Sydney Celebrates IWD with Panel & Special Guest Speaker Pepa Randall

Sydney Celebrates IWD with Panel & Special Guest Speaker Pepa Randall


8 March 2018

Sydney celebrates IWD with a tea party, leadership panel, and special guest speaker

Written by Olivia Deskoski, PR & Communications Manager for ANZ

For International Women’s Day this year, the Sydney office focused on the theme #PressForProgress and making Groupon an awesome place for women to work by holding a morning tea event featuring a panel of three three senior team members who are parents. Wayne Nagle, Cara Amores, and Mel Cook discussed how to achieve work/life balance when you have children (it’s more a blend than a balance), men stepping up in the co-parenting role, and our HR lead Cara shared some great insights into her vision for the business and actions taken around making Groupon an attractive place for women to work.

We were also excited to have a special guest speaker from our corporate partner, GWS Giants AFL women’s team defender Pepa Randall, who was candid, humble, and brilliant in sharing her amazing journey into a new sport – women’s AFL (Australian Football League AKA aerial ping pong) that’s been traditionally male dominated for over a century. Women’s AFL has only been around for a couple of years, so the #PressForProgress message was very strong and she had a lot of inspirational takeaways for everyone – including her training and nutrition regime which includes eating 8 meals a day! Pepa emphasised it’s actually hard to eat so much, but somehow we didn’t believe her.

One of Pepa’s gold-star messages during her talk was: “Sport has the ability to teach you about aspects of life. And one lesson is you can’t be fearful to give your best. It is scary doing that because if you give it everything you’ve got and it gets shut down and goes the other way, it can be crushing. But I’ve developed confidence through moments in the game to not hold back because you can reap the rewards when it does all go right.”

Awesome words from a pioneer of Australian female sport!


Of course, it wouldn’t be an Australia story without some boomerangs. 

Steve Traplin – CEO of APAC

Steve Traplin – CEO of APAC


Sydney, Australia
Joined: 2016

“Steve’s a natural people leader. Since his first day at Groupon—where he sang Purple Rain by Prince (all new hires sing in front of the group)—he’s made it his mission to build a rapport with the team. He gets the most out of his people by getting to know them, their role, and what drives them. He’s the kind of guy that gives handwritten Christmas cards to all of APAC!” Gus Muffet, National Sales Director for ANZ

What was the last influential book you read?

The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle. An awesome read. It has helped me both in my personal and professional life.

Describe your leadership style.

I am open and personable and some would say enthusiastic, I try and keep things simple. You help create and foster an environment through your actions and behaviors. I do love knowing the detail and I know I am resilient (some may say stubborn), but every day I try and learn how to be a better leader, person, colleague, and team player. I believe in the power of the team.

We have so many talented individuals and teams in the world of Groupon APAC, consisting of Japan, ANZ, and India. There are many days where I just try not to get in the way of them. I am amazed and proud of how solution-focused the teams are.

What’s the best advice you were ever given?

With my family—Beck, my wife, and my two daughters, Carla and Bianca—I receive lots of advice! But seriously the best pieces of advice are: always be authentic,  listen, have no regrets, and remember that every day you earn the right to come back tomorrow. Be the best you can be today and repeat as often as you can. It doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes, just try and learn from them. 

“Steve is the kind of leader who doesn’t need to diarise time to ‘walk the floor’. He knows his people, enjoys spending time with them, driving them to achieve great results and celebrate their wins. Steve is strong but empathetic and intuitive. He sees the big picture but will delve into the detail as needed. Under Steve’s leadership, we have created a high-performance culture where there is still time for fun and a sense of humour to #makelifelessboring,” Cara Amores, Head of HR for ANZ & Japan

How has Groupon impacted you?

It has made me feel younger! It also helps me live my passion for helping small business with our awesome team and value proposition.

What have you done when you’ve encountered setbacks in your career?

Normally I just assess why it happened and try to gain clarity if I can then move forward with the lesson learned for next time…which is easier said than done sometimes.

What’s the last Groupon you used?

Yesterday for lunch at Croutons. I think I was the first redemption of the deal!

What are the most important qualities in a teammate for your organization?

Listening to understand and empathy are two great qualities in any teammate.

What’s your favorite Groupon memory?

I have many good memories. One that occurred early in my career here was when I had my first leadership dinner on my 8th day at Groupon. It involved dinner, crab racing, umbrellas, and water spraying, among other incidents.

Describe your job in 10 words or less.

Provide an environment for my teams’ growth and deliver amazing results (technically 11 words, but with a 10% OD it becomes 10).

What’s your favorite local business?

A little Italian restaurant called Beppis. Awesome food, great service, and my family and I have been going there for 25 years.

Describe an unusual job you had in the past.

I was a photogrammetrist way, way back. I used to create maps from aerial photography through a calibration. I hope those maps have been updated more accurately since I created them!

Who are your biggest influences?

My kids, family, my work colleagues, and two good mates who keep it real for me.

What do your kids think you do?

My kids think all I do is talk and think about Groupon, make dad jokes, and be their taxi and mobile ATM…..

Groupon Australia & New Zealand’s Annual Conference

Groupon Australia & New Zealand’s Annual Conference


2018 in ANZ: “The Year of Courage”

Groupon Australia and New Zealand celebrated their annual conference on Friday 2nd February, held at the magnificent Powerhouse Museum in Sydney with 120 guests from both countries in attendance. On arrival, all staff was treated to an awesome Groupon goodies pack which included a Groupon branded gym bag, pen, journal, and lanyard – Spoilt!

