To provide the LGBTQ community within Groupon, and it’s allies, an opportunity to network, learn, and grow professionally and socially, while promoting the brand within the external LGBTQ & ally communities.

Banner photo by Aaron Bean Cinema

Carlos Vale – Head of Diversity Recruitment

CARLOS VALE Head of Diversity Recruitment Chicago, IL Joined: 2017 If you see Carlos, give him a high five for snagging a spot on the "Latinos 40 Under 40" list—an amazing accomplishment! We're proud of the work he's doing to make Groupon a more inclusive work...


Why is it important for Groupon to champion and support Pride@Groupon?

A company that supports not only the LGBTQ+ community but diversity in general will be more likely to succeed. Exploring new segments of the population that may have a different vision of the world, of the business, and of our customers will bring the company a new spectrum of opportunities never discovered before. Leandro De Oto

Culture Chair

LGBTQ+ organizations are important because gay rights are human rights. Anyone can be born gay or be affected by gender dysphoria or have a child, a friend, or a family member who is. It’s vital that those people have equal rights as people.

Owen Buehler

Bay Area Site Lead

Even with marriage equality, there are still issues in Corporate America that need to be addressed. Employees still are concerned about bringing their whole selves to work and being able to come out. It’s important for us at Groupon to step up and support our LGBTQ+ employees. Kevin McIntosh

Co-Chair of Pride@Groupon

I can come to work without reservations about how I will be treated because of my sexual identity. A huge key to what makes Groupon a great place to work is our culture, and Pride@Groupon is a part of that. Dominic Vernasco

Marketplace Chair