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Sales People

Becky Kelleher – Senior Sales Trainer

BECKY KELLEHER Senior Sales Trainer Chicago, IL Joined: 2015 What's your favorite conference room? Rebecca might be the most caffeinated person in the Chicago office—a daily venti latte with 5 shots of espresso(!)—and she capitalizes on that boundless energy to pump...

Luke Mladucky – Divisional Sales Manager

LUKE MLADUCKY Divisional Sales Manager Chicago, IL Joined: 2011 What's your favorite conference room? Luke wins the title of "Most Star Wars Mentions in an Employee Profile"—which we're sure he'll appreciate very much. Tell us about your job! What do you do? What do...

Current Sales Opportunities

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Carolina Gómez – Sales Graduate Program in Madrid

CAROLINA GOMEZ Groupon Madrid Graduate Program Madrid, Spain Joined: 2017 What's your favorite conference room? Flamenco dancing requires technical precision, lightning-fast movement, and emotional intensity, which Carolina—a lifelong flamenco dancer—has now applied...