Luis – Merchant Development Representative

Luis – Merchant Development Representative


Merchant Development Representative
Chicago, IL
Joined: 2017

Setting aside dreams of being an NBA star after maxing out at a height of 5’10”, Luis maxes out his Sales potential at Groupon instead.

What’s your favorite Groupon memory?

I think the first time I went to an All Hands meeting. It was my second week on the job and showed me the vision of the company. Prior to that, I had only graduated college a few weeks before, so that moment made realize all the hard work I put in while in school that had allowed me to get a great job at an outstanding company.

Who or what inspires you?

I think my dad inspires me the most. He came to America from Mexico at age 7 and started working at age 13 to help his family maintain stability. He worked every job imaginable to get his college degree and has been able to become a successful business man. Every day I’m inspired by his story and how he paved the way for my sisters and me to be set up for success.

What was your first impression of Groupon?

I knew it was a place to get awesome experiences or goods at a discount, but I didn’t know how much back end work went into making it happen.

What’s your biggest accomplishment since working here?

My favorite memory happened when I was in GrouponOnboarding (GOB). I converted a massage therapy business from S3 to G2 and it helped the owner’s cashflow for her business immensely. She then reached out months later thanking me for all my help and told me how much it helped her expand her business. It felt good to know that my actions had such a positive effect on someone’s livelihood!

“Sales is a hard job in itself, so if the environment it can make for a terrible job. Groupon is the complete opposite of that because at the end of the day everybody is so supportive and helpful that it makes the day to day always enjoyable.”

If you could have any other job for a day, what would it be?

I would be an NBA player, but those dreams died long ago when I found out my max height would be 5’10”.

What differentiates Groupon from other companies?

I think the aspect that separates Groupon from others is its culture. Sales is a hard job in itself, so if the environment is off it can make for a terrible job. Groupon is the complete opposite of that because at the end of the day everybody is so supportive and helpful that it makes the day to day always enjoyable.

Give us a random factoid about Luis.

I often get called Junior by people who know my dad because I share the same name as him. However, my full name is Luis Felipe Hernandez II.

Nick – Business Development Representative

Nick – Business Development Representative


Business Development Representative
Chicago, IL
Joined: 2017

Former Coast Guardian brings both his veteran experience and his favorite inspiration to Groupon.

What’s your favorite Groupon memory?

We had a Groupon block party, and at 3pm people started heading out on huge charter busses. Once we got there it was packed with food and drink, games, music, and even psychics. About an hour or two into it, the clouds opened up and it rained hard. That didn’t stop us once it settled down a bit people were back at it playing extra large Jenga and extra large connect four. It was a blast.

Who or what inspires you?

I have a son, Tavi, who inspires me to always be better. He comes to work with me once a week and even has his own desk right next to mine.

Can you tell us about the Sales training program here?

When you first start in sales at Groupon, you go through a 12-week training program called GroupOnboarding. You get close with your team, and build and learn from each other. It doesn’t stop there, either. The whole company is full of talented people eagerly looking to help in any way they can. I am inspired by the environment that Groupon has created, because it isn’t 100% everyone for themselves. Between ongoing training, account collaborations, mentors, and excellent managers it is fun to come to work.

What was your first impression of Groupon?

It was huge! Aside from getting lost, I was impressed with the giant cat in a spaceship, which made me think there was some quirkiness looming.

“I am inspired by the environment that Groupon has created because it isn’t 100% everyone for themselves. Between ongoing training, account collaborations, mentors, and excellent managers it is fun to come to work.”

Tell us about your involvement with Groupon4Veterans.

I joined Groupon for Veterans because I was in the Coast Guard. I quickly found that the ERGs (Employee Resource Groups) are not only places for people to connect and network within the company, but also have the chance to give back to the community.

Groupon has multiple ERGs and it doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran or a parent or if you speak Spanish. Rather, if you know someone who identifies as such or simply has an interest in learning more, these groups are open to everyone. I have been fortunate to work with the G4Vets leadership team to create events that benefit our veteran culture at Groupon. I’ve also been involved with engaging veterans outside our organization to better themselves professionally so they can succeed wherever they go.

If you could have another job for a day, what would it be?

I have always wanted to be a pilot. Inside Groupon, I think it would be fun to spend a day with our marketing team who finds creative ways to engage with the public.

So why Sales at Groupon? What makes it unique?

I wanted to work here because of the training and the opportunities for promotion. I enjoy helping people learn more and pay attention to their current customer acquisition plans to see if they could do more to reach their goals.

Tell us something that might surprise us about you!

When I was stationed in Hawaii with the Coast Guard, my roommate was a promoter and asked me to pick up The Misfits from the airport one day. I did and they wanted to grab some beer and do laundry. So I took them to my house and invited some friends over to listen to Jerry Only talk about the past 30 years on tour.

Groupon World Headquarters

Wendell – Business Development Representative

Wendell – Business Development Representative


Business Development Representative – Health, Beauty, Wellness
Chicago, IL
Joined: 2017

Teammate Superlatives!

