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The Power of Storytelling

July 12 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm CDT


by Women in Product

Telling stories — to your stakeholders, to your customers, to the market — is essential to successful product development. Everything we build starts with a story. From selling your product vision to setting the context for a user story, a strong narrative can mean the difference between a well-executed strategy and a laundry list of features that engineers, designers and ultimately, users, don’t understand. Inspiring those around you, whether it’s your team or your shareholders, is table stakes.

Hear from senior-level product leaders about the power of storytelling and how the right context can set up any project for success.

At this event, we’ll explore topics such as:

  • How effective storytelling can bring your product vision to life
  • How to use data to build a compelling narrative
  • How powerful through lines can motivate your team
  • What to do when your narrative doesn’t resonate with those around

This round of lightning talks is for current product managers of all levels who want to become more effective builders and anyone interested who wants to become a more persuasive storyteller. Light refreshments will be provided.

Our panel consists of leaders in product and executive roles at top companies.

This event is brought to you by Women in Product and UptakeWomen in Product is a highly-engaged community of women builders and leaders. Join our community or sign up for our newsletter for monthly events, networking opportunities, and much more! Please check out WIP website for a list of upcoming events.

About Uptake

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