Tahora Nazer – Marketing Intern in Seattle

Tahora Nazer – Marketing Intern in Seattle


Marketing Intern
Seattle, WA
Joined: 2018

Tahora, queen of gifs, talks about her experience optimizing Groupon’s landing pages during her internship in Seattle.

What team are you interning for?

Marketing – Search

What do your parents think you do?

They think I help Groupon become more popular!

What did you work on this summer?

My project was about finding optimization opportunities in our landing pages. The goal of these optimizations was to provide a better experience to customers who are visiting our website.

What’s the coolest thing you accomplished this summer?

All the major findings of my project turned into action items. We realized what could be improved on Groupon pages to increase customer satisfaction, the engineering team put that into action, and we have already witnessed the results. It’s exciting to see how impactful a well-defined internship project can be when combined with effort and collaboration.

What’s been most surprising so far about interning at Groupon?

How much the effort of interns is valued. It was surprising to see how intern projects turn into action items and make impact while the interns are still at Groupon.

What’s the most innovative technology you’ve experienced in your lifetime?

Virtual Reality for social good! VR has been used for helping people during physiotherapy sessions for regaining their ability to walk by simulating walking on the beach instead of in a normal room.

What’s the best book you’ve ever read?

The Tripods novel series by John Christopher. I entered the wonderland of books when my father started reading these novels to me and my sister when we were little girls.

My Instagram is mainly photos of ____________.

Me traveling across the US.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve experienced in the city you’re interning in?

Seeing the Seattle skyline from a cruise boat.

What was your favorite memory from this summer? 

The cooking class we went to with all interns and managers in the Seattle office. I learned to cook Indian food and make spices from scratch. it was interesting to see how such events can change the dynamics of the teams and make work more fun.


Tanuja Ghosh Boral – Senior Manager, Customer Service in Chennai

Tanuja Ghosh Boral – Senior Manager, Customer Service in Chennai


Senior Manager, Customer Service
Chennai & Bangalore, India
Joined: 2012 (feels like yesterday!)

5+ years at Groupon is essentially 10 years at a “normal” company, but Tanuja clearly has made a home here and bleeds Groupon green to prove it.

Tell us something that might surprise us about you.

I love listening to ghazals of Jagjit Singh and gambling in casinos.   🙂

What’s your favorite Groupon memory?

Well, there are many indeed! It’s difficult to choose just one! To mention a few, when I was selected as “Groupon Ambassador;” when one of the leaders coined me “Tiger & Tornado;” our Annual Day celebration; recognition through multiple awards and promotions over the last 5+ years; successful completion of COPC; and making it on the Groupon 5+ years wall in Chennai!

Tell us about your job! What do you do? What do you love about it? What does a typical day look like?

I oversee the North America Customer Service operations for our India locations (Chennai and Bangalore), with a span of approximately 500+ people. Prior to this role, I was managing EMEA & APAC operations in Chennai along with Global Merchant Support.

I love that no two days are the same at Groupon. Starting from collaborating with onshore counterparts, stakeholders, support functions, managers across locations to managing projects, continuously improving the customer experience for our email and chat channels…the days just fly by. From my very first day until now, there has been a guaranteed excitement about completing a successful and happy day at work. The challenges are unending and the opportunities are like the waves in an ocean: they keep coming one after the other!

What’s been the most challenging thing you’ve worked on?

When I was managing Merchant Services along with International Customer Service operations simultaneously, for 1.5 years. I worked on multiple process improvement projects—pilots were to be handled for both these platforms along with stabilizing the operations, which was extremely challenging. At the end of it all, the projects did benefit the service delivery expectations and I was happy with the positive results!

Prior to this, I was wearing multiple hats and simultaneously managing the Quality, Escalations, and Training Teams at our Chennai location for North America Customer Service business. I successfully piloted the QA and Escalations team in Chennai while onboarding roughly 350 new hires for CS in one quarter with just one trainer! I kept challenging the status quo and myself!

What inspires you?

Groupon as a company inspires me! Its culture, people, and values drive my work, which fosters an environment of transparency and belongingness! It is also extremely heartening to see most of my team members who have reached managerial positions of credible importance within Groupon in Chennai and Bangalore. They are all today the pillars of Groupon India’s success in Customer and Merchant Services and this gives me immense pleasure and energy to carry on!

