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A Leader’s Garden—Designing a thriving organization when you aren’t in control.

TECH PAPERS Aug 19, 2014 A Leader’s Garden—Designing a thriving organization when you aren’t in control Written by Todd Webb, Senior Technical Leader What if organizations were natural ecosystems, and like any other part of nature, cannot be controlled?   We like...
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Steve Krenzer – Chief Operating Officer

STEVE KRENZER Chief Operations Officer Chicago, IL Joined: 2017 Meet Steve Krenzer, Groupon's Chief Operating Officer. When he's not focused on engaging and empowering our employees to do great work, you can find him, well, in a lot of places: scuba diving, hiking,...
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Joanne Soo – Senior Technical Product Manager in San Francisco

JOANNE SOO Senior Technical Product Manager, Groupon+ San Francisco, CA Joined: 2011 At a young age, Joanne was told she wouldn't be able to do any overly physical activities due to her disability. Fast forward to today, she's not only climbing three-story walls but...
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Becky Kelleher – Senior Sales Trainer

BECKY KELLEHER Senior Sales Trainer Chicago, IL Joined: 2015 What's your favorite conference room? Rebecca might be the most caffeinated person in the Chicago office—a daily venti latte with 5 shots of espresso(!)—and she capitalizes on that boundless energy to pump...
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Bianca Alchi – Partner Development Consultant in Sydney

BIANCA ALCHI Partner Development Consultant Sydney, Australia Joined: 2015 Bianca and her brother, Mark So many clubs, so little time. Bianca's Groupon journey is filled with major wins and she cites her late brother as a source of inspiration for her professional...

Sudipta Chatterjee – Software Engineer in Bangalore

SUDIPTA CHATTERJEE Software Engineer Bangalore Joined: 2013 We lost count of how many roles Sudipta's had during her time at Groupon, but it's quite a few. She gives us the rundown on what her Engineering journey has looked like since joining Groupon as a recent...

Tiffany Chou – Software Development Engineer in Seattle

TIFFANY CHOU Software Development Engineer, Goods Logistics Outbound Seattle, WA Joined: February 29, 2016 (a leap year!) Despite the fact that Tiffany started at Groupon during a leap year, she recently surpassed her two-year anniversary and shares how much she's...

Joanna – Senior UX Researcher

JOANNA Senior UX Researcher Chicago, IL Joined: 2016 Former Groupon Design intern Joanna takes us on her intern-to-employee journey and talks about the connection between data points and human stories. Tell us about your job! What do you do? What do you love about it?...

Hannah Bright – Management Accountant in London

HANNAH BRIGHT Management Accountant London, England Joined: 2017 Favorite view from the office? Self-proclaimed Excel geek and Accounting lover Hannah shares how her experience at a Big 4 Accounting firm prepared her for a career at Groupon. Tell us about your job!...

Groupon Attends Lesbians Who Tech Summit in San Francisco

Grouponers @ Lesbians Who Tech: Two (Lefty!) Engineers Recall Their Experience at the Inclusive & Inspirational Event WOMEN IN TECH March 2018 LWT SUMMIT 2018 QUEER INCLUSIVE BADASS JESSICA HARTOG, Software Developer in San Francisco Taking place in the heart of...

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Meet Rachel our ‘Boomerang’ EA

RACHEL CLANCY Executive Assistant Dublin Joined: 2015 Our Boomerang EA, Rachel juggles timezones, diaries, team events and supports no fewer than two of our Senior Business Leaders - so she's busy alright! But she loves her job - read on to see why!...

Meet Rachel, HRBP in Dublin

RACHEL KEPPEL HR Business Partner Dublin Joined: 2017 Resilience, pragmatism, resolve and an ability to work well with cats. Rachel talks about some of the surprising secrets to success at Groupon. _______________________________ Tell us about your Groupon story so...