupon interview email and I found that my passion was one of their requirements. They wanted someone who is willing to travel if required and that is my passion of mine. From the day I attended my interview to until today, Groupon has never let me down. I am glad that I chose Groupon.

What’s your favorite spot in the office?

Tell us about your job! What do you do? Why do you love it?

My main job is payments, payments, and payments! I belong to the Payments Team and we handle all of EMEA. We execute payments and make sure they are all successfully released. Payments are one of the key areas where we have to maintain 100% accuracy. We also face rejections and other challenges often. Finding out the hidden cause of rejection is always tough and interesting…I often learn something new. I am also part of the Fresh Desk query management team. We are the single point of contact for EMEA payments, so I am always in touch with most of the EMEA office employees. Fresh Desk is also a great platform to learn about business and its complexities. In order to answer queries or clarify doubts of others, we should know the system and functionality thoroughly. I am always pleased to help someone with the knowledge I have.

What keeps you busy outside of work?

I am an avid traveler. Also, you can find me out and about with my friends, exploring and becoming one with nature. Some weekends I will do absolutely nothing other than lay in bed and binge watch TV shows. Other weekends, I am spending hours shopping, buying unwanted things. My main hobby is designing; I love to design Indian traditional wear. Designing is something which I can sit and do for hours without even food.

Tell us something about you that might surprise us.

I was college champion at chess player for three consecutive years; I love to play chess with someone who is competitive. I love trekking and adventures activities. I am very talkative; I cannot keep quiet for more than 10 minutes and last but not the least I love desserts, no matter what it is, if it has just sugar in it that is enough for me…