The day started off with Groupon APAC CEO Steve Traplin’s welcome speech, then kicked straight into the 2017 year in review and our 2018 goals, which brought to life to the underlying theme throughout the event: “courage”. For staff to have the courage to break their own belief barriers, break that glass ceiling, and to do and be a better version of ourselves than we ever thought possible.

There were group activities and paired goal-setting sessions with peak performance coach Mark Carter, plenty of motivational videos and even an inspirational speaker, Tristan Miller, who spoke about his journey of entering the record books when he became the first person ever to complete 52 marathons in 52 weeks. Tristan’s inspiring, “courageous” or insane journey (depending how you look at it) had everyone on the edge of their seats and really inspired all staff to push through their limits, have the courage to speak up, try something different, get out of the comfort zone, and be and try their best every single day.
The day wrapped up with a huge amount of awards and we continued the celebration at our next venue, Sweethearts, where we partied on a rooftop under the stars. There were even more gifts (Groupon branded beer coolers) an awesome DJ, photo booth, drinks and plenty of food. We sure continued the work hard and party hard reputation Groupon ANZ is known for.
It was an epic day and night for all, with staff leaving inspired and motivated to kick off 2018 with a bang!

Tom Howard – National Partnership Manager in Sydney

Tom Howard – National Partnership Manager in Sydney


National Partnerships Manager – Australia & New Zealand
Sydney, Australia
Joined: 2013

Tom’s busy giving the people of ANZ what they want—brands and services our customers use every day—as a manager for our National Partnerships team, which explains his membership in Groupon’s “Million Dollar Club.”

What’s your favorite Groupon memory?

When I got my first $1MM of revenue for the ANZ business, I was presented with a badge after running through a human tunnel with everyone clapping and cheering as I stuck my badge on the Million Dollar Club board! It’s pretty cool that the business celebrates all these wins and has a culture that encourages everyone to be part of your success.

Tell us about your job! What do you love about what you do?

I have the pleasure of working with some of the country’s most recognized brands from Woolworths to Lindt to Hoyts. Being able to strategize innovative deal ideas that haven’t been executed at Groupon before is what gets me up in the morning. These deals help my clients exceed their revenue targets and growth goals and open up a new marketing channel if they haven’t engaged with Groupon before. And that’s probably the second thing I love most: acquiring new brands for our ANZ business.

I’m currently responsible for both National and Ticketing partnerships. Ticketing at Groupon Australia is almost a startup segment within itself and I was brought over from the UK in 2016 to grow it. In the last year and a half, I’ve worked closely with ticketing agencies, governing bodies, clubs, promoters, venues—the list goes on—to build a ticketing ecosystem and kick-start the business.

What has been the most challenging thing you’ve worked on so far?

Probably building the ANZ ticketing business. As with all roads that haven’t yet been traveled, there have been constant hurdles that I’ve faced and continue to smash down. I think it’s taken a certain level of perseverance, patience, and innovative thinking to get to where we are today.

The ANZ ticketing landscape is different than anywhere else in the world and has meant that I’ve had to completely change the way we operate in order to get the vertical up and running. Even with those challenges, in the past 12 months, we’ve seen tremendous success signing some incredible events, like Cirque du Soleil, The Book of Mormon, SIA, The Wallabies, and The Formula One.

“I genuinely believe that people have to buy into you before they buy into the service you’re selling, and at Groupon, I’m encouraged to be creative and think outside the box.”

How does your work impact Groupon’s mission of building the daily habit in local commerce?

Give the people what they want! As Groupon transitions into a true marketplace, our platform needs to have the brands and services that people buy day to day—from retail to restaurants and entertainment to events—in order to become more relevant in every aspect of their lives. The brands I work with drive this behavior…the likes of Woolworths, Uber, Chemist Warehouse, and Ticketek!

Have you won any awards during your time here?

Salesperson of The Year 2015 (UK), Highest % to Target 2017 (ANZ)

So where were you before Groupon? How did you get here?

After leaving university I joined a start-up talent and entertainment agency called 84World, as employee numero uno! Being involved in so many different projects and having a lot of responsibility from the get-go was hard work but super rewarding. My first project was to look after a newly-formed girl band as they supported The Wanted on their UK tour—I thought I’d hit the jackpot! As I progressed, I spent two years working on the commercial side of the business, collaborating with Sony Music, Universal Music, Hilton Worldwide, and SYCO.

In 2013, I joined Groupon UK on the ticketing team and won Salesman of the Year in 2015. This was when I convinced the ANZ business to take a punt and hire me to start up the ticketing business. Three months later I was on a plane to start my new life down under!

What keeps you busy outside of work?

I live in Manly, so anything beach related I’m there: attempting to surf, weekend SUP Ball, snorkelling, volleyball…the only thing I’m probably not doing is growing long hair and buying a skateboard. Other than that, I’m now your stereotypical barefoot Manly type!

What’s your favorite local business?

Ryan’s Bar – Sydney CBD

Sales roles exist at a lot of companies, so why Groupon? What keeps you excited to sell Groupon every day?

I’m given the freedom to be me! I’m trusted that my sales ability and pitching style will get results and I’m not told that things need to be a certain way. I genuinely believe that people have to buy into you before they buy into the service you’re selling, and at Groupon, I’m encouraged to be creative and think outside the box.

Tell us something about you that’d surprise us.

I only sweat from the left side of my head.

Sue Snabb – Sales Efficiency Manager in Sydney

Sue Snabb – Sales Efficiency Manager in Sydney


Sales Efficiency Manager
Sydney, Australia
Joined: 2010

Favorite conference room?

Favorite office view?

(OK, it’s not a real “view” but still! Can’t beat a fake Bondi Beach!)

An American Groupie in Sydney: Sue’s story of taking her legacy sales knowledge from one continent to the other in order to build the sales teams in ANZ.

