Launch Your Career

(No Matter What You Majored In)

Most graduates leave college looking for a job that covers rent and the loans. They might not think they are prepared for a career they can truly call their own. At Groupon, we believe that a job can help you pay the bills and jump start a successful career.

We also know that great salespeople come from every walk of life, from every school and every major. They are the kinds of people who are looking for an opportunity to build their own business within the structure of a successful company. They are looking to learn applicable skills from professionals, and be rewarded for their success.

Does that sound like you? If it does, this page should help you understand what the sales team at Groupon is all about—what we look for, what your career path might look like, and how to apply. Check it out, then get ready to launch your career!

Ownership: At a high level, each person on the team runs their own business. There are some basic rules we follow — like asking everyone to be at their desk at 8:30 each morning, and blocking out time for calls — but you get out of this job exactly what you put into it.

Phone calls: Roughly 60–70% of a salesperson’s job is spent on the phone calling merchants and business owners. After all, Groupon’s mission is to help local merchants grow their businesses, by filling empty seats during a mid-day lull, attracting new customers, or moving products off shelves. We’re not interesting in spamming businesses; during this time on the phone, we are trying to learn what the client’s issues and goals are so that we can design a custom solution.

Creative problem solving: That’s what’s surprising about this role: we provide you with the tools to create expert deals, based on the knowledge of thousands of deal. This means being creative in our thinking and deal development. You don’t get to do that in other sales organizations.

Negotiating: In order to develop these deals, we get to have fairly advanced conversations about the merchant’s business, helping them see the value in investing in marketing to grow their business, how competition plays a role, their bigger picture, etc. We invest a lot of time developing this relationship and creating ways to drive customers to our merchants.

Taking rejection well: As with most sales jobs, rejection is an all day, every day thing. There’s no getting around that. We develop a thick skin pretty quickly so that we can hear those concerns and objections in order to overcome obstacles and show a business all the value Groupon can bring to them.

Fun: It’s important to remember that this is a fun job. There’s an excitement that comes from working every day to create deals and help merchants.

To quote one Groupon salesperson, “This is my business. It might live inside Groupon, but it’s my work, my ambition, my hustle, and my brains that makes my business grow. I’m not limited to goals set for me: I set my own goals and I write my own paycheck.”

Thomas Dukehart
Tommy Dukehart

Divisional Sales Manager
Started June, 2014

Meet a Sales Manager

I started managing in sales in April of 2016. In that time, I have managed 6 different teams. Managing sales at Groupon has been a fun and rewarding ride. Believing in what you sell is huge, and I definitely believe that we make a difference with the small businesses we work with. On top of the product, the people are awesome. At the end of the day, it’s great seeing the many different departments here come together for one common goal – to help these small businesses grow.

One of the biggest drivers that makes me so passionate about management is that I get to give back and help others achieve their goals. I enjoy getting to know my sales reps, and understanding what motivates them both in their professional and personal lives. Additionally, we have such a great culture at the company that it makes it easy to want to come into work. We embody a work hard/play hard environment. For instance, last week on top of hitting our weekly targets, we also went to a Chicago Bulls game as a team.

Career Progression

On the sales team, career progression is measured more in successful deals and accounts than in title. But we also know the value of rewarding successful people with new opportunities. Here’s a typical breakdown of how you’ll advance in your career:

Business Development Representative

Entry-level role, where you’ll learn and develop the skills you’ll need to become a professional salesperson. You’ll get a lot of mentoring and coaching for the first few months. Then you’ll complete Groupon Onboarding (GOB) and be eligible to enter Groupon Sales University (GSU) where your training becomes more personalized.

Business Development Manager

Based on your performance, you’ll be considered for a promotion to the BDM role within 9-12 months, where you’ll work on higher-value accounts. Don’t let the term “manager” throw you: these folks are managing businesses, not other people.

