Head of Local Sales UK and IE
Joined: 2013

Some days Rober is Magneto, other days he’s Professor X. But every day, he’s inspiring Groupon London’s top Local Sales reps with his infectious energy and passion.

Tell us about your job! What do you do? What do you love about it? What does a typical day look like?

I work on the Local Sales team. We are responsible for bringing high-quality, hyper-local experiences to our customers. In plain English, we talk to High Street, understand what their goals are, tailor a deal that meets those needs, and—in the end—launch a campaign that would be loved by our customers. Easy peasy. What do I love about what I do? I focus on SMEs (small- and medium-sized enterprises), acknowledge peoples’ day-to-day realities, and I get to work with super talented people. My job keeps me grounded and honest.

Sales is a pretty important part of just about every business. What would you say to someone who was looking to start with Groupon?  

Sales at Groupon is a race towards professionalism. Many people join Sales as an “until I find something” or “because I couldn’t find anything.” Groupon will train anyone who is willing to learn and expose them to the beautiful—and sometimes challenging—realities of becoming a professional salesperson. Training is intense, experiences are pretty transparent, and the team is amazing. We strive to build a high performance, transparent, and rewarding culture. That’s the journey. We are not there yet but we are gunning for it. It will be tough…because it is supposed to be tough. 🙂

What’s been the most challenging thing you’ve worked on?

As always, change management. Especially when it affects so many people. You read many things about fast-paced companies but, when you actually work for one, it is an amazing experience. It also makes you eat plenty of humble pie because you will make (I at least made) a lot of mistakes. Pivoting, moving and adapting its the challenge that I like the most about working at Groupon.

What’s your favorite Groupon memory?

As weird as it sounds, my favorite memory is when a Sales rep chased me down at 11 p.m. on Hangouts so I could approve a deal that needed to go live ASAP. Even if this may seem annoying, it’s a testament to how easily we can get things done and how proactive and how focused we are. We should not lose that.

What was your first impression of Groupon as an employer?

The NOISE! It was amazing the first day I sat on the Madrid office I was genuinely shocked. At the time, the relaxed and casual environment mixed with a hardcore sales approach was genuinely new to me and drove me to the next phase in my career. I learned plenty of things during my first years at Groupon.

Madrid? How did you get from Madrid to London?

I moved to London 2.5 years ago in February of 2016. It was a challenging month to arrive in the Big Smoke from sunny Spain. Before moving to London, I was running Operations, which I loved. I had an amazing team that I still sorely miss but after three years I was eager to take on a new challenge. My wife was in a similar situation and we always loved London, being that both of us are anglophiles. I mean, London is the capital of the world!

Eventually, an opportunity came up for a job as VP of Sales running the Inside Sales team in London. I did a few interviews and, in typical Groupon fashion, we were packing up to move six weeks later. Sue, our Chihuahua, waved a “hope to see you soon” goodbye to our beloved Madrid and here we are! We couldn’t be happier to be living in London, being part of an amazing and thriving society surrounded by truly great people experiencing life abroad.

How does your work impact Groupon’s mission of building the daily habit in local commerce?

Ensuring that Groupon markets deals for our customers in a crispy, clear, transparent, and enticing way.

What inspires you?

The chase…the next thing for us. That is what inspires me.

Describe the proudest moment you’ve had at Groupon.

Every time my teammates get recognized at an All Hands presentation or an internal candidate gets a promotion.

Let's build local together.


We see you’re a member of Women@Groupon. Why did you join?

I joined Women@Groupon as a mentor because I enjoy the learning of a mentor/mentee relationship and because I think we need to do more to empower women in the business world and at Groupon. We have good role models but we can always have more diversity.

What do your parents think you do?

They think I sell stuff, which happens to be true. The fact that I sell  stuff that is not embarrassing to them is a plus, they think.

You probably have a life outside Groupon; what keeps you fulfilled outside work?

I’m very pedestrian. I read a lot of Sci-Fi, fantasy, and history, watch some telly (less and less, I don’t even have cable anymore) and spend time with my wife and dog. I like to travel as much as I can and get to know different people. These are the things that make me tick.

If you could do another job for just one day, what would it be and why?

Sometimes I wish I was Magneto, other times I wish I was Professor X. By definition, I do what I want and I don’t crave anything that is not mine.    🙂

What’s your favorite local business?

A real Neapolitan pizza place 5 mins away from home. I am a proud Spaniard and I love our food, but I find it to be self-evident that God created Italy to remind us mortals that paradise exists and it definitely smells like Pomodoro.