Tell us about what your job entails and what you love about it!

I currently run sales training in the ANZ market. I’ve had many roles in my Groupon lifetime and when I moved to Sydney in March of 2016, I started out in a project management role and eventually moved to my current training role which focuses on new hires and continuing education for current employees. I love working with people and sharing best practices and knowledge. Seeing that light bulb go off when coaching someone or getting that G-chat saying they tried something new and it worked is so fulfilling.

But can you write a Groupon haiku? 

Build communities —

New customers for merchants —

A dream comes alive

There are so many awesome Groupon stories. What are you most proud of?

My career at Groupon. I started from the bottom now I’m here. Ha! But really, I started in Sales way back in 2010 and now I get to have the autonomy to build a sales training program for the ANZ business. My knowledge of sales, account management, sales training, and travel have all helped me build the best training for the sales teams!

Sales roles exist everywhere. So why Groupon? What’s unique about it?

I truly believe in what we stand for. Helping local businesses get the new customers they need to grow and continue to tick. I like walking down the street and seeing small businesses; it’s what makes our communities diverse and fun.

Who or what inspires you?

People who are super passionate about Groupon inspire me. They get me to push and try harder when things aren’t working right. Knowing that we have a product that works that is backed up by employees who believe in it so both keep me going. Also, hearing positive feedback on how we’ve helped our merchants helps to reinforce all of the hard work we do!

What’s the most challenging thing you’ve worked on in your time here?

The most challenging thing I’ve worked on would be project managing the structural change in our Local and Travel departments. The US had gone through the transition a few years prior but actually owning the to-do list and keeping people on track was a new challenge for me. I also think building programs from scratch has been challenging as well. Digging into coaching for our sales teams, improving continuing education classes, and ultimately making a well-rounded sales program (still not complete!) has been super rewarding and tough.

What was your first impression of Groupon as an employer?

I thought they were quirky and fun. I wanted something different and got it. When I came to the Sydney office I thought the culture was awesome: open and friendly with a work hard-play hard vibe.

And how did you end up moving from Chicago to Sydney anyway?

I got the opportunity to work on the Hunter/Farmer structural change for ANZ. Having gone through it with my Getaways department and seeing it happen in Local set me up for good insight into the project. Having a ton of training experience also helped as I would also be spending time helping out the team in that capacity as well. My partner and I moved over to Australia and voila, here we are!

How does your work impact Groupon’s mission of building the daily habit in local commerce?

I get to work with all sales reps to help them close the businesses that will bring the customers to build the daily habit.

Have you won any awards during your time here?

EVP MVP Award 2015. This award goes to a Groupon employee who has demonstrated outstanding leadership of their Employee Volunteer Program chapter. I’m also a two-time WOW Award recipient for 2016 and 2017. This award is nominated and endorsed by management and recognises an outstanding performer from the Operations side of the business.

What’s your favorite Groupon memory?

At the first Halloween Party I attended we had a huge mosh pit of people dancing and we were learning other cultures’ dances. We are very diverse at this office which makes it easy (and cool!) to learn about people’s backgrounds. It was just so much fun! I also loved Bring Your Dog to Work Day. I don’t have a dog but it reinforced why I do and don’t want one!

Tell us something about you that might surprise us.

I used to do magic in the hospital for sick kids. It was great to bring a smile to their faces during a time of such pain.

What do your parents think you do?

They think I teach all the Groupies.

What’s your favorite local business?

I have a few! For food, I love Banana Blossom (I’m obsessed and get it every time I’m in Bondi or Manly). For sport, I like Bondifit for my triathlon training and Eastside Riding Academy in Centennial Park.

What keeps you busy outside of work?

I’m currently training for a triathlon. Learning how to cycle with cleats is tough, I’m bruised everywhere! I also enjoy horseback riding, golf, and attempting to surf. I love playing games: cards, Settlers of Catan, and spikeball. I am also an old woman at heart and enjoy crocheting; I’ve made baby booties for my friends’ kids in our school colors and pair that with a nice wine bottle with a Michigan-colored wine koozie. I also love hanging with friends and traveling; I miss my family like crazy but I love exploring this side of the world.

Sandy Bassal – Partner Development Consultant in Sydney

Sandy Bassal – Partner Development Consultant in Sydney


Partner Development Consultant
Sydney, Australia
Joined: 2015

We’re glad we were able to get Sandy on the People Blog. Between 11 workouts a week, traveling to 40 countries, and creating all of Groupon’s deals (according to Sydney’s Egyptian community…thanks to her dad) she seems pretty hard to book!

Tell us about your job! What do you love about what you do?

Basically, I get to chat with different business owners around Australia and New Zealand about what they do and what their business specialises in on a daily basis. I explain the potential impacts of partnering with us and how we equip them to enjoy the Groupon experience from the getgo! After gathering all the details I need, I recommend a structured deal to attract the right people and build foot traffic or brand awareness for their business.

I love that I have the flexibility to build a deal structure from scratch; from the price points to recommending imagery to crafting the bullet points used in the highlights…all of these things will help achieve the goals of the campaign. The most exciting part is seeing each of my deals live on the Groupon app for all customers to purchase. Knowing I created them all by myself and that they’re selling well is a great feeling!

Who are what inspires you?

My mum Mary. She came to Australia at the age of 15 with her parents and three siblings from Egypt with very limited English, and instead of continuing her schooling she had to start working and earning a wage to help out the family. Due to circumstances at the time, she has worked since the age of 15 and never had the opportunity to finish school. But a few years ago she enrolled in a TAFE course, and last year I was so proud to see my mum graduate with a Bachelor’s in Beauty Therapy at the age of 65! All of her peers called her ‘Mumma Mary’ because she was much older than all of them. Her courage and dedication to return to school and learn to study again inspired me to never say ‘I can’t do it’ no matter how much I doubt myself.

