Modularization of Android Apps

Modularization in Android Apps The mobile team organized a Meetup yesterday in Palo Alto out of the new large Spontaneous Combustion conference room. We had about 30 engineers from the area attend plus a great turnout from our team. Eric Fararro introduced Groupon...
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Leandro Ariel De Oto – Engineering Manager, Consumer Web

LEANDRO ARIEL DE OTO Engineering Manager at Consumer Web Palo Alto, CA Joined: 2012 When he's not leading an Engineering team that builds solutions for a frictionless customer experience, you can find Leandro practicing his dance moves in the gym...channeling his love...
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Alexandre Campelo – API Team Tech Lead in Palo Alto

ALEXANDRE CAMPELO API Team Tech Lead Palo Alto, CA Joined: 2011 What's your favorite conference room? Three continents, two spaces, one awesome Halloween costume. Here's Alexandre's super-serious-and-not-at-all-lighthearted Groupon story. What's your favorite Groupon...
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Palo Alto, CA

In a quiet corner of Palo Alto, just off El Camino Real and Page Mill Road, a number of Groupon engineering teams do amazing work in mobile, platform and product management, and machine learning.

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