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It’s the people here at Groupon ANZ who make it such an awesome place to work: it’s a fast-paced, high-performing environment with our Groupies strongly living by the motto “work hard, play hard.” Every day at Groupon, we celebrate our success with weekly Friday night drinks, Personal Best achievements, and, of course, the important things like “National Lollipop Day,” “Nutella Day,” and “Popcorn Day,” just to name a few. Now that you know how great it is to work at Groupon, this page should help you understand exactly what our Sales organization is all about: what we look for, what you should expect working at Groupon, what your career path might look like, and how to apply. Check it out, then get ready to launch your career!

Ownership: At a high level, each person on the team runs their own business. There are some basic rules we follow — like asking everyone to be at their desk at 8:30 each morning, and blocking out time for calls — but you get out of this job exactly what you put into it.

Phone calls: Roughly 60–70% of a salesperson’s job is spent on the phone calling merchants and business owners. After all, Groupon’s mission is to help local merchants grow their businesses. We spend our days learning about what makes small businesses tick and how to craft unique marketing campaigns to help them reach their target audiences. Our expertise ultimately creates jobs and drives economies as we help local merchants thrive.

Creative problem solving: That’s what’s surprising about this role: we provide you with the tools to create expert deals, based on the knowledge of thousands of deal. This means being creative in our thinking and deal development; this is what makes working in Sales at Groupon unique.

Negotiating: In order to develop these deals, we get to have fairly advanced conversations about the merchant’s business, helping them see the value in investing in marketing to grow their business, how competition plays a role, their bigger picture, etc. We invest a lot of time developing this relationship and creating ways to drive customers to our merchants.

Taking rejection well: As with most sales jobs, rejection is an all day, every day thing. We provide you with on-the-job training and support to help you develop a thick skin pretty quickly in order to overcome obstacles and show a business all the value Groupon can bring them.

Fun: It’s important to remember that this is a fun job. There’s an excitement that comes from working every day to create deals and help merchants. To quote one Groupon salesperson, “Our sales culture is one of the most highly measured and highly rewarding I’ve ever seen. We push our people to do their best work and most importantly grow as individuals.”

Kate Finch

Regional Sales Manager

Started June, 2016

Meet a Sales Manager

I look after the Partner Development team at Groupon. After years of working in sales, the supportive culture at Groupon inspired me to take the leap into management. My favourite part of being a sales manager is coaching and driving my team to be the best they can be. It gives me so much joy to help people develop and achieve their goals. The passionate people I work with make it easy for me to love my job. I still haven’t had a day where I didn’t want to come into work. While every day at Groupon is fun, it is also rewarding knowing that our collective efforts can have a positive impact on communities by delivering great experiences to customers and helping local businesses thrive.

Career Progression

On the sales team, career progression is measured more in successful deals and accounts than in title. But we also know the value of rewarding successful people with new opportunities. Here’s a typical breakdown of how you’ll advance in your career:

1. Business Development Executive

In this role, you’ll learn and develop the skills you’ll need to become a professional (and successful!) salesperson. You’ll get a lot of mentoring and coaching for the first few months.

2. Business Development Consultant

In this role, you will be tasked with working on mid-value accounts, applying your sales savvy to draw more lucrative business deals to the Groupon platform.  

3. Senior Business Development Consultant

Now you’re progressing and climbing the Groupon ranks! Seniors are tasked with high-value accounts, prospecting, and closing premium new business opportunities.

4. Senior Key Account Manager

This is the top sales role, focusing on our largest accounts, where you can really leverage your strategic sales skills bringing on board some of the top clients across the country.

5. Regional Sales Manager

These are our people managers. If we see management potential, you may be tapped for mentoring and coaching regardless of what title you have.

Gus Muffet
Head of National Sales
Sydney, Australia

Check out my Groupon journey!