Describe the proudest moment you’ve had at Groupon.

When I was able to turnaround the UK Customer Service business within a span of two weeks post my movement to this division…it was a fantastic experience! And the icing on the cake was when I received a fabulous appreciation from my stakeholder on the successful quick turnaround!


Where were you before you joined Groupon? How did you get here?

I was a Senior Financial Research Analyst in an MNC which deals with US companies in preparation of financial reports, filed with Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). I also worked as a Business Consultant for 1.5 years with a banking software firm in Private Banking & Asset Management.

I got head hunted – the role looked exciting to me and here I am today!

What was your first impression of Groupon as an employer?

That it was one of the coolest companies I have ever come across; I never knew work could be so enticing! So much to look forward every day!

If you could do another job for just one day, what would it be and why?

I would be an astronaut venturing into outer space!

How does your work impact Groupon’s mission of building the daily habit in local commerce?

Simplifying and streamlining, growing profitability, and improving our customer experience are the main objectives of the Customer Service business. Understanding customers’ requirements accurately and ensuring we are able to respond to them correctly the first time makes a huge difference to the companies outlook to end users.

You probably have a life outside Groupon; what are you up to when you’re not at work?

When I’m not at work, I love being home enjoying with family and friends. Travelling around the world and photography are my hobbies!


chennai badge

Meg Berol – Manager, Project Management in Palo Alto

Meg Berol – Manager, Project Management in Palo Alto


Manager, Project Management
Palo Alto, CA
Joined: 2016

Preferred pronoun: She/Her

What do ancient Egyptian goddesses have to do with GDPR? Meg fills us in and talks about her career bringing different perspectives together in order to solve technical problems at Groupon.

Tell us something that might surprise us about you.

For a summer in college, I taught English classes at an elementary school in Yichang, China. It was an amazing experience to immerse myself in Chinese culture, travel through the stunning Three Gorges area before the dam was completed, and work on my Mandarin. While I haven’t retained much of the language, the experience shaped my global perspective.

Have you won any awards during your time here?

I was honored to receive the inaugural Ownership award from our CTO Colin Bodell for my support of GDPR. It’s an obnoxiously large statue of Atlas holding up the world – definitely how I felt sometimes during busy times of the project because there was so much to do! The difference would be I was definitely not holding things together alone, as we have a great core team supporting each other. I also received a lovely monogrammed pen.

What’s your favorite Groupon memory?

This is tough! I was thrilled to be part of the Groupon team at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing last year. We sent an amazing group of women and allies from across our teams and sites to the conference, and it was an awesome experience to connect in person with my Groupon colleagues and talk to great candidates about why we love Groupon. One of my favorite keynotes focused on the gaps in AI performance when the development teams lack diversity. The critical importance of different viewpoints in developing technical solutions really resonated with me. I love bringing another perspective to our problem solving!

Tell us about your job! What do you do exactly? What do you love about it?

I’m the manager of an awesome team of Engineering Technical Project Managers based in Palo Alto, California. We make sure the big, important stuff gets out the door to our customers. Our Project Management Office (PMO) team members utilize their unique knowledge, skills and experience to manage complexities, resolve issues, and keep engineering team members engaged, ensuring successful execution and delivery. We have a broad breadth of knowledge across the Engineering organization and significant ownership of the high-profile work of the company. I love bringing together so many passionate folks in different cross-functional teams towards a single goal and accomplishing it together!

Let’s talk about Engineering at Groupon. What’s unique about the culture here?

We have extremely passionate people in Groupon Engineering. Folks are encouraged to speak up and often. I love the excitement we bring to work every day and am constantly amazed by the teams I work with going above and beyond.

What’s your favorite part about your team’s Software Development process?

As a project manager, guiding my team through each stage of the project or development cycle is really interesting. My favorite part is the relief and pride of a successful Go Live. Seeing a feature on our platform that is new or creating a better user experience because of our efforts is really exciting and motivating.

Where were you before joining Groupon? What brought you here?

