Finance teams

We’re the numbers people who forecast, strategize, analyze, and reconcile in order to make our merchants, customers, employees, and investors happy.

Mostly we spend time on:


  • FP&A
  • TAX

Heather Wilson – Senior Financial Analyst

HEATHER WILSON Senior Financial Analyst Chicago, IL Joined: 2017 Heather proves it's possible to be both a Finance professional and a stunt driver in movies. Who says you can't do both?! Why is it important for Groupon to champion and support...

Siddhartha Subramanyam – Account Associate in Bangalore

SIDDHARTHA SUBRAMANYAM Account Associate, Finance Shared Service Team Bangalore, India Joined: 2016 Pronouns:  Him/His Siddhartha's earliest days at Groupon included a trip to the much-loved Australia office, where he met his Groupie teammates from down under....

Kathryn Winiecki – Tax Manager

KATHRYN WINIECKI Tax Manager Chicago, IL Joined: 2017 What's your favorite conference room? The immense exposure that Kathryn's role as a Tax Manager brings her is part of what keeps her excited to come to Groupon every day, but the #1 thing? The people! (OK and...

Finance Manager
London, UK

What’s unique about Finance at Groupon?

We work very closely with the folks who are in charge of running the business, as opposed to just interacting with our own team. This has led to a great deal of trust from the business and the ability to help make key decisions about how we operate. Being a younger company, we’re still innovating and adding new services to our business, which each present a new set of challenges as we roll them out. On a people development side, we’re great about exposing team members to many different functions in finance through rotations, which I think contributes to us being able to work more effectively together and giving a better understanding of the bigger picture.

Jenni Weinacht
Senior Director, Controller
Chicago, IL

Who thrives here?

People who want to learn. Someone who likes to talk and work with other people; it really is a team-based environment. Someone who is invested in their career and takes their job seriously, yet also likes to have fun. Every day presents a new challenge: it’s never boring. We have a great product and it’s actually interesting (and fun!) to account for all that we have built here at Groupon.

Smart people, interesting work


Steve – Finance Manager in London

STEVE Finance Manager London Joined: 2012 Last year, a few members of our Chicago-based Finance team had the chance to relocate to London in order to establish a center of operations for international finance. Steve was one of those lucky Finance Managers who made the...

Mina Samaan – Accounting Manager

MINA SAMAAN Accounting Manager Chicago, IL Joined: 2015 Favorite conference room? After joining Groupon, Mina has worked his way up from Senior Accountant to Accounting Manager, traveled the world, and centralized and organized a major international project. Not bad...

From Sydney to Chicago, Niamath Talks Finance

Name: Niamath Title: Senior Financial Analyst, North America FP&A Start Date: March 2015 You were at GE [in Australia!] prior to joining Groupon. Aside from wanting to move back to the States, what were some other factors in your job search? Besides wanting to be...