What was your first impression of Groupon as an employer?

After hearing about all the perks, learning about the role, getting a tour, seeing the foosball table, the gong on the sales floor, and the Travel team’s Chocolate Wheel (not to mention all the young and friendly people!) made me realise I loved the vibe. It felt like it would be a cool office to work in.

How did you go from the UK to Sydney?

After working in the Groupon UK office as an Account Manager for over 19 months, I left the role to come back home to Sydney as my sister was having a baby. I began interviewing for a role in the Groupon Sydney office before I even left the UK! I realised I have never enjoyed a job in the past as much as I did when working for Groupon. But first and foremost the people made my experience one I will never forget! Groupon really knows how to recruit amazing people to create the best office vibes. They make me enjoy my job more and help me laugh at work every day. Plus I loved learning new info about all different businesses which I normally would have no idea about, like what services a car deal should include or the hundreds of different facials and their worth.

How does your work impact Groupon’s mission of building the daily habit in local commerce?

I manage a diverse portfolio of businesses which allows me to build a variety of experiences for customers to enjoy.

What’s your proudest accomplishment while working here?

Within my first month of working at Groupon, I created a packaged deal for Glastonbury Festival accommodations for a company called ‘Snoozebox.’ Basically, the accommodations were a ten-minute walk from the festival site with a double bed, free parking, and Wi-Fi. It got some huge mentions in internal newsletters and around the office. Also, every time one of my deals would be featured in the ‘UK Deals Knowledge Newsletter’ in the UK I would send it to all of my family (all 50 of them!).

Have you won any awards here?

Nothing too serious, just “Best Dressed” at our Halloween party and the “Keepin’ It Real” award.

What do your parents think you do?

My dad tells his fellow Egyptian friends to download the Groupon app on their phone: “Yallah, come on, do it! My daughter Sandy created all the deals on The Groupon site!” So basically he tells everyone that all the deals on the Groupon site are mine. I am what keeps this company afloat according to my dad and the rest of the Egyptian community in Australia.

What were you up to before joining Groupon? How did you end up here?

I graduated with a Bachelor of Policing from UWS. I had intended to work as a Federal Police Officer specialising in Computer Crime, but my friends were travelling abroad shortly after I graduated and I didn’t want to miss out. I convinced myself that Policing was a job that I could do when I’m older and that a Sales role would help me save more money to travel.

I quickly got sucked into the Sales world and eventually moved into a manager role in Finance, followed by a Finance Underwriting role. I went to the UK on a working holiday visa and needed a stable job at somewhere fun that would encourage my travels on weekends and allow me to earn good cash to maintain a good lifestyle in London. That’s how I ended up at Groupon UK in 2015. I was super nervous when I interviewed, but the people I met with were so laid back; it made me want to work for the company even more.

You probably have a life outside of work…what are your hobbies?

Everyone that knows me knows I am (maybe too) obsessed with staying fit and training at F45. I attend 11 classes a week (twice a day Monday – Friday and once on Saturday). I also love to travel anywhere and everywhere and aim to visit a minimum of two new countries each year. I enjoyed backpacking solo through Eastern Europe in 2016 but also travelling with friends around South America and Asia. I love immersing myself in different cultures, meeting new people, and trying different food. I also love cooking and hosting.

If you could have any other job for a day, what would it be and why?

I would be a travel blogger, doing what I do best: traveling to random places and taking selfies 😛

What’s your favorite local business?

Haven Tailoring Coffee Joyously. It’s the best breaky and coffee.

Sales roles exist at other companies, so why Groupon? What keeps you excited to come to work every day?

There is always something going on at Groupon that is fun and exciting from dress-ups, to pop-up games in the breakout room, to surprise breakfast or desk treats, themed parties, and weekly Friday presentations where newbies have to sing and of course the sales incentives such as Emerald Club: a free trip around the world with the top sales reps. The office is full of great people with awesome personalities that make it hard to not want to work here.

Can you write a Groupon haiku?

Groupon offers change –

Experiences and more-

Go and buy my deals

Tell us something about you that would surprise us.

I have visited 40 countries (that’s at least the ones I can remember and have counted!)

Lauren Thomas – Market Executive, Travel in Sydney

Lauren Thomas – Market Executive, Travel in Sydney


Market Executive – Travel
Sydney, Australia
Joined: 2017

Things that inspire Travel Executive Lauren in Sydney: her teammates, puppies, travel, puppies, cooking, puppies…did we mention puppies?

What’s your favorite Groupon memory?

I have so many great memories of my time at Groupon, each day is never the same as the last! The environment is a fun, innovative space and painted BRIGHT green! Being on the Sales floor and in the thick of all the action, I do witness some pretty random situations on a day to day basis, like colourful calls to merchants, as well as sirens, bells, and bean bags being thrown at peoples’ heads! My favourite Groupon memory was definitely our Christmas Party last year: the staff breakout room was decked out with slushie machines, a photo booth, and pizza. It was so much fun!

Where were you before joining Groupon and how did you get here?

My entire career before Groupon had been in hotels, as I have always had a passion and interest in hospitality. I naturally progressed from operations into hotel sales for events and absolutely loved it! Having spent over a decade in the same industry, I was itching for a change of pace and craved something new and exciting which would completely challenge me. I feel the role I have within Groupon suits me perfectly as I have taken my hotel skills to another platform and learned a lot along the way.

So what was your first impression of Groupon as an employer?