I previously worked at several great corporations with very interesting challenges in IT project management and business analysis, but I wanted to move faster. I love the autonomy of Groupon. The opportunity to make a significant impact with each project or individual I manage has been amazing.

What’s the most challenging thing you’ve worked on?

I’ve been managing our internal project to ensure compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) since last year. We love code names at Groupon, so we call this “Project Bast.” Bast was a goddess in ancient Egyptian religion, a major protector deity represented as a cat. Cats in ancient Egypt were revered highly, and Bast represents our project goal of protecting data privacy and security. And, she is a cat and at Groupon, we like cats.

Project Bast has been an overwhelming but amazing opportunity to revolutionize our approach to data privacy and security at Groupon, and so rewarding to work with intelligent and dedicated folks across every department in the organization. I’m incredibly proud of our accomplishments, and could not have done it without my team. We have implemented ongoing best practices throughout the company that are the right thing for our customers, merchants, and employees.

How does your work connect to Groupon’s mission of building the daily habit in local commerce?

My team of Engineering Technical Project Managers ensure that the important features, products, and platform initiatives are completed to improve our customer experience, making them come back again and again. We are the bridge between the engineering development teams and business requirements to prioritize the critical work. We remove cross-functional blockers and enable team success. Project managers make things happen!

Can you talk about your involvement with Groupon’s ERGs and volunteer program?

I’ve been engaged with PRIDE@Groupon, Women@Groupon, Parents@Groupon, and Groupon Volunteers.

I recently became engaged as a team leader for our Grouponsultation cohort. I’m organizing a team of Groupon volunteers across our locations to solve problems for a nonprofit over the next three months. We’re supporting Culinary Care, who provides free meal programs to cancer patients, as well as their families, during their treatment journey. Our team is helping them best utilize their new platform to continue to grow and impact more people. It’s wonderful to have company support to organize and utilize our skills for a great cause.

What do your parents think you do?

My mom actually knows what I do! “While at work, you lead a team who is assigned various projects to manage for Groupon. Ultimately, you need to make sure all projects managed by your team are moving forward and if they’re not, how that can be facilitated. At that point, you become the advocate for your team member so they can successfully complete the project on time and on budget. Then you celebrate success! (You excel at celebrating!)”

What’s your favorite local business?

My favorite local business is La Fondue in Saratoga. It’s a splurge but definitely more affordable with our Groupon deals! La Fondue is a fun and unique fondue restaurant with an over-the-top atmosphere and delicious exotic menu choices like wild game and signature chocolate combinations. It’s one of our go-to places for a special date night or celebration.

Where can we find you outside work? What are your hobbies, side projects, or interests?

With my family! I have two young boys that fill my life with adventure. We love to travel, read books, go to the zoo, play football, and walk our dog, Hershey. We went on a cruise in Japan last year. Sushi is their favorite food, so they were in heaven.

日本「夏祭り」- Japan’s 2018 Summer Party

日本「夏祭り」- Japan’s 2018 Summer Party

 日本「夏祭り」 | Japan’s 2018 Summer Party


先日、グルーポン・ジャパン全社員が東京に集まりました。大阪や名古屋をはじめとする各都市から東京オフィスに社員が一堂に会し、2018年度上半期の総括や下半期に向けてのビジョン等を共有する貴重な機会となりました。 特に暑い今年の夏!カンファレンス終了後に開催された社内パーティは、「夏祭り」をテーマに縁日ゲームやフードブースが登場し、非常に盛り上がったイベントとなりました。

Groupon Japan has gathered for another quarterly meeting held at Tokyo office with Groupon employee from all across Japan. It was great to see teammates from Osaka and Nagoya who travelled all the way to Tokyo to have a great time with us at this event. We covered a lot of good stuff! We kicked off the party with our Country Manager, Yasushi Okue, sharing an overview of the first half of 2018, our goals for the rest of the year, and of course, awards and more awards! We don’t normally have summer parties here, but yes, it has been a very hot summer in Japan this year and we decided to go with a “Summer Festival” theme (a.k.a. “Natsumatsuri”). Food, drinks, games and outfits…anything to do with Summer Festival were everywhere in sight!


