Data @ Groupon

Data @ Groupon

At Groupon, we look to the data as the starting point in guiding our product decisions. The typical vision of a “genius” product manager concocting the next “killer feature” that’s sure to drive conversions – that’s not in our daily process at all. Don’t get us wrong, there is plenty of room for creativity and innovation when it comes to product ideas, but what we put out into the market is driven by the data and a little thing I like to call: math. We achieve this through statistically rigorous A/B experimentation and things like predictive modeling, and machine learning. Data-driven decision making is at the core of our product development process.

Working in this space is really an amazing day job to have. We develop cutting edge statistical techniques, borrowed from other disciplines, like bio-statistics, and we leverage the latest ideas from the world of macro-economics, as well as exciting, new data science practices. Truly, we have some of the brightest people in the business. Also, dealing with all this data provides an opportunity to work with the latest “big data” technologies, like Hadoop, Kafka, and Spark. Lastly, given the encouragement we get to innovate and really own the way we get our job done – truly a top-down commitment to technological innovation and autonomy – we feel free to try new things and feel genuine pride in the products we create.

Data Driven Chicago (Second Edition)

Data Driven Chicago Ilhan Kolko (Echo) Andrew Lisy and Laura Hamilton (Groupon) Tyler Hanson (Reverb) Mary Feigenbutz and Greg Reda (Sprout Social) Laurie Skelly and Elizabeth Cleveland (Trunk Club) Moderated by Alli Diedrick (Built In Chicago) November 2, 2017...

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Data Driven Chicago

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Ali on Data Science and Big Data

Today’s Women in Technology (WIT) blog entry is about Ali, a Data Scientist in Chicago who will be speaking at the Unstructured Data Science Pop-up event here at Groupon headquarters on June 10th.  Name: Ali Title: Data Scientist Start date: July 2013 In a nutshell,...