Being from the hotel world for my entire career, I knew stepping over to the digital e-commerce space was going to an entirely new challenge and something way out of my comfort zone. The first time I stepped into the Sydney office I was amazed by the decorations on the walls and the energy and passion that came out of everyone I met. The floor has a certain ‘buzz’ or ‘pulse’ to it, I knew this was where I wanted to be!

What are you most proud of in your time here?

To be honest, I am most proud of my journey with the company and what I have accomplished so far since walking into this world. Going through my sales results for 2017 and seeing what I had achieved was a huge moment for me. I feel so lucky to work for a company that is all about rewarding and recognizing their employees, which makes us want to achieve great things!

Tell us about what you do! How do you spend your day?

I have a hybrid Sales role within the Travel Sales Team which means my world is split between signing new hotel accounts and holding onto 20 existing hotel accounts at any time. I am measured by how much business I bring in a month, the satisfaction of my current hotel accounts, and how well I craft deal structures for each campaign. I love how versatile my role is; I spend my time building on the existing strong relationships I have with long-standing hotel partners as well as building up new hotel partners and selling the Groupon story. I can be speaking to a small family owned motel one day and a large hotel chain such as Accor the next. I find it very rewarding helping these businesses achieve their revenue goals.

Tell us something about you that might surprise us.

I volunteer at my local theatre as a side hobby and have taken acting lessons in the past. Have also been an extra in two movies!

What’s your favorite conference room?

What has been the most challenging thing you’ve worked on in your time here?

I’ve worked on a number of properties that have certain brand standards and requests that need to be outlined within a campaign. This takes a lot of attention to detail and a lot of communication with our fabulous Editorial Team to ensure we have everything correct before we go live. It’s always a bit challenging but we always get there in the end!

What do your parents think you do?

My parents see photos on social media and assume I’m always out and about having fun at events. They tell their friends, “How can anyone possibly have THAT much fun at work?!”

Who or what inspires you?

My Dad. Growing up as kids we were surrounded by his values of hard work, discipline, and dedication as he built up the family business which is extremely successful today. He demonstrated to us from a young age that if you really want something, work hard and you can get it. I live these values every day. Also, cooking inspires me! I love the process and creativity involved in putting together a hearty dish. There is nothing better than seeing people come together and share laughter and conversation over a home-cooked meal. Cooking has become a joyful passion of mine.

How does your work impact Groupon’s mission of building the daily habit in local commerce?

My role is all about connecting with our hotel partners on a day to day basis which impacts the entire Travel platform. I strive to ensure that we have the best brands to deliver the best service on our platform in high-demand locations for our customers to have great experiences. I feel we are close to building the daily habit but we have a lot of work ahead of us!

What differentiates selling at Groupon from other companies?

I love the authenticity of the company and the fact that everyone is able to be themselves in a relaxed environment. We do have pressures—like every sales role out there—but everyone respects each other and their level of learning. No one is afraid to step in and help when needed. The people I work with are genuinely my friends, not just colleagues. You spend most of your life at work so it’s nice to be able to be yourself.

You probably have a life outside of Groupon: what are your hobbies outside of work?

I recently got a puppy whose name is Alfie and he certainly keeps me on my toes. He can be very cheeky. When I’m not spending time with Alfie and my family, I enjoy hiking, keeping fit, and going to the theatre when I can. I’m also learning Italian at the moment for a big trip to Europe I’m taking later in the year.

If you could do any other job for a day, what would it be and why?

Dog walker, playing with puppies all day: yes, please!

What’s your favorite local business?

Room 10, Potts Point. I go there daily for coffee and their croissants cannot be beaten! I love local businesses that make you feel like family.

Jason Ball – Producer in Sydney

Jason Ball – Producer in Sydney


Sydney, Australia
Joined: 2012

If you need a surfing buddy, want to learn some Swedish in a pinch, or if your deal needs extra TLC, Jason is your go-to person in Sydney. Just don’t ask him to fly anywhere with you. (Unless it’s to Sweden!)

What’s your favorite Groupon memory?

After 5 years with the company, I’ve banked up a lot of great memories. I’d say some standouts would be the end of the year after-conference parties, as every year they never fail to disappoint. As for random things, ‘bring your dog to work day’ was a great one. I absolutely love dogs so having them around the office was not only random but a win for me.

Tell us about your job! What do you do?

So being in Production my role is extremely diverse in a way that I have contact on a daily basis with almost all teams throughout the company floor. Some of my day-to-day tasks involve looking after redemption processes, unique deal and voucher barcode setups, deal factory troubleshooting, day-to-day process flow, image design, deal collateral, and so on. So it’s never a dull moment with the number of deals we have going live each week. I honestly do my best to be the go-to guy for as many different aspects as possible on the operational side of the business to help get the desired outcome necessary. Making sure there is always a way to make things happen for the merchant, customer, and also us. If there’s a will, there’s a way to get it done!

What’s the most challenging thing you’ve worked on?

Making sure the merchant has provided the correct codes and making sure there is no room for error or fraud can be a little nervewracking at times. Besides that, any deal which involves a unique setup or redemption method is always challenging. They are also the ones you hold in high regard when it all works seamlessly. There have been more than a few deals which have definitely got the blood pumping on the go-live date, especially when you know they will be potentially reaching thousands of people and selling like crazy before I even reach the office in the morning.

Who or what inspires you?

Cliche answer, but travel inspires me, which is funny cause I’m the most freaked out flyer I’ve ever known. What makes that even funnier is my wife is from Sweden, so I couldn’t have picked a further distance to meet my partner from. Also, the beach is always a great inspiration for me. I try and get out and surf as much as I can, kind of my meditation and exercise all in one.

Have you won any awards here?

2014 Merchant Operations Award

2016 Deal Factory Contributor of the Year

2016 Certificate of Nomination ‘Pedro Olivera Award’

Where can we find you outside of work?