Our Country Manager serving us a drink (a.k.a. Sake). They were all tasty and had a unique character.


Teammates from Osaka! Congratulations on achieving your targets: we’re looking forward to having them back in Tokyo again!


This is yo-yo fishing, where you catch water balloons with paper made small gears. We all take this game very seriously!

すべてのブースはマネージャーが担当。はっぴに身を包んでパーティを盛り上げます! 全社が大集合したこともあり、熱気のあるパーティとなりました。2018年上半期のMVP受賞者の発表では、営業部が選ぶバックオフィス、バックオフィスが選ぶ営業部などの受賞もあり、部門の垣根を越えてお互いに感謝の気持ちを形にすることで、一体感を感じる結果となりました。 また、勤続年数2年、5年を迎えた社員に送られるジャケットの授与式などもあり、全社員が今後への意気込みを新たにしました!

Thanks to our sales managers for making this event happen! Every Groupon employee has something important to contribute, and it was great to give out MVP awards to teammates from Sales and our back office operations teams.  We also can’t forget those who received their green and black track jackets: congrats to our long-tenured teammates!

勤続2年を達成して、グルーポン・グリーンジャケットを受賞した皆さんです。 現在、弊社グルーポン・ジャパンでは、事業拡大につき一緒に働く仲間を募集しています! ◇営業職 ◇エンジニア ◇カスタマーサービス ご興味のある方はjp-recruit@groupon.comまでご連絡下さい。お待ちしています!

Groupon Japan is hiring! We’re looking for teammates to join us in the following departments: 

◇ Sales 

◇ Engineering

◇ Customer Service

If you are interested in joining us, please contact us at jp-recruit@groupon.com or visit our Career Site to apply directly. We look forward to hearing from you!

Jason Rubacky – SEO Program Manager

Jason Rubacky – SEO Program Manager


SEO Program Manager
Chicago, IL
Joined: 2017

“I’m not that interesting…” says Jason, just a low key SEO Program Manager who was the #4 DJ (turntablist) in America in 2001. NBD.

So tell us what it means to be an SEO Program Manager! What does a typical day look like? What’s unique about your role here?

The goal of an SEO Program Manager is to have our pages rank #1 in Google search organically across the board. What do I love about it? It’s different every single day; Google is constantly changing and updating their algorithms and to me it’s kind of like playing a video game. It’s always changing and keeps me on my toes. So there’s no such thing as a typical day. My priorities can change multiple times throughout the day; all of a sudden we could be working on a project for one section of the site but all of a sudden, Google will say “as of X date, you can’t do X on your website or you will be penalized” so we have to adapt and make those changes as they come. It’s fun because it allows me to work closely with our Engineering team, since I do have a programming background.

As far as what’s unique to my role at Groupon as an SEO Program Manager, I’m the only SEO person in the Chicago office. This means I’m getting a lot of opportunities to make an impact on other teams, learn more about the business, and establish myself as a go-to resource for folks who have questions about SEO.

What’s been the most challenging thing you’ve worked on at Groupon?

Before I even started, I did an audit of the entire website and came with that information to my interview. One of the things I brought up was the speed of the site.

Once I started, I was trying to work with Engineers to give them a better understanding of how speed impacts ranking factor. In order to do that and create a proof of concept, I went home one weekend and re-built the coupons site myself. They went from 4.5 seconds to 650 milliseconds on desktop and from 7+ seconds to 2 seconds on mobile. I showed this to the VP of my org and the engineers and from there, they took my code and put it up on the Groupon test page to see if it worked on Groupon’s servers. It worked and from there we rolled it out to the Coupons pages after some testing.

Since rolling it out, our rank has continually improved week over week since January of this year.

What’s your favorite Groupon memory?

We had a team outing at Headquarters Beercade, which was the first time I got to get to know the team and talk to people outside of work. Another time, my team and I worked to create some video content around Shark Week—we even bought a shark costume. It was fun to be able to see the creativity throughout the team that I work with. There are some very talented people on the team.

So what were you up to before you joined Groupon? What brought you here?