Business Development Director

This is the top sales role, focusing on our largest accounts, where you can really leverage your strategic sales skills bringing aboard some of the top clients in the company.

Divisional Sales Manager

These are our people managers. If we see management potential, you may be tapped for mentoring and coaching regardless of what title you have.

Keegan Chapman
Divisional Sales Manager
Chicago, IL

Another Success Story

Imagine a young college grad with no sales experience, eager and excited to start her first real job, yet incredibly intimidated to enter the real world. Welp, that was me in May of 2011. That first day of training was life-changing: I had to be vulnerable, determined, and straight-up outgoing to ensure that I would get the most out of this experience.

Within my first three years I was promoted three times, and each promotion allowed me to work with better and more business-savvy accounts. During that time I consistently improved my sales approach, leveraged my amazing Groupon family around me, and sought advice both from my peers and my bosses.

In moving to management, my resilience and patience were tested as I did not get the first two management jobs I interviewed for. Though I was disappointed, I realized the end was not written and I was lucky to work for an amazing company where there is true competition and the best person wins. I pushed myself to work for the job I wanted not the job I had, so when the time came, I transitioned almost seamlessly to become a manager over a wide range of cities, reps, and skill levels.

Throughout my years managing, I’ve learned that living in the unknown excites me, and every moment I get the opportunity to build I feel truly fulfilled and happy. These opportunities come often at Groupon, and the most exciting one for me was when I became the Head of Sales for BeautyNow, Groupon’s beauty booking platform. Over the next year we will successfully launch over 40 cities—all within one year of the first launch!

Celebrating Our Successes

Joey Nalevka

Joey Nalevka

VP of Sales

“My personal motto on recognition, is that once you think you have recognized your team enough, double it! And then double that again! Now you’re in the ball park. What our sales team achieves on a daily basis is phenomenal, and at Groupon we find ways to ensure we celebrate them through a variety of forums. We want them to know we love and appreciate them.”

We Take Training Seriously

It’s an amazing pitch: Get paid for three months while you get hands-on professional sales training and learn skills you will use forever. Think of this as a Master’s Degree in Sales with direct and immediate practical application. This isn’t like being in college and taking a bunch of courses about things you’ll never use—we leverage these skills every day.

Things you’ll learn in the first 90 days of Groupon Onboarding (GOB):

  • How to make a cold call
  • Sales process
  • Customer relationship building
  • Sales strategy
  • Sales psychology
  • How small to medium businesses work
  • Anticipating and overcoming objections

During GOB, you’ll get classroom instruction, watch others make calls, and get coached through your own first calls. Our goal is to make sure everyone who completes GOB has the skills they need to succeed.

Groupon Sales University

GOB is structured around training and practice, connecting to your manager, getting you ready to start your own business within Groupon. But sales skills evolve over time and experience, so in order to encourage professional growth and development, we have also launched Groupon Sales University (GSU).

We started with a clean sheet of paper and asked, “how do we develop a truly world-class sales training program?” Based on core values of Transparency, Competition, Celebration, Discipline, and Unification, we launched a 12-month learning environment designed to make you a world-class sales professional.

The GSU program takes you to the next level by adding new skills, and customizing coaching around your particular needs.

Areas of focus

  • Advanced marketing (SEM/SEO)
  • Email marketing and scripting
  • Sales process and strategy
  • Subject matter deep dives

This focus on long-term growth has dramatically increased our success rate of incoming sales people, so you can feel confident that if you bring your ambition and drive, we can turn that into a successful career.

Brad Cohen

Brad Cohen

Director, Sales Training and Development

“Groupon is taking sales training and development to the next level. Plenty of companies offer sales “training” but Groupon offers professional sales development. You will learn core selling principles in our GroupOn-Boarding program (GOB) and then accelerate your professional development in Groupon Sales University. We know what makes great sales people and we will provide you with the path to becoming one. My goal is to Empower people to see success during all moments of the learning process.”

What Makes a Great Salesperson?

Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about what kind of person is likely to be a great salesperson and boiled that down into six traits that indicate long-term success. Does this sound like you?


You are the kind of person who treats the business as their own, someone who is innovative, independent, and willing to take calculated risks to achieve more.


You hold yourself accountable, managing conflicting priorities with the goal of making the biggest impact to your bottom line.


Sales at any company is a job where you’ll face disappointment regularly, so you’re the kind of person who doesn’t take it personally, who sees failure as opportunity to improve and grow.


You’re not the type who waits to be told what to do. You are proactive, moving things forward on your own and thriving even when things get stressful.


You actively seek out feedback to improve and are generally flexible in a changing and evolving environment.


Like going to the gym, you don’t get fit in one visit. You understand that seemingly rote tasks done well today will lead to future success.

Sales Recruiting FAQ

Groupon sales was developed from the ground up to be a place where people get their start, evolve, grow, and are elevated to higher positions within the company. This means we hire almost exclusively students and recent grads. These are some of the questions we commonly get from recent and upcoming grads:

What does the hiring process look like?
The hiring process generally has a three-step approach.

  • Application process: You’ll apply at, submit your resume, and be asked to take a 5–10 minute psychometric survey.
  • Recruiter phone screen: This is usually a 30-minute conversation with an in-house recruiter to get a sense of how closely you match our profile and attributes, and how you sound on the phone.
  • In-person experience: This is a 30-minute interview with a manager, a 30-minute shadow session with a current BDR or BDM, and another 30-minute manager interview.
When’s the best time to apply?
Since our training program is so rigorous, we try to group up our sales classes as much as possible. Depending on the demand, we might launch new sales classes quarterly or monthly. But apply now so you can be considered sooner rather than later.
When should I expect to hear back after I apply?
We hate it when people put time and energy into their application and never hear back. That’s just plain rude. We look at every application as they come in, so while we might take a week or two to reach out, it can often happen in as little as a few days.
I’m still in school. Can I still apply and talk to a recruiter?
Absolutely! The best way to engage with a campus recruiter is in person on campus, if possible. The peak months for campus recruiting are September and October for fall graduates and January, February, and March for spring graduates. It’s a great idea to keep in mind campus recruiting timelines and to try to connect with campus recruiters during that time.

If we aren’t actively recruiting on your campus, that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck! Leverage resources like your career center, campus job boards, and LinkedIn to make personal connections with companies and recruiters. And don’t be afraid to apply online.

What's the hiring process for current students?
In a perfect world, we’d meet you on campus at an organized event prior to our scheduled on campus interview day, which is usually 1–2 weeks after the career fair. At one of those events, we would schedule you for an on-campus interview. The on-campus interviews are 30 minutes with a recruiter or sales manager and include behavioral-based interview questions. We usually move forward or decline candidates within a week.

From there, candidates move forward to an onsite interview. This final round includes an office tour, two 30-minute interviews with sales managers, and a 30-minute sales rep shadow session. We typically get back to candidates after their final interview within a few days to a week regarding offers or declines. If candidates aren’t able to come onsite, we have the ability to do a final interview via Skype!

When should students apply?
In terms of timeline, we typically hire college students for January and summer start dates. So if you’re graduating at the end of the fall semester, we’d want to get you in the interview process early that fall semester (4–5 months out). If you’re graduating at the end of the spring semester, we could interview you in the fall or spring of your senior year (4–9 months out). Our positions will fill up fairly quickly in the fall semester, so if you wait until spring, openings may be limited.

Hiring Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.
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What Do Recruiters Look For?

“For more than four years, I’ve watched our sales organization evolve into an environment that truly embodies the energy and excitement of development and ownership at Groupon. It’s been a huge motivator watching college seniors turn into new hires, and new hires turn into top reps and leaders across the sales organization. Their passion and motivation is electric.”
Leyla Boss, Project Manager – Global Talent Acquisition