Grouponiversity Intern spotlight: Week 1 for Ben and Matt

at June 8th, 2012

Our weekly Grouponiversity series continues with a few intern spotlights.

Name: Ben
School: First Year MBA, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley
What are you doing? I’m working in the Refunds team, where I believe I can have a huge impact over the summer. I’ll be working on automating reporting, and putting together tools to easily identify the root causes of refunds. I will then be using insights from these tools to generate and implement ideas for improvements to business operations.
What was cool about this week? On my first day here at orientation, I was amazed at how many people were starting, which reminded me how fast things move at Groupon—there were about 150 people at orientation including about 20 MBA and Legal Summer Associates and 20 Undergraduate interns.
What are you excited about? We’ve got lots of events—from happy hours to Cubs games to cruises on the river to cooking classes—planned for us over the summer. I’m also super excited about having the summer to explore Chicago. The weather has been beautiful, and I’ve been enjoying morning runs along the lake, and exploring all of the shops and restaurants in Lincoln Park (the area where I live).
Anything Else? After just three days here at Groupon, I feel completely part of the team, and am excited for the summer ahead. Groupon is a place where smart people are working hard and getting things done, but don’t take themselves too seriously and have fun.




Name: Matt
School: University of Michigan
What was cool about this week? On my first day as a Sales intern at Groupon, I walked into my division’s office to find photos of my head taped on a picture of a mariachi, a cat enthusiast, and other propaganda. Here I started thinking just how long this department had been anticipating the arrival of its first intern, and I got excited for what this experience would bring me.
Experience so far? The better part of my first couple days were not, as I expected, spent in a conference room listening to presentation after presentation introducing Groupon’s principles, but rather sitting next to sales reps and city planners alike to learn firsthand. Through this direct exposure, I learned about Groupon the way it made sense to the average employee, rather than through someone trained to talk about the company.
What are you looking forward to this summer? I’m looking forward to the ever-changing environment Groupon will provide me in the next eight weeks. I know I’ll be able to grow and learn a lot from the employees around me who have come from numerous different professional backgrounds.
Anything else? Go Blue!

Welcome to the Groupon People Blog!

at June 7th, 2012

Today marks the launch of our Groupon People Blog, and we couldn’t be more excited. Very soon we’re going to have regular posts about all the great things that happen inside the Groupon fortress. You’ll see things like Desk of the Week and What’s for Lunch?. We’ll give you a peek at the 100+ interns that are spending the summer at Groupon, show you videos and pictures of the team, and throw in a few tips and tricks while we’re at it.

Below are a few entries to start things off (some old, some new) and we’ll regularly be posting our Groupon People Blog updates on the GrouponJobs Facebook Page and Twitter handles. Please let us know what you’d like to see and please spread the word if you already like what you see.

Thanks for stopping by.


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Grouponiversity: Your Weekly Intern Digestive

at May 31st, 2012

Summer has started.

The anticipation has been building for months and the first round of interns has finally arrived! More than 100 bright-tailed and bushy-eyed students from top-tier universities will walk through Groupon’s front doors on Monday, double the number of interns from last year. The inaugural Tech Summer Intern and Legal Summer Associate programs will join the established MBA Summer Associate and Undergrad Internship programs. The students will embark on a summer journey full of group outings and Breakfast ‘n’ Learns that would make any fan of breakfast or learning jealous. In the event of a spontaneous solar eclipse, we have provided them with Groupon sunglasses (pictured here with your Grouponiversity recruiting team).

Stay tuned each week to get a peek into the life of a Groupon intern—including high-impact work in our two Chicago offices and our office in Palo Alto, events around the nation, and a 10-week intensive tryout for Groupon’s traveling trapeze circus. Check back next week for our first installment of Grouponiversity.

Desk of the Week: Someone got Bieber’d.

at May 22nd, 2012

Welcome to the first installment of Desk of the Week at Groupon. Each week, we’ll post a picture of someone’s desk and let you look at their desk for Desk of the Week. We’ve thought about this idea for a while now, and today seemed to be the perfect day to start things off.

This week, one of the members of our Merchant Escalation team came to work and found out that he’d gotten “Bieber’d”. Special care and attention was taken to cover all of the surfaces of his desk. A few highlights:

  • Signed pic of the employee and Bieber (lower left)
  • Bieber’s lips cut out and pasted to the mouthpiece on the phone
  • Hand sanitizer covered in Bieber for cleanliness and fashion
  • Pictures of Biebs strategically placed in the hallway to raise suspicion.

Stay tuned for next week’s Desk of the Week

FYI: Groupon Recruiters DON’T Want Your Facebook Password

at April 9th, 2012

There have been more than a few articles floating around the interwebs about employers asking for interviewees’ social networking login information and password. This is not just a bad idea and unnecessary for us, but also could be a violation of privacy.