I was running my own SEO agency. I got tired of working out of my home office for four years and I wanted to work with people again face to face. One day, Groupon Recruiter Laura Hicks reached out to me on LinkedIn (she was great) about the opportunity at Groupon. At the time, I had been applying and interviewing with more corporate environments. I didn’t feel like the culture was great anywhere I interviewed. What sealed the deal for me? My chat with Laura, my interview with the General Manager at the time, everyone I met with was great, the office was cool…I knew then that Groupon was the spot for me.

And what was your first impression of Groupon as an employer?

I was super excited to come work at Groupon. The people are amazing and it’s very welcoming. My team is great because they not only welcomed me like I had been here forever, but they’re seasoned Grouponers who have all put in a lot of time here, so I know I was in good company.

What inspires you?

What inspires me is to rank #1. I just want to be the best at what I do.

What’s the proudest moment you’ve had at Groupon?

Being able to see the performance increase due to the speed changes that I referenced earlier (so far) has been my proudest moment.

Can you write a Groupon haiku?

Creative Thinkers – –
Analytical Mindsets – –
Make Great SEOs

Have you won any awards during your time here?

I won a team award: “Provides the Best Gifs”

Obviously we’re going to ask what your favorite gif is.

Thank you.

What keeps you fulfilled outside of work?

I like to play video games, spend time with my kids, and occasionally I’ll volunteer to paint art on businesses’ buildings, which helps spread positive messages and vibes, makes people feel safer, and revitalizes communities throughout the neighborhoods on the south and west sides.

What do your kids think you do?

My kids think I’m rad. They think I work for a really cool place. I’m the “cool dad.”

You’re a member of Parents@Groupon; what are some activities you’ve done with that Employee Resource Group?

I’ve already participated in three parents events, which have been awesome. We did a “Walk for the Hungry” event where I brought my entire family. Later, I brought my kid to work for Bring Your Kids to Work Day.

How does your work impact Groupon’s mission of building the daily habit in local commerce?

As a global team, we make a lot of money for Groupon through affiliate marketing and SEO. We carry no overhead; everything is done through affiliate links or paid placements, so we’re highly profitable.

Your role probably exists at other companies, so what’s unique about being an SEO Program Manager at Groupon?

While my job would probably be similar at another company, what makes Groupon unique is the awesome team of writers and engineers I get to work with on a daily basis.

If you could do another job for a day, what would it be and why?

Any job where I could shut my brain off for a day and do menial tasks.

What’s your favorite local business?

Jugrnaut – a great clothing store in Chicago

Tell us something about you that might surprise us.

In 2001, I placed 4th for top DJ (turntablist) in the U.S. The contest was called The DMCs. I’ve been DJ’ing since 1988 for 30 years.

Class is in session: How Groupon sets new sales hires up for success

Class is in session: How Groupon sets new sales hires up for success

Class is in session: How Groupon sets new sales hires up for success

After nearly 10 years in sales, Kolby Banks thought he had seen it all when it came to sales onboarding programs. Then he joined Groupon, where all new hires are enrolled in Groupon Sales University for training.

“The training program was a breath of fresh air for me,” Banks said.

The new, three-month course is designed to not only onboard new hires but to hone their soft and hard sales skills. We spoke to three salespeople to learn more about the training program and what makes for a successful salesperson at Groupon.

Alicia Babich, Manager of Sales Training and Development

Alicia Babich manages the sales training teams in Chicago and Phoenix. Her teams train new hires in business development, merchant development, merchant support and more. They’re also responsible for the Groupon Sales University.

BEYOND WORK: Alicia is a certified rape crisis counselor and medical advocate.

What trainings are in place to help a new salesperson succeed at Groupon?

Every new hire goes through a rigorous sales training program that starts on day one. The training starts with two weeks of classroom training, role play and on-the-phone practice followed by an additional 10 weeks of onboarding with a salesperson’s own book of business.

After graduation, salespeople are drafted into one of Groupon’s verticals and do month-over-month call coaching in small and large groups, as well as one-on-ones with their managers and sales trainers. This, in a nutshell, is Groupon Sales University.

What role did you play in shaping Groupon’s new sales training program?

