Most graduates leave university looking for a job that covers rent and the loans. They might not think they are prepared for a career they can truly call their own. At Groupon, we believe that a job can help you pay the bills and jump-start a successful career.

We also know that great salespeople come from every walk of life, from every school and every degree. They are the kinds of people who are looking for an opportunity to build their own business within the structure of a successful company. They are looking to learn applicable skills from professionals, and be rewarded for their success.

Does that sound like you? If it does, this page should help you understand what the sales team at Groupon is all about—what we look for, what your career path might look like, and how to apply. Check it out, then get ready to launch your career.


Ownership: At a high level, each person on the team runs their own business. There are some basic rules we follow — like asking everyone to be at their desk at 9:00 each morning, and blocking out time for calls — but you get out of this job exactly what you put into it.

Phone calls: Roughly 60–70% of a salesperson’s job is spent on the phone calling merchants and business owners. After all, Groupon’s mission is to help local merchants grow their businesses, by filling empty seats during a mid-day lull, attracting new customers, or moving products off shelves. We’re not interested in spamming businesses; during this time on the phone, we are trying to learn what the client’s issues and goals are so that we can design a custom solution.

Creative problem solving: That’s what’s surprising about this role: we provide you with the tools and the knowledge to create expert deals, based on the knowledge of thousands of deals. This means being creative in our thinking and deal development. You don’t get to do that in other sales organizations.

Negotiating: In order to develop these deals, we get to have fairly advanced conversations about the merchant’s business, helping them see the value in investing in marketing to grow their business, how competition plays a role, their bigger picture, etc. We invest a lot of time developing this relationship and creating ways to drive customers to our merchants.

Taking rejection well: As with most sales jobs, rejection is an all day, every day thing. There’s no getting around that. We develop a thick skin pretty quickly so that we can hear those concerns and objections in order to overcome obstacles and show a business all the value Groupon can bring to them.

Fun: It’s important to remember that this is a fun job. There’s an excitement that comes from working every day to create deals and help merchants.

To quote one Groupon salesperson, “This is my business. It might live inside Groupon, but it’s my work, my ambition, my hustle, and my brains that make my business grow. I’m not limited to goals set for me: I set my own goals and I write my own paycheck.”

Head of Sales UK & IE
Started in 2013

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Meet a Sales Leader

The product and the people are what make Groupon unique. We sit at the nexus of offering a vast array of merchants to our customers and developing those merchants’ businesses. Not many products enable a sales person to actually interact with the two key stakeholders of the retail world. To succeed and build a new way, you need to have a lot of talented and driven teammates. I have them and I am grateful for that. If you succeed at Groupon you can succeed anywhere. Every day there are a ton of different challenges and situations. You can immediately see the impact of your actions. Learn from your mistakes and get better each day. As a fellow Grouponer used to say, “A quarter working at Groupon is like a geological age for the rest of humankind.”

We Take Training Seriously


It’s an amazing pitch: Get paid for three months while you get hands-on professional sales training and learn skills you will use forever. Think of this as a Master’s Degree in Sales with direct and immediate practical application. This isn’t like being in college and taking a bunch of courses about things you’ll never use—we leverage these skills every day.

Things you’ll learn in the first 90 days of Groupon Onboarding (GOB):

  • How to make a cold call
  • Sales process
  • Customer relationship building
  • Sales strategy
  • Sales psychology
  • How small to medium businesses work
  • Anticipating and overcoming objections

During GOB, you’ll get classroom instruction, watch others make calls, and get coached through your own first calls. Our goal is to make sure everyone who completes GOB has the skills they need to succeed.

Andrew George Graham

Andrew George Graham

Head of Sales Training, EMEA

“As Groupon continues to grow and our industry matures, we seek to deliver world-class training and design, build and deploy programs that will support all our sales professionals in an ever-evolving landscape. The desire is to build Groupon into a world-class training environment, where sales talent wants to come to become best-in-class sales talent.”

What Makes a Great Salesperson?

Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about what kind of person is likely to be a great salesperson and boiled that down into six traits that indicate long-term success. Does this sound like you?


You are the kind of person who treats the business as their own, someone who is innovative, independent, and willing to take calculated risks to achieve more.


You hold yourself accountable, managing conflicting priorities with the goal of making the biggest impact to your bottom line.


Sales at any company is a job where you’ll face disappointment regularly, so you’re the kind of person who doesn’t take it personally, who sees failure as opportunity to improve and grow.


You’re not the type who waits to be told what to do. You are proactive, moving things forward on your own and thriving even when things get stressful.


You actively seek out feedback to improve and are generally flexible in a changing and evolving environment.


Like going to the gym, you don’t get fit in one visit. You understand that seemingly routine tasks done well today will lead to future success.

Sales Recruiting FAQ

Groupon sales was developed from the ground up to be a place where people get their start, evolve, grow, and are elevated to higher positions within the company. This means we hire almost exclusively students and recent grads. These are some of the questions we commonly get from recent and upcoming grads:

What does the hiring process look like?

The hiring process generally has a three-step approach.


  • Application process: You’ll apply at, submit your CV, and create a Workday profile. 
  • Recruiter phone screen: This is usually a roughly 30-minute conversation with an in-house recruiter to get a sense of how closely you match our profile and attributes, and how you sound on the phone.
  • In-person experience:  You will spend an hour meeting with a divisional sales manager and sales director.
When’s the best time to apply?

We have two start dates per quarter followed by two weeks of sales training. Your first three months in Sales at Groupon are spent in onboarding. But apply now so you can be considered sooner rather than later; a recruiter will reach out close to the time of our next hiring group. In the meantime, check out our London page to read stories from our teammates. 

Do I need prior sales experience to be considered?

While experience in sales is always a plus, it’s not essential. We’ve hired talent from a variety of backgrounds. Ultimately, candidates who stand out are ambitious, coachable, passionate about Groupon and supporting local businesses, driven by competition, and motivated by money. Our comprehensive Sales training program will prepare each new sales rep for a successful career at Groupon.

Do you offer part-time roles or internships?

At this time, our Sales roles are full-time, permanent positions only.