University Students


University Students


University Students

We’re a better company thanks to the talent that comes to us from numerous halls of knowledge. Whether full-time staff or intern, master’s or bachelor’s, students and grads join our ranks throughout the year to drive the evolution of local commerce and experience a new degree of success.

Chris – Sales Manager in the UK

CHRIS  Sales Manager United Kingdom Joined: 2010 From blushing brides to trampoline parks, Chris is always on the lookout for the next big trend to make Groupon the hippest habitat for local businesses. What's your favorite Groupon memory?  Getting the first-ever...

Ravi Chellam Ponnusamy – IT Team Lead and Systems Administrator – Chennai

RAVI CHELLAM PONNUSAMY IT Team Lead and Systems Administrator Chennai, India Joined: 2013 As a global coordinator of all things IT, Ravi continuously strives to achieve a high level of performance while also enjoying the people that he works with.  He's...

Tom Eijssen – Senior Business Development Manager in Amsterdam

TOM EIJSSEN Senior Business Development Manager Amsterdam, The Netherlands Joined: 2010 It's always exciting to hear stories from Grouponers who have been around since the earliest days of the 'pon. Today, Tom talks about what it was like to join during the "cowboy...

CTO Colin Bodell’s first of many visits to Groupon Bangalore Dev Centre

CTO Colin Bodell's first of many visits to Bangalore Dev Centre ENGINEERING CTO Colin Bodell's first visit to Groupon Bangalore Dev Centre Colin Bodell’s first of many visits to Groupon's Bangalore Dev centre instilled great confidence in the talented engineers...

Lekshmy P R – Software Development Engineer in Bangalore

    LEKSHMY P R  Software Development Engineer - Push Marketing Engineering Bangalore, India Joined: 2013   An exciting innovator on the Push Marketing team, Lekshmy makes sure that Groupon's communications are impactful and drive people to the website. What's your...

Ajay Arora – Regional Sales Director in London

AJAY ARORA Regional Sales Director London, UK Joined: 2013 "Ajay has stood out among his peers at Groupon as someone who is focused on delivering business strategy and great customer experience. He is innovative, not content to accept the status quo, and builds for...

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