In January 2017, Groupon Sales University didn’t exist. We initially had a three-month training program where new salespeople met once a week to ramp up. We decided to expand it to a 12-month curriculum designed to teach soft and hard sales skills to new hires, no matter their experience level.

One year later, we’ve launched our first full course at Groupon Sales University with our business development class. I was one of the first people to get to shape the program and name it. Now, my team gets to grow it, evolve it and expand it.

What is one objection salespeople receive consistently?

We often hear, “Not interested.” Our guts tell us to ask, “Why not?,” but that’s the last thing a person wants to hear after they reject you, and the last question they want to answer. Instead, we hear them out, ask a few quick questions to flip the conversation from a negative, emotional place to a positive, logical one. Then we pivot back to the pitch. We seek to understand first, then seek to be understood.

Ready to launch your Sales career?

Carina Coss, Business Marketing Executive

Carina Coss works to bring in new businesses for Groupon’s “Things to Do” vertical.

BEYOND WORK: Carina enjoys running and traveling.

Tell us about your background. What attracted you to Groupon?

My background is in public relations and global communications. Coming back from traveling, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career with a brand that had a local and global presence. Groupon fit that perfectly.

What does an average day look like for you on the sales team?

There are a lot of layers to my day, but each task is designed to make sure we are benefiting and profiting the most at work. I typically start my mornings off with housekeeping work, like making presentations for prospects, catching up on emails and checking my deals that have gone live.

After that, my team and I have a short meeting to go over our expectations and progress for the week. Then I move into prospecting mode and start dialing away until lunch. After lunch, we usually have training meetings get better at the sales process. I usually end the day with appointments.

How did Groupon’s sales training program help you?

I participated in Groupon’s sales training program earlier this year. It not only helped me improve my own professional abilities but also allowed me to grow in a different environment.

The training helped me become more aware of the skills I already had and taught me the true essence of sales. It was not easy, but it helped me realize I possessed the ability to connect with businesses and help them accomplish their goals. I graduated from the program as valedictorian, which reinforced the fact that I was moving in the right direction and with the right support system at Groupon.

What qualities makes someone successful on your team?

There are many ways a person can become successful on this team. Success isn’t attributed to one trait or one action, it’s a combination of work ethic, organization, perseverance and individuality. It’s also crucial to ask for help and guidance. Without the help and mentorship of others, it’s hard to be successful.

Kolby Banks, Business Development Rep

Kolby Banks is responsible for researching new accounts that will make for great partners and showing them the value of partnering with Groupon.

BEYOND WORK : Kolby enjoys playing paintball.

What is one objection salespeople receive consistently? How do you overcome it?

Time is a big one. People often say they are too busy to talk. During one call, I had a merchant rush to say she didn’t have the time and that we were too expensive after my spiel. I jumped in asking for a minute to explain how Groupon can be different and a benefit for her business. Thirty minutes later, that contract was closed.

How does teamwork play out on the sales team?

Nobody wins if just one person has all the secrets. We have teams all around us that are looking to top us in sales. Our team knows that everyone wants to be better and improve. We respect our managers and put the work in every day to accomplish that goal. I don’t think any of us like to be last. I definitely do not.

What was your experience in the Groupon sales training program?

The training program was a breath of fresh air for me. I’ve been in sales for almost 10 years. Typically, you get the same training presented in different ways based on the company. At Groupon, I was able to see it from a different point of view. It made me challenge myself and want to be better.

How Groupon’s product team connects people to their community

How Groupon’s product team connects people to their community

How Groupon’s product team connects people to their community

Mitou Nguyen understands the power local businesses can have. Growing up in San Francisco, he saw first-hand how companies could serve as an entry point into the various communities and cultures in the area.

These personal experiences inspired him to join Groupon as a product manager, working to help other people build the same relationships with local businesses in their community. We spoke with Mitou and three members of his team to learn more about how they drive product development and make those visions a reality.

Andrew Lisy, Director, Technical Product Management

Andrew Lisy leads the supply and merchant efforts at Groupon. His teams use machine learning to find the best merchant fits, allowing third parties to list on the website and creating new value propositions for businesses to promote their products and services in the Groupon marketplace.

BEYOND WORK: Andrew enjoys woodworking, which allows him to step away from his computer and plug into his craft.