Surfing and spending time with my wife takes up most my time outside of work. We are fortunate to live close to the beach so i’m always out and about doing something around the coast.

If you could have any other job for a day, what would it be?

Pilot or co-pilot; it would be a hell of a way to beat my fear of flying…or maybe not.

What’s your favorite local business?

The Lindt deal never disappoints! Also, Otto was a great experience which I would highly recommend.

Tell us something about you that might surprise us.

I speak reasonably good Swedish or well enough for Swedes to understand me but still look at me funny.

What were you up to before joining Groupon?

So I had been living in Stockholm, Sweden for 3 years prior to moving back to Sydney. I had been working doing anything from graphic design to removalist work in order pay the bills. On arriving back to Sydney I wasn’t too sure what career direction I wanted to take but I knew anything would be better than doing removalist work in -20-degree snow (a reminder to never take having a morning coffee at your desk in a heated office for granted). I had always been interested in the e-commerce space and ended up joining a small start-up similar to Groupon with less than 10 employees. It was cool to part of a new concept and I worked my arse off there trying to keep the company afloat but unfortunately, the company went under within the year, leaving me without work. I had always looked up to Groupon as that was the company we were chasing at the time. After some direction from my previous manager, I applied for a role at Groupon thinking I’ve got nothing to lose. Upon arrival for my interview I was amazed at the size of the operation, coming from such a small company. Directly after the interview, they offered me a 3-month contract. Today, I’m 5 years deep still looking towards the future.

What was your first impression of Groupon as an employer?

‘Great people make great companies’ really holds true in Groupon’s case. I’ve worked with the majority of my team for 3 to 5 years now and It’s the strongest amount of operational knowledge I’ve ever experienced. Everyone is such a professional in their field that you can really depend on each person to do their part to get the job done. Besides that, the communication throughout the company is super easy between teams, helping get things done the right way but also super efficiently which can be a rare occurrence in other companies I’ve been involved in.

How does your work impact Groupon’s mission of building the daily habit in local commerce?

We’re always striving to better in our processes and learn from our past mistakes. Making sure our merchants’ needs are taken care of by going that extra mile to help make sure they not only choose Groupon but that it’s the best experience throughout the entire process, from receiving the preview link all the way to testing vouchers on their point of sale systems. Keeping the customer journey in mind, eliminating touch points so there is no need for customers to be jumping through hoops in the process.

What’s your biggest Groupon accomplishment?

From my position, I’d say any deal I can help get across the line from an operational standpoint is always a big accomplishment. Whether it’s a major National account or a local ‘mum and pop’ store. If they are thrilled with the deal then it’s good enough for me.

Give us a glimpse of your workspace!

Nate Morgan – Business Development Consultant in Auckland

Nate Morgan – Business Development Consultant in Auckland


Business Development Consultant, Local
Auckland, New Zealand
Joined: 2015

Former Law student Nate went from running ski and snowboarding competitions across the U.K. to consulting with local businesses in Auckland, New Zealand. Today, he finds the exposure to different businesses across the region exciting and loves consulting with owners about how to meet their business goals.

What’s your favorite Groupon memory?

Being convinced by Mark Carter (L&D Manager) that it would be possible to bend an iron bar using only my neck and his…

Tell us about what you do! What do you love about it?

I have the challenge of finding new businesses that want to use Groupon to attract new customers. Once we’ve established that a business is ready to welcome the Groupies and that a partnership is viable, the fun bit begins. Designing deals, offer structures, and getting creative is what I love most about our role. Sure, you’re going to borrow lessons from previous deals that have performed well, but there is plenty of scope for being inventive, combining different ideas, and fundamentally creating something new. On top of that, the range of businesses that we’re exposed to in this role is truly fascinating. In any one week, we’ll be working offers for museums and attractions, restaurant and hotels…all the way through to independent business owners such as mechanics and hairdressers. Learning from business owners about how they approach their work and align their varying business models is massively inspiring.

What’s the most challenging thing you’ve worked on here?

It’s a bit cliche, but in our role, every week presents its own challenges which are wide and varied. These include navigating challenging negotiations, competitive bids for businesses, and complex projects for high-profile partners. In terms of adjustment, the evolution of our sales teams from owned accounts to more of a hunter/farmer model has taken a little bit of getting used to, but with records being smashed month by month, it clearly has been the right direction for the business to take.

Who or what inspires you?

At home, my partner and family are amazing at what they do and possess great determination and motivation to get things done. In the workplace, we have a lot of very talented people throughout the ANZ business, and seeing the fruits of their labour is really motivational. There’s nothing better than seeing an awesome deal absolutely kicking it out the park, bringing results for your friends, their business partners, and the customers. #Bangerz

Being able to borrow ideas and inspiration from deals written in New York and London, and have that inform my work in Auckland demonstrates the scope that Groupon has as a truly global market leader.

What was your first impression of Groupon as an employer?

Challenging! The recruitment process was detailed and rigorous, and it definitely gave the impression that the business was keen on taking the time to find the right people and fit for the team.

How does your work impact Groupon’s mission of building the daily habit in local commerce?

The sale of vouchers from offers I write have benefited hundreds of local business owners and been bought by thousands of customers throughout New Zealand. Seeing the happy customers’ comments and stars pop up on deal pages is the best in terms of job satisfaction!

What are you most proud of in your time here?

One of the first businesses I signed a few years ago was Zarbo Cafe & Deli, which is located in Newmarket (the suburb I was living in at the time). At the time, Groupon’s booking tool was just coming into the New Zealand market and these guys were set to be one of our pioneering partners on the platform (wow, lots of P’s). Two years down the line, several thousand vouchers, and a few more campaigns later, the original High Tea structure we ran with is still going strong with the same imagery.

