Inclusion & Diversity

I&D Statement and Mission

Groupon is committed to hiring and cultivating top talent in order to drive business results and position ourselves for the future. As a company, we depend on innovation and build products to meet the needs of a diverse customer base – this is why… Diversity at Groupon Matters. It makes us smarter, leads to better decisions and helps us understand the needs of our customers. Diversity is not just a social imperative, it makes business sense.

Mission: To attract and retain talent that reflects our diverse communities, strengthening our culture of respect, integrity, and inclusion, resulting in innovation and business success.


We’re thinking outside of the box and expanding the ways that we source and hire great talent.



We’re enhancing our Human Resources tools and practices to ensure that we nurture talent across the company and that we provide meaningful careers for everyone.


We’re enhancing our people, tools and practices to ensure that we nurture talent across the company and that we provide meaningful careers for everyone.

Groupon’s merchants and customers are a melting pot of countries, cultures, backgrounds and upbringings. Having a diverse workforce helps us better relate to and serve those perspectives. It allows us to step beyond just being a customer-focused company; a diverse workforce gives us the opportunity to truly connect with our customers and the communities in which they live.

How that plays inside the company day-to-day is that diversity brings viewpoints and ideas to the front that may not have otherwise been considered and that can accelerate innovation. A more diverse workforce can bring a different kind of idea to the table, and that can net more good ideas and more great things for our customers.

Rich Williams

CEO, Groupon

Our Employee Resource Groups

Our goal is to cultivate inclusion and diversity for people of color, rebuild communal efforts and increase professional development.

To create an inclusive environment for those with a love and appreciation of the Latino Culture. This environment will lead to professional development, which in turn will open communication within Latino communities.

Parents at Groupon’s mission is to attract, engage and develop the best and brightest employees who are parents, and to create a welcoming and supportive network for current and future parents.

To provide the LGBTQ community within Groupon, and it’s allies, an opportunity to network, learn, and grow professionally and socially, while promoting the brand within the external LGBTQ & ally communities.

G4vets is a community not only for military veterans but also for vet supporters — friends, family and anyone interested in serving those who serve our country.

Women at Groupon is a company-sponsored, empowered collection of Groupon employees who voluntarily work together to support the attraction, engagement and development of women at Groupon. W@G will promote innovative and strategic business solutions that will provide Groupon with a competitive advantage by representing diverse talent.

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