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How to design a well-designed offsite

How To Design a Well-designed Offsite Helena SEO Director, Product Design June 28, 2018 UX Design at Groupon is an organizationally-centralized but geographically-distributed team. There’s one time of year when everyone in the team — designers, researchers and content...

Pradeep – Visual Designer in Dublin

PRADEEP Visual Designer Dublin, Ireland Joined: 2015 Pradeep finds inspiration at Groupon everywhere he looks, whether it's in the array of local deals on the site, the supportive and diverse teammates with whom he works, or in the vibrant culture of the...

Joanna – Senior UX Researcher

JOANNA Senior UX Researcher Chicago, IL Joined: 2016 Former Groupon Design intern Joanna takes us on her intern-to-employee journey and talks about the connection between data points and human stories. Tell us about your job! What do you do? What do you love about it?...

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