The Power of Storytelling

The Power of Storytelling

by Women in Product

Telling stories — to your stakeholders, to your customers, to the market — is essential to successful product development. Everything we build starts with a story. From selling your product vision to setting the context for a user story, a strong narrative can mean the difference between a well-executed strategy and a laundry list of features that engineers, designers and ultimately, users, don’t understand. Inspiring those around you, whether it’s your team or your shareholders, is table stakes.

Hear from senior-level product leaders about the power of storytelling and how the right context can set up any project for success.

At this event, we’ll explore topics such as:

  • How effective storytelling can bring your product vision to life
  • How to use data to build a compelling narrative
  • How powerful through lines can motivate your team
  • What to do when your narrative doesn’t resonate with those around

This round of lightning talks is for current product managers of all levels who want to become more effective builders and anyone interested who wants to become a more persuasive storyteller. Light refreshments will be provided.

Our panel consists of leaders in product and executive roles at top companies.

This event is brought to you by Women in Product and UptakeWomen in Product is a highly-engaged community of women builders and leaders. Join our community or sign up for our newsletter for monthly events, networking opportunities, and much more! Please check out WIP website for a list of upcoming events.

About Uptake

Uptake is the premier Industrial AI company, providing a predictive analytics SaaS platform that empowers major industry leaders to optimize performance, reduce asset failures and enhance safety. At Uptake, we combine our strengths—machine learning, analytics, data visualization and software development—with the expertise of our industrial partners. The result is enormous savings in development time and resources for Uptake’s partners and a proven industrial grade software platform that delivers value to partners and their end customers.

ALPFA Speed Networking Event @ Groupon


ALPFA Chicago, dedicated to empowering Latinx leaders in the Chicago area, is holding a speed networking event in conjunction with Groupon. And you’re invited!

Meet and connect with ALPFA leaders, local professionals, as well as Groupon CFO Mike Randolfi, who will be on hand to share his perspective on the value of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Don’t miss your chance to connect with other experienced Latinx movers and shakers in Chicago.

This event is co-sponsored by Groupon en Espanol, with support from Women at Groupon and Groupon Vets.

**This is a 21+ event**
***Space is limited, and participation will be determined on a first-come, first-served basis***

ALPFA Speed Networking @ Groupon

Meet Some of the Women Behind Groupon’s International Women’s Week

Meet Some of the Women Behind Groupon’s International Women’s Week

Women @ Groupon sponsored a five-day femme-stravaganza for International Women’s Week and every day saw great turnout and participation.

Here’s a quick breakdown of last week’s events:

Monday: A Lunch & Learn with an all-female panel of senior executives from across the organization covered topics such as raises, performance reviews, self-promotion, and how to navigate the often murky waters of career growth.

Tuesday: A screening of Half the Sky brought roughly 50 employees together to view how the Half the Sky movement continually helps women from across the globe who strive to change their often difficult circumstances.

Wednesday: Both a bake sale and a bra drive generated impressive donations for our partnership with Dress for Success.

Thursday: Women @ Groupon’s new executive sponsor, Sri Viswanath, spoke at a Town Hall meeting which focused on what to expect in 2015.

Friday: Ann Ziegler, SVP/CFO of CDW and Groupon’s only female board member, spoke to an audience of over 100 people (with many remote participants as well) about her professional journey.

Let’s meet the women who helped to make IWW happen.

1. Carolyn Dorant, Site Editor and Women @ Groupon Communications Co-Chair

As Communications Co-Chair, Carolyn’s main responsibility for IWW centered around ensuring that our North American employees were informed of all the events of the week. She also interviewed many of the IWW participants and speakers for Groupon’s intranet and kept the forum updated with information about when and where events were taking place.

“My favorite event of the week was the Lunch & Learn on Monday in which leaders from different departments talked about raises, promotions, and self-promotion.”

2. Rachel Matuch, Content & Community Manager, Groupon Coupons and Women@ Groupon Special Events Co-Chair

Rachel helped to coordinate the entire week of events as Special Events Co-Chair alongside Allison DiDominick. Having Ann Ziegler in to speak was one of her favorites parts of IWW, and she felt that Ann had great advice on asking to be considered for new roles and challenges, “Take that step. The worst thing that can happen is that somebody says no.”

Rachel says, “Our GrouponWorks merchant blog profiled female small business owners in honor of the week. Check out their interviews with Wild Heart Beauty Salon owner Misty Briglia and Dragonfly Cakes owner Brooks Nyugen for some great inspiration from women who are out there making things happen.”

3. Allison DiDominick, Technical Recruiter in Chicago and Women @ Groupon Special Events Co-Chair

As one of the co-chairs for the events committee, Allison coordinated and planned how to execute the multiple events throughout the week. The project management this type of event entailed proved to be a great learning experience for her.

Allison’s favorite part of the week? “Having our Executive Sponsor, Sri Viswanath, join our Town Hall meeting to speak about his passion for supporting Women @ Groupon as well as learning about navigating internal office politics from our internal female panel.”

4. Val Agnew, Recruiting Project Manager and Women @ Groupon Co-Chair

As Co-Chair for Women @ Groupon, Val oversaw much of the general event planning, but was most excited to hone skills she doesn’t use everyday as a Project Manager in Recruiting. Val MC’d the Town Hall on Tuesday (in conjunction with Lori Kaplan, Co-Chair in Palo Alto) and interviewed Ann Ziegler on Friday.

“My favorite part of the week was seeing it all come together. We had an event everyday, we had great attendance, and all of it culminating with the event with Ann was a great way to cap off the week.”

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