When he’s not busy closing merchants for one of Groupon’s biggest vertical, he’s busy creating music videos in his head. But really, we just want to know where he got that amazing coffee mug.

What’s your favorite Groupon memory?

I would have to say, my favorite Groupon memory was the day I graduated from the GroupOnboarding program. My boss gave me a pretty cool shoutout, letting everyone know I kept him up to date on all the hip lingo the kids were saying these days.

Who or what inspires you?

I would definitely have to say my mother is my biggest inspiration. Growing up, she always stressed the importance of setting goals and working hard to achieve whatever it was that you wanted. She pushed me to become involved, whether it was with sports, volunteer efforts, or mentor opportunities, and she stressed the importance of never giving up. She’s quite the go-getter actually, she puts me to shame!

What was your first impression of Groupon?

Upon walking in, I couldn’t get over how diverse and laid back the atmosphere was. I saw people enjoying coffee together, coming in and out of conference rooms for meetings–it all seemed so natural to me.

Most importantly, what’s your favorite conference room name?

Tell us about your involvement with Pride@Groupon.

I joined Pride@Groupon because I think it is a fantastic opportunity to network with people from all different aspects of the company. I also think it’s great to have a sense of support when you work in such a large company. I recently moved here from out of state, so it’s nice to be able to connect with people who share similar interests to you. The Pride Parade is coming up and I cannot wait to walk with Pride@Groupon!

If you could do any other job for a day, what would it be?

If I could do another job for a day, I would definitely be a creative director for music videos. A really weird fact about me is I’m constantly creating imagery for every song that I listen to, and I listen to music a lot. I always share my ideas with my friends and then I’ll have them listen to the song again right after I tell them, and 9 times out of 10, they are like, “WHOA that was spot on!” Other times they’re like, “You’re really weird Wendell.” I’ll take the 90% though!

“I believe what makes my job here at Groupon different from other companies with sales positions is that people here truly believe in the product we’re selling. You can hear the passion in the tone of the people surrounding you.”

What makes selling Groupon unique?

So many people come from completely different backgrounds, and everyone’s selling style is different, but it’s almost like a melting pot. I am able to pick up various nuggets of knowledge and strategies from people on my team, the sales trainers, and my manager. I truly love that about this company.

What does your mom think you do?

When I told my mother I got an offer to work for Groupon she said, “Ah, so you’ll work at a giant coupon factory!”

Can you write a Groupon haiku?

The dial tone starts

A sweat bead forms on my brow

Sigh, straight to voicemail

Tell us something that might surprise us about you.

I spent 3 months traveling alone in Europe, with no phone, and I didn’t lose any luggage or get anything stolen! I also got to spend Bastille Day in Paris, which was one of the coolest experiences I think I’ll ever have.

Drew Bierwirth – Business Development Representative

Drew Bierwirth – Business Development Representative


Business Development Representative – BeautyNow
Chicago, IL
Joined: 2016

Drew is bringing merchants onto the new BeautyNow booking platform almost as quickly as she’s changing up her hair color.

What was your first impression of Groupon? I was shocked, honestly. Everyone was so friendly and the office was creative and beautiful; the opposite of the stuffy office I pictured. Practically the second I entered the atrium I knew I wanted to work here. I haven’t been disappointed yet and still love coming to work every day as much as my first day. Although I do require more coffee now.

Who or what inspires you?

My mom (unique answer, I’m sure). But she’s a single mom and a complete Wonder Woman. She’s the strongest, most determined person I know and every day I try to have the fortitude she does, both personally and professionally. I hope she’s as proud of me as I am of her!

Speaking of…what does she think you do?

From a text: “You boss people into making money.”

What keeps you motivated?

GroupOnboarding Business Development Reps! I was so excited to start in the role and I try to perpetuate that excitement for my job in every position I enter into. Whether that’s joining a new team or helping launch an entirely new product, there are so many opportunities here and it would be silly of me to not jump in head first and learn everything I can.

“What do I love about my role? I’m helping launch a whole new product [BeautyNow]! We could change the face of the beauty industry and it’s so fantastic to get in on the ground floor and participate at the core level.”

What’s been your biggest accomplishment while at Groupon?

When I won “Rep of the Week” for my last week on G2 (Groupon local sales) and when I got the first two closes on BeautyNow once my team moved! I helped kickstart the rest of the team’s first closes and tried to implement myself as a leader and integral member of the team who could be a resource.

Are you involved with any of our ERGs (Employee Resource Groups)?

I’m super active in women-positive groups and the LGBT community here in Chicago, so I wanted to continue that involvement in the workplace! I’m a member of Women@Groupon and love meeting the passionate, successful women here and getting professional advice during talks and meetings.

If you could do any other job for a day, what would it be and why?

I’d be an art curator or a museum director. I’ve always been passionate about fine arts and fascinated with the curatorial end of bringing in art to new locations for more people to appreciate. Also…what better way to get up close and personal with amazing artwork without dealing with massive crowds?

Now for a Groupon haiku!

Booking concierge

There’s never enough coffee

Revolution starts