How do you communicate vision to software developers and the business team?

Software engineers want to know how the work they’re doing contributes to the mission and goals of the company. Communicating that vision can’t be a one-time thing. It’s important to constantly bring everyone along with why the day-to-day work is important in hitting the company’s higher-level, more abstract goals.

For business teams, once you’re aligned on the end state, the most important interactions are around communicating the roadmap, hitting milestones and discussing design decisions that support the path you’ve chosen.

How do you navigate disagreements about vision among teams?

The first thing is to zoom out on the disagreement to find the point where you agree. Maybe you don’t agree that the next step is to sell ice cream through Groupon, but you probably do agree that Groupon should broaden its offerings.

Once you find the point where you agree, you can dive back into why each person feels the way they feel. If you’re going after the same goal and you have different opinions on how to get there, then it becomes much easier to discuss your opinions. Eventually, you’ll reach a solution that will hit the goal you both agreed on in a way that’s acceptable to everyone.

How do you find out what your customers want from your products?

We do a lot of customer research and interviews. We talk with our users to see what they love about Groupon, what they don’t like and where they get confused. Using this as a baseline, we build features intended to lean into the areas they love, solve the pain points they don’t like and clarify what confuses them. After we launch a feature, we use industrial-grade A/B testing to grade ourselves and determine if we’ve succeeded.

Navya Reddy Dyavadi, Product Manager

Navya Reddy Dyavadi works on the scalable supply team. Her team helps business partners list their offerings on the Groupon website and mobile app.

BEYOND WORK: Navya enjoys cooking and experimenting with ingredients in the kitchen.

How does your day break down?

I joined Groupon after earning my masters of business administration at Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Before Wharton, I worked in investment banking for five years as a risk analyst, trader and as a member of a financing team that works with hedge fund partners on long-term investments.

I enjoyed thinking about creative financial structures and products that can help address a partner’s needs. I wanted to do something similar in a different context with a larger impact. Product management in consumer tech seemed like best fit. Groupon, with its scale and agility, represented the perfect opportunity.

How do you find out what your customers want from your products?

Data is the biggest and most effective tool in identifying problems, gaps and what the customer wants. We gather data from user study, customer interviews and their interactions with our app and website. We then use these data points to determine our product and feature development. We also rely on experimentation data to test our understanding after feature development.

What’s the biggest challenge your team is solving?

Customer frequency is a key to Groupon’s strategy. Our team is focusing on building a deep supply that can be personal and inspiring for customers. By adding quality inventory at scale, we are looking to address most of each customer’s local needs in one destination to make Groupon an integral part of their daily routine.

Mitou Nguyen, Product Manager

Mitou Nguyen works on the third-party integrations platform team. His team’s goal is to build Groupon’s platform into a comprehensive marketplace, where customers can find everything they love to do and buy in one place.

BEYOND WORK: Mitou enjoys urban dancing and choreography.

What attracted you to Groupon?

Growing up in San Francisco, I experienced so many different cultures through local shops across the city’s diverse neighborhoods. These experiences are crucial in broadening our understanding of different people and their backgrounds, and in establishing global communities.

Groupon connects people to local businesses like the ones I grew up visiting. I was excited — and a little nervous — when I had the opportunity to drive strategic initiatives that could impact millions of customers and help determine how they discover and interact with local businesses.

What challenge is your team is trying to solve?

While Groupon has extensive relationships with many local businesses across the world, there are still many businesses that aren’t on Groupon yet. This means that customers could be missing out on some amazing experiences. Our team is focused on building a robust platform that brings on businesses to Groupon at scale and delights customers through comprehensive offerings.

Is this job what you expected?

I have the opportunity to have a large and measurable impact on Groupon’s success, which motivated me to join the team. I didn’t expect our platform to be interwoven with almost every other team at Groupon.

This can be a challenge, due to the increased complexity that comes with more dependencies and downstream impacts. However, it’s helped me develop a comprehensive understanding of how Groupon operates from both a technology and a business process perspective.

Assaf Eisenberg, Group Product Manager

Assaf Eisenberg leads the alignment and prioritization initiatives that drive Groupon’s central supply strategy. He helps execute external partnerships, define work processes and oversee roadmaps for Groupon’s third-party platform and supply intelligence tools.

