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1475 N. Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85257

Meet the people of the Scottsdale office!

Account Executive Emily

Last year, we circled up the wagons and headed to the southwest to open up a new sales office in Phoenix, Arizona. Today’s interview features Emily, an Account Executive who transitioned from working at a hospital to sales at Groupon.

Scottsdale and Chicago Sales Team Up, Potluck Ensues

Written by: Peter Schirripa, Regional Sales Director in our Phoenix office The key to success, borrowed directly from SVP of Groupon Sales, Darren Schwartz, is activity x skill. Here in Phoenix, activity is our strong suit. Where we have opportunity to grow and...

Marvelous Mondays in Groupon’s Scottsdale Office

Written by: Peter Schirripa, Phoenix Launch Team Sales Manager Groupon Phoenix—we take our jobs seriously, but not ourselves. Case in point: "Marvelous Monday." At most companies, Mondays are often groggy, slow-moving, and evoke a longing for the weekend that came to...