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A Leader’s Garden—Designing a thriving organization when you aren’t in control.

TECH PAPERS Aug 19, 2014 A Leader’s Garden—Designing a thriving organization when you aren’t in control Written by Todd Webb, Senior Technical Leader What if organizations were natural ecosystems, and like any other part of nature, cannot be controlled?   We like...
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Steve Krenzer – Chief Operating Officer

STEVE KRENZER Chief Operations Officer Chicago, IL Joined: 2017 Meet Steve Krenzer, Groupon's Chief Operating Officer. When he's not focused on engaging and empowering our employees to do great work, you can find him, well, in a lot of places: scuba diving, hiking,...
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Joanne Soo – Senior Technical Product Manager in San Francisco

JOANNE SOO Senior Technical Product Manager, Groupon+ San Francisco, CA Joined: 2011 At a young age, Joanne was told she wouldn't be able to do any overly physical activities due to her disability. Fast forward to today, she's not only climbing three-story walls but...
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Becky Kelleher – Senior Sales Trainer

BECKY KELLEHER Senior Sales Trainer Chicago, IL Joined: 2015 What's your favorite conference room? Rebecca might be the most caffeinated person in the Chicago office—a daily venti latte with 5 shots of espresso(!)—and she capitalizes on that boundless energy to pump...
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Dagmara Owczarska – SSC Director, Global Operations in Warsaw

DAGMARA OWCZARSKA SSC Director, India & Poland, Global Operations Warsaw, Poland Joined: 2012 Building shared service centers from scratch with Dagmara—a Groupon veteran who has worked in multiple roles during her 5+ years with the company. What was your first...

International Women’s Day in Japan

Highlights from International Women's Day in our Tokyo office   The local Comms team worked with volunteers to organize a food- and quiz-filled event for Grouponers in Tokyo. Groupies from our Sydney office were present for the festivities! Here, Sandy and Aline,...

Sarah Duffy, Senior Corporate Recruiter

SARAH DUFFY Senior Corporate Recruiter Chicago, IL Joined: 2012 Sarah—or "Duffy" as she's fondly called on the Recruiting team—brings her contagious enthusiasm to the People Blog and reflects on 6 years of building teams at Groupon. What are some best practices for...

Valerie Smith – Customer Support Representative

VALERIE M. SMITH Customer Support Representative Chicago, IL Joined: 2014 What's your favorite conference room? Show us your team! Team Eastwood ROCKS! We are the pilot team for Groupon+ and BeautyNow. Me and Digital Asset Manager, Jeff Knutson, with our free copies...

Khushbu Agrawal – Data Warehouse Engineer in Bangalore

KHUSHBU AGRAWAL Data Warehouse Engineer Bangalore, India Joined: 2017 So tell us about what it's like being a Data Warehouse Engineer at Groupon. I create something meaningful for everybody. Yes, there is a lot of data generated everywhere. As a Data Warehouse...

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