It’s all in a Monday Morning’s Work.

at October 22nd, 2012

Hi. I’m Lindsay. I’ve been working at Groupon as a recruiter for a bit over two years.

What started as a  “well, why not? Let’s talk about it…” job exploration has turned into a career I couldn’t have imagined. It’s Monday as I type this. People hate Mondays. Especially Monday mornings.

I actually (don’t be mad) don’t hate them.

Here’s why.

As I run through the morning, I will point out the things you wouldn’t know by reading the description of the job I do. I work hard at my job. We keep things light here because the job we set out to do is no small task. Becoming the local scene’s e-commerce operating system isn’t exactly something that people have done before and certainly not on the scale (global) that we’re doing it.

We keep things fun to encourage progress and collaboration, not because we don’t take our jobs seriously.

However, I think the non-job-description details are the real game changers when it comes to work. When I engage with candidates, I try to speak to things that are not listed on the description. I also like to speak to what makes the job different than a job by the same name at another company. These matters, in my opinion, are even more important than the most obvious components of the job itself.

Here’s the Monday morning:

8:30am: Walk into the office and look at our system to go over the jobs I’m looking to fill for the company. These roles range from customer service roles to travel sales roles to marketing roles. For those who have applied and whose profile does not match what we’re looking for, I send them an email letting them know that is the case. This is a Monday morning tradition for me.  We believe in letting people know status on their applications and I value that style of recruiting.  We respect people too much not to let them know, and I like that. The reason I got into recruiting was because I like matchmaking and people.

Somewhere, for a few moments in this mix, I get up to get some coffee in the lunchroom where I run into our immigration paralegal, Emily. We engage in a conversation related to a recent Fresh Air (NPR) podcast about digital technology and it’s impact on society. The conversation ends with us both agreeing that Terry Gross rules. Naturally. And she recommends another episode of a Terry Gross podcast to me.

9:40am: I realize my cross-country colleagues are in the office! LeeAnn is in from Palo Alto and Kay is in from Seattle. I help Leeann figure out where she can work for the day. Kay has found a place on her own. I then talk to my colleague Lauren about a relatively new search we’re working on for Director of Affiliate Marketing.

File this under “stuff I do on a daily basis because I’m a recruiter and that’s my job.”

10:00am: Dig into some good old fashioned sourcing for a variety of roles I’m looking to fill. I tinker around on LinkedIn and Twitter both, and investigate what people are talking about. Sourcing can be tedious but it’s part of my gig. Until I trademark a yet-to-be-invented way for people who would be great for a new job to just magically know (telekinesis?) the aforementioned job exists and is better than the job they are currently in, I’ll have to rely on these methods.  Damn you, technology. You are good, but not good enough.

12noon: I head downstairs to the gym in the building. Groupon employees enjoy a considerable discount on monthly fees for the gym and I find the convenience of the gym worth any bit of cost. Today I’ll do spinning. I like using my lunch to get some endorphins in. I find it helps me be productive and focused.  The gym has shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, and all sorts of things to use on site – so it makes the baggage less, day to day.

1ish: Arrive back to my desk. I have showered as a courtesy to my co-workers, whom I respect.  Monday morning is now over and I spend the remainder of my day sourcing candidates and talking to potential Groupon employees about the ins and outs of this place.  I may or may not mention in conversations with these candidates that tonight I hope that no one wins the Lions or Bears game. Being a Packer fan, I may float the idea that the game results in a loss for both teams by the magic of some impossible circumstance.

Here is a deskogram* of the desk that set the stage for my day-to-day:

A.  A few Groupon yearbooks from the couple of years I’ve been here. I keep these on hand for the moments I want to “go back in time” and remember the days when fewer than 12,000 people worked here. It reminds me of how far we’ve come and makes me giggle.

B.  I keep a large photo of Molly, a recruiter who sits right next to me, at my desk. I have taken a poll and I’ll have you know that more people think it’s cool than creepy to have a photo of my co-worker so prominently displayed. I can’t quite recall how or why this photo was printed but I just couldn’t throw it away.

C.  My Green Bay Packer notebook. I keep my daily task lists in this little gem I picked up back in my hometown of Appleton, Wisconsin.

D.  A heart mug my mom gave to me a while back. I think she used to use this at her own job as a paralegal back in the day. I consider it a legacy piece.

E.  A photo of my younger sister circa 1994. I don’t know why it’s on my computer but it’s staying there. She had really good hair back then.

F.  My Cats 365 calendar. You may have seen our art installation here at Groupon, “The Cat Wall.” This is the calendar that fuels that genius.

G.  My track jacket. After a year at Groupon, you get a track jacket with the name of your choice embroidered on the right side. I chose “Bonnie,” a nickname given to me by my colleague Courtney. We call each other Bonnie. It can be confusing for anyone nearby.

H.  My White Sox calendar. Let’s not talk about this season, okay? Okay, thanks.

I.  My maps of the US and Canada. Since most of the recruiting I do is for North America, I like to keep the time zones and provinces on hand. I’m a visual person and have found time zone confusion more easily handled with maps nearby.

J.  Denmark flag. This came from the days when I first started and Groupon became international. The day was celebrated with lots of rejoicing and tiny flags.

K.  A glass water bottle. It’s important to stay hydrated.

L.  A Timbuk2 pannier bike bag. It doubles as a backpack. This is an important piece of my life as it is convertible and can follow me no matter how I travel, by foot, train or bike daily.

 What’s your favorite part of Monday mornings? Or the best item or items on your desk? Tell us and maybe we’ll turn it into a deskogram*!

*Deskogram is a word I just made up
and means a photo of a desk marked with
letters to indicate important items of note.

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  1. Great blog, Lindsey! It's great to hear how much someone, especially you, loves their job. I hope everyone at Groupon realizes how fortunate they are to have you as a co-worker!

    by Andy Carpenter on October 24, 2012 at 1:34 pm

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