Have you won any awards at Groupon?

Q1 2017 Values Award Winner: Make Life Less Boring

November 2017: Groupon Green Award for Ownership & Performance

What do your parents think you do?

My parents think I spend far too much time on the internet! In truth they have a pretty good idea of what I do, having received numerous vouchers as birthday and Christmas gifts over the years. They’re back in England so it just makes sense to skip the postage where I can 🙂

What did you do before Groupon and how’d you get here?

Before Groupon, I had worked in various Sales and Marketing roles for businesses both big and small. Leaving University, I worked in field sales in London for Nokia which was a great experience and allowed me to promote my passion for mobile, tech, and digital. I left that to take on a passion project for a year, acting as Chairman for the British Universities Snowsports Council…basically living my dream and running ski and snowboarding competitions for 50+ clubs throughout England, Ireland, and Scotland, including a 1,500+ person championship in Tignes, France. Off the back of that, I got to help set up the UK office for an established Danish ski holiday company and help them break into the UK market, bringing the very first customers on board and effectively writing the website! A few more years down the line, an offer came to me to uproot from Bristol and move to Auckland and that seemed like too good an adventure to turn down. Three years later and I’m still here…so the Kiwis must be getting something right!  🙂

What are you up to outside of work?

I coach Crossfit at a local gym, love to Snowboard on the weekends throughout winter, and am (slowly) learning to kitesurf when the water’s a bit warmer.

If you could have any other job for a day, what would it be and why?

Professional snowboarder, making movies out in the backcountry.

What’s your favorite local business?

Asian Ruby Vietnamese restaurant in Parnell.

Your role obviously exists at other companies, so why Groupon? What differentiates Sales at Groupon from other companies?

The fact that Groupon thrives in 15 markets and 500+ markets, operating across a number of different verticals, is EPIC! Being able to borrow ideas and inspiration from deals written in New York and London, and have that inform my work in Auckland demonstrates the scope that Groupon has as a truly global market leader. I love the way our tech roadmap is starting to roll out more quickly from North America and EMEA to the ANZ business so that we can start delivering these benefits and features to customers and businesses faster than ever before.

Can you write a Groupon haiku?

Food and Drink for all, Try something new for a change, Making memories

Tell us something about you that might surprise us!

I studied Law at university, but chose not to pursue the career as the firms I came across during work experience seemed uninspiring, sterile and lacking in culture.


Angus Muffet – Head of National Sales in Sydney

Angus Muffet – Head of National Sales in Sydney


Head of National Sales
Sydney, Australia
Joined: 2013

Angus’ award-winning career has taken flight at Groupon. He chats about his experience biking across India, building a billy cart with his Groupon team, and how his ambition helped him land a leadership role in National Sales. (And he’s featured in this viral marriage equality video!)

Tell us about your role. What do you do? Why do you love it?

My role is to lead the National Sales Team across ANZ. I was promoted to the gig around 2 years ago and at the time it felt as if I’d been given the keys to a Ferrari. National Sales is a fast-paced, high-performing vertical. Our mission is simple: deliver the best brands at the best commercials for our customers. The revenue and customer activations will follow. Everything about the role gets me excited; my team is best-in-class and uncompromising in their work. We manage ANZ’s biggest merchants and produce significant results. One of my team members recently signed a record-breaking deal with one of our partners. It gave me such a thrill to see him succeed in such an impressive way. The merchant also broke records! It was the single biggest customer acquisition activity they had ever undertaken through a third party. Groupon challenges me to grow as an individual and as a leader…to always be better than yesterday.

Tell us something about you that would surprise us.

I spent 3 weeks racing from the far north of India to the south on a rickshaw. We covered 2,400 km doing 40 kph on what is best described as a ride on a three-wheeled lawnmower. We met so many wonderful people, were dragged into a council meeting to meet the president of a village, broke down more times than we had cold beers, and ticked off one hell of a bucket list item!

Who inspires you?

My mum, dad, and grandparents. They’ve taught me the value of community, creating a vision, and hard work. My parents are third-generation farmers and some time ago sold their sheep and cropping land to move closer to town. After some time on the road traveling Australia, they returned with the idea of building a home and upmarket lodging for guests to stay. Last year, they completed their vision and built the most amazing place with sustainability at its core. They are super active in their community. They’ve come up with annual events that gather 1,000 people together for a rugby lunch on an oval and 800 people for a food and wine event. My grandfather (pictured below) was a man of ethics and drive. He was always involved in community projects, council meetings, and committees. I love this picture of him; it’s a rare moment after the war when farming friends got together to let their hair down.

Have you won any awards here?

Groupon ANZ Salesperson of the Year

2014 Getaways (Travel) Salesperson of the Year

2015 Make Life Less Boring Annual award

What’s your favorite spot in the office?

How does your work impact Groupon’s mission of building the daily habit in local commerce?

I believe we are on the way to becoming a daily habit, however, there are some huge (and exciting) challenges ahead of us. The work that the team and I are doing to sign household brands is driving much of ANZ’s gross customer adds each year. In 2018, we expect to retain our current merchants and onboard more to engage and excite our subscribers. We’re also making it easier for our customers by dramatically reducing the friction they used to feel when interacting with National Deals. We instituted a forum for internal stakeholders to be run through the national pipeline and provide feedback on things like payments, redemption, fine print, and structures. As a result, our customer contacts for refunds have dropped significantly.

What’s your proudest accomplishment?