As good recruiters, we will occasionally view your public information on social networks to get a better idea of your interests and web savvy, but we would never ask to read personal messages or look at private photos. Be smart and keep private things private and make public those things that will give us insight into your performance on the job, or knowledge in your particular space. As I said, we will look at your social profiles, but more as a supplement to your personality than something to weed you out.

A blood sample, SSN, and ATM PIN number are just fine for us here at Groupon…

Cover Letters? Yes, I Read Them.

at April 9th, 2012

I’ve spoken to a few colleagues recently in recruiting, and there is some confusion about cover letters and whether or not corporate recruiters read them. Some people see it as a good way to showcase personality, writing skills, or knowledge of the company. Still others see it as bulky and a waste of time because recruiters aren’t going to read it anyway. I’m not sure who is correct, but I can give you some tips to increase your cover letter’s visibility. Keep in mind that the resume is still the first thing that we review, but a good cover letter can supplement your experience and personality. Some ideas to keep in mind:

  • Apply only to relevant roles. If you are qualified for a job, the recruiter will know and will want to look at a cover letter. Use this opportunity to highlight a few points from the job description that closely match your background.
  • Show some personality. You don’t have to fill your cover letter with jokes or witty sayings, but you should give us an insight into who you are not just what you can do. Don’t just list random things for the sake of being irreverent; rather connect a hobby or interest to a quality that would make you a good employee.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge of the company and  the role. Recruiters can spot a generic cover letter within a few seconds. Add a few sentences that show your knowledge of the company or ability to do the job. Bullet points are fine, and the more concise you can be the better.
  • Don’t worry about formatting. At Groupon, and other large companies, all your materials will be stored in our resume database, so don’t worry about fancy formatting or colors. Different recruiters work on different roles, and multiple people will have access to your resume. Don’t waste time trying to figure out a specific contact, because it really doesn’t matter to us. But if you do have a personal connection at the company, then let us know.

I hope this info will help you when applying to Groupon or any other company. Cover letters are a nice supplement to your experience and a good way to show your personality and enthusiasm for the role. Including a cover letter doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get an interview.  But it’s definitely not going to hurt you to take the extra time to tailor a cover letter for a specific company.

How Not to Get Hired at Groupon

at April 9th, 2012

How Not to Get Hired at Groupon: Stalk Us. This may seem slightly obvious, but excessive social networking with recruiters can sometimes work against your chances of getting hired. We ask that everyone apply via our career site, but there are some additional steps you can take. While we very much appreciate someone doing some extra homework and finding us on a professional site such as LinkedIn, try to keep your search targeted and send your resume to the best person to help you.

Choose one person—preferably a recruiter—and explain your situation. Even though we are busy, we also are here to help you get a job. If your email isn’t sent to the right person, that person will most likely forward it on for you. You can mitigate this by doing your research beforehand. A simple search for “Groupon recruiter” brings up tech recruiters, Editorial recruiters, and corporate recruiters, so if you know what you’d like your focus to be, it’s best to reach out to the appropriate person. If you are not applying specifically to a tech or Editorial position, a corporate recruiter is the best person to help you. Before you apply, please look at our jobs page and let us know what you think is a fit. We need to focus our time and efforts on candidates who are most relevant to the role at hand, so please be able to articulate your interest accordingly. Also, we want you to be doing the job you actually want to do and not just what you think you can get hired for.

We understand it can be hard to wait for a response, but we ask you to not call customer service for the status of your application. If you have applied, you can check on your application via the email we send when you first apply. We are doing our best to let people know the status, and we appreciate your patience. Bombarding the phone lines/email inboxes of customer service keeps customers waiting longer and without customers we won’t have any jobs anyway.

We are on the phone and in interviews constantly throughout the day, so email is the best way to reach us. This may sound like a brush off, but it’s the truth. Calling over and over again may eventually work, but you are much more likely to get a response via email. If we could train our computers to physically pick up the phones, we would, but then we’d have to be concerned with robot domination and prank calls.

Bottom line, the most effective way to get noticed is to do some research and target your communication accordingly. Just as when you are choosing companies to apply to, we want you to vet this out properly. Connecting with us via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and then showing up at our apartments is a bit excessive. We haven’t checked our MySpace account in awhile anyway and we don’t want you to be ignored.

You can view updated job postings by following the Recruiting department on Twitter (@grouponjobs) or visit our job site at

Hiring in Groupon Getaways

at December 20th, 2011

Our recruiting department wishes you a happy holiday and wanted to let you know that one of Groupon’s new siblings, Groupon Getaways, is hiring!

We put together a video giving an inside look at Getaways and what type of people we are looking for to fit the bill. We are mainly seeking Account Executives to build relationships with hoteliers and lodging suppliers, but have other roles related to travel available. Please note that the Hovercraft Pilot is currently staffed. If you are interested in applying or viewing all available positions, you can check out our jobs page.