Another Success Story

I’m really proud of the career I’ve forged at Groupon. Having not completed a university qualification, I started my career motivated and hungry to achieve what I knew I was capable of. After some time managing 5-star hotels, I wanted to get into the sales world and Groupon presented that opportunity. I started as a sales rep on the travel team, selling into brands like Accor, Langham, and Wyndham World Wide; developing marketing strategies and revenue goals across 700+ properties. I finished the year at 112% to target with 68% of revenue coming from new business (the highest % across the sales floor). I was fortunate to be awarded Groupon Sales Person Of The Year for 2014 and Travel Salesperson of the year in 2015. After a two-year run with the ANZ travel team, I convinced the company to take a chance with me to head up the National vertical. With my prior achievements and strong endorsements from leaders in our business, I was appointed to the role. Fast forward two years, no other National team has seen the growth we have within 12 months.

Celebrating Our Successes

Adrian Marafioti

Adrian Marafioti

ANZ Sales Director

“Working for a company with a great culture (or energy as I like to refer to it) was extremely important to me. Throughout the recruitment process I knew that Groupon was different and as soon as I started, I quickly realised just how special the energy within Groupon was. Not only is it a dynamic, fast-paced environment where the people are experts in their business, everyone supports each other like a family so they can be the best they can be. I feel fortunate to have been accepted into the Groupon family.”

We Take Training Seriously

Think of this as a Degree in Sales with direct and immediate practical application. This isn’t like being in Uni and taking a bunch of courses about things you’ll never use—we leverage these skills every day. Things you’ll learn in the first two weeks of Groupon’s Induction and our 90-day Onboarding:

  • How to make a sales call
  • Sales process
  • Customer relationship building
  • Sales strategy
  • Sales psychology
  • How small to medium businesses work
  • Anticipating and overcoming objections

Additionally, you’ll get classroom instruction, the chance to shadow team members, meet with other departments, have morning tea with senior management, and get coached through your very first campaign. Our goal is to make sure everyone who completes the 90-day onboarding has the skills they need to succeed.  Moving on from the 90-day onboarding, you will be provided with constant training and support, including attending our national conferences and training days twice a year. You will also have the opportunity to attend our monthly Groupon Growth sessions which offer training and upskilling from your fellow Groupies. 

Sue Snabb

Sue Snabb

Sales Efficiency Manager

“I currently run sales training in the ANZ market. I’ve had many roles in my Groupon lifetime and when I moved to Sydney in March of 2016, I started out in a project management role and eventually moved to my current training role which focuses on new hires and continuing education for current employees. I love working with people and sharing best practices and knowledge. Seeing that light bulb go off when coaching someone or getting that G-chat saying they tried something new and it worked is so fulfilling.”

What Makes a Great Salesperson?

Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about what kind of person is likely to be a great salesperson and boiled that down into six traits that indicate long-term success. Does this sound like you?


You are the kind of person who treats the business as their own, someone who is innovative, independent, and willing to take calculated risks to achieve more.


You hold yourself accountable, managing conflicting priorities with the goal of making the biggest impact to your bottom line.


Sales at any company is a job where you’ll face disappointment regularly, so you’re the kind of person who doesn’t take it personally, who sees failure as opportunity to improve and grow.


You’re not the type who waits to be told what to do. You are proactive, moving things forward on your own and thriving even when things get stressful.


You actively seek out feedback to improve and are generally flexible in a changing and evolving environment.


Like going to the gym, you don’t get fit in one visit. You understand that seemingly rote tasks done well today will lead to future success.

Sales Recruiting FAQ

Groupon sales was developed from the ground up to be a place where people get their start, evolve, grow, and are elevated to higher positions within the company. This means we hire almost exclusively students and recent grads. These are some of the questions we commonly get from recent and upcoming grads:

What does the hiring process look like?

The hiring process generally has a three-step approach.

  • Application process: Apply at and submit your resume
  • Recruiter phone screen: This is usually a 30-minute conversation with our in-house Talent Acquisition Recruiter to get a sense of your experience, attributes, and how close you match our core company values
  • In-person experience: This is an hour interview with a manager, and, depending on the team, a follow-up interview and presentation.
When’s the best time to apply?
Since our training program is so rigorous, we group our sales classes with other new Groupies and launch sales induction classes monthly. Apply now so we can consider you in our next cohort!
When should I expect to hear back after I apply?
We hate it when people put time and energy into their application and never hear back. That’s just plain rude. We look at every application as they come in, so while we might take a week or two to reach out, it can often happen in as little as a few days.