I’m really proud of the career I’ve forged at Groupon. Having not completed a university qualification, I started my career motivated and hungry to achieve what I knew I was capable of. After some time managing 5-star hotels, I wanted to get into the sales world and Groupon presented that opportunity. I started as a sales rep on the travel team, selling into brands like Accor, Langham, and Wyndham World Wide; developing marketing strategies and revenue goals across 700+ properties. I finished the year at 112% to target with 68% of revenue coming from new business (the highest % across the sales floor). I was fortunate to be awarded Groupon Sales Person Of The Year for 2014 and Travel Salesperson of the year in 2015. After a two-year run with the ANZ travel team, I convinced the company to take a chance with me to head up the National vertical. With my prior achievements and strong endorsements from leaders in our business, I was appointed to the role. Fast forward two years, no other National team has seen the growth we have within 12 months.

Our sales culture is one of the most highly measured and highly rewarding I’ve ever seen. We push our people to do their best work and most importantly grow as individuals.

What’s your favorite Groupon memory?

There are so many memories Groupon has given me, more than my four previous companies combined! The stand out is The Red Bull Billy Cart Race. In November 2015, Groupon ANZ entered into the Red Bull Billy Cart Race, held in Sydney’s Centennial Park. To qualify to enter, we had to come up with a winning cart design. The group decided that it should reflect the fact Sydney is a city by the beaches, with many lifeguards. So we went with a giant pair of speedos. We were one of 30 designs chosen from hundreds of entries to go ahead and build! With no design skills and limited resources, we met at a colleagues house to plan and construct the cart, while enjoying some beers and BBQ. The frame was fashioned from two BMX bikes and a bunch of blood, sweat, and welding. The big day finally arrived for us to race with thousands of people coming down for a look and laugh. The criteria for winning is simple: the fastest and most outlandish driving wins. Forgetting that we were racing on a super hard surface (and the instructions during the safety briefing at the start), we stripped down to our own pair of red speedos and donned helmets. The giant speedos raced to the finish line with no issues, the build team had done an amazing job! Half of the Groupon office came down to watch in the rain; it was a really excellent example of the culture and camaraderie we have in ANZ.

What’s your favorite conference room name?


What keeps you busy outside of work?

I’ve just bought a house and moved outside of Sydney by the Hawkesbury River which is amazing for exploring and spending time on the water. I love sailing and seeing my rugby team getting pumped.

If you could do any other job for a day, what would it be?

Commercial pilot. I gained my pilots license after school, however, didn’t go through with it as a career.

What’s your favorite local business?

Frankie’s Pizza.

Groupon Australia’s 2017 Holiday Party

Groupon Australia’s 2017 Holiday Party

Australia's holiday bash

Groupon’s Sydney office rang in the holidays with a
Winter Wonderland themed party.

And a photo booth that
creates gifs. We’re jealous.


Groupon Australia’s Office Manager
and Social Club Committee teamed up
to throw a holiday bash to remember for
our Sydney office.


🍕 Pizza and alcohol-infused slushies
kept Grouponers sated while a DJ
& gif-creating photobooth
kept folks grooving. 🎶


But before the bash commenced, many
milestones were announced as part of
the weekly office-wide Friday presentation.
Each week, different individuals are recognized
in categories such as top Sales rep,
WOW awards, and “In Case
You Missed It” topics, such as Who Wore
It Best? and vacation recaps.

Want in on the fun?

See our open roles in Sydney!


Grouponers in ANZ love Groupon
because of the culture & office
environment more than anything else.


According to APAC Controller, Aline,
ANZ Grouponers love working at Groupon
so much that they’d stay at the office
all night just to hang out with their


The motto down under is
“work hard, play hard.”
You’d be hard-pressed to find folks
who work more efficiently than our
Aussies & Kiwis. But nearby beaches
keep everyone relaxed & rejuvenated.
(We’re not jealous at all.)

Groupies Hold Pink Ribbon Breakfast to Fight Breast Cancer

Groupies Hold Pink Ribbon Breakfast to Fight Breast Cancer


Groupies Hold Pink Ribbon Breakfast to Fight Breast Cancer

14 November 2017

Enjoying pink baked goods (for a cause)

From the Sydney Office

We all have a special woman in our lives, so let’s support them and each other at the Pink Ribbon Breakfast and Bake-Off Competition!

For winning the Global Volunteer-A-Thon, Groupon ANZ was provided the opportunity to not only celebrate but also give back. Together, we enjoied a cupcake, shared a breakfast and heard some important details around Breast Cancer.

Each Groupon team was invited to bring their best baked goods to the table and go head to head in the Ultimate Groupon Bake Off to find out just who is the Bake Leader once and for all!

It was a great event, organized by our staff, with personal stories shared regarding loved ones who had impacted by breast cancer.

Everyone loves a good “camera timer” joke.

From the Sydney Office

And Breakfast Tea in the Melbourne Office

A Note from the Melbourne Office

Just wanted to share our little Pink Ribbon Morning Tea we had this morning in Melbourne. Thanks for everyone who was involved!

Ryan and Craig outdid themselves in the baking department and there were plenty of tasty treats for a good cause to go round!

We’ve opened the morning tea up to the rest of The Hub office space and hope to raise quite a bit of money by the end of the day! I’ll loop back in with the final count tomorrow 🙂

Great to have Ryan and Steve T in the office as well (and our little celebrity Liam the Cavoodle!) – and what a morning to welcome Daniel to the Melbourne Office as well! Go Tea!!!

We Raised a Massive $1173.30!

Thank you to each and everyone of you who baked (or bought) in some items of food. Thank you to the Taskforce, Women@work (Tina, Amanda, Melissa, Naomi, Ryan, Ang, Kiera, Val & Cara) who organized it all, to Steve who judged the bake off & a massive Thank you to everyone who generously donated!