BEYOND WORK: When Assaf isn’t spending time with his children, he loves scuba diving. He once dove professionally at a dive center in Thailand.

What attracted you to Groupon?

I grew up in Israel and spent several years in the military. I then studied engineering and held positions in IT, B2B systems and process improvement, which got me interested in the interactions between business and technology.

I received my MBA at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business and went into product management because it combines business, technology and people — everything I was looking for. I saw Groupon as a sweet spot between a large international company where I could make an impact and a business with an upbeat, small-company tempo that would allow me to move fast and affect decisions.

What do you love about your job?

The first thing I love about my job is problem solving. If I’m able to solve a difficult problem, especially with a simple and elegant solution, then my entire day (and sometimes week) becomes much brighter.

I also enjoy driving consensus. It’s always a challenge to get into a room with a group of people who have different priorities and opinions and try to find common ground. So it fills me with a sense of accomplishment to know that we always manage to bridge our differences and continue forward as a united team.

How does your team prioritize the ideas you should build?

Our prioritization process can be complex because we have multiple work streams that need to be balanced. This includes new initiatives and partnerships, improvements to existing ones, internal tools and platform enhancements. New ideas can come from anywhere: customer feedback, user research, insights we identify when analyzing data, or just creative thought by our team or colleagues.

When an idea is raised, we formulate hypotheses and turn to our data to find indications of the benefit and opportunity size. We might run a lightweight test or a user study if there are additional questions to answer. Once we have an estimate of the benefit and cost, we can weigh it against all the other items in our queue and make an informed decision.

Chris Teague – Sales Director UK & IE in London

Chris Teague – Sales Director UK & IE in London


Sales Director UK & IE London, UK Joined: 2011

Local and intergalactic: this Groupon veteran loves making an impact on small businesses in the UK & IE while pondering the mysteries of the universe.

What’s your favorite Groupon memory?

Groupon is genuinely extremely unique…I’ve never experienced anything like it! It’s hard to pick one memory because every day has the potential to be a crazy one. We have a lot of fun playing games, having a few drinks, as well as working extremely hard. That is what we are trying to create at Groupon: a high-performance culture.

Tell us about your job! What do you do? What do you love about it?  

I currently work as Sales Director for the UK and Ireland managing our New Business team from our London head office. I love the fact that I have an amazing team; not only are they super talented, but they are also extremely fun! My team is responsible for introducing new merchants to the Groupon page so we’re always on the lookout for the next big thing! They spend a lot of time researching and looking for exciting things to do and eat around the UK and Ireland.

What’s been the most challenging thing you’ve worked on?

Groupon in the UK is still a pretty young company, so naturally we move very fast. We’re always trying to stay ahead in the market and this means things change often. It keeps everyone on their toes and I’m pleased to be part of a company that isn’t static! But with change comes a lot of challenges, so it certainly keeps me busy.

Who inspires you?

Although he’s retired from the game now, Sir Alex Ferguson (ex-Man Utd football manager) inspired me a lot growing up. How he managed to nurture talent and create a football team that was incredible to watch as well as being so successful, it can’t help but inspire.

Chris’ journey at Groupon is an example of how much can a talented, hardworking professional can achieve in a thriving environment. From Rep to Manager at the London office smashing his targets consistently, nurturing an uber-talented team, and always with a smile and a can-do attitude. He defines the lead-by-example approach, whether it’s negotiating a deal, coaching someone to greatness, or implementing complex projects always leading from the front. He is super commercially savvy, tremendously tactical, and totally aware of how important emotions are for clients and fellows. Chris is the type of leader I would have wanted when I started my career at sales.

Rober Ruiz

Head of Local Sales UK and IE

How does your work impact Groupon’s mission of building the daily habit in local commerce?  

My team is essential to building the daily habit as we are finding the merchants to send our customers to. We are at the very beginning of the journey. We want to find the best places to send our customers so they try something new and have an amazing experience. In return, the customers find a new gem they can visit over and over again.

So take us back to 2011. Where were you before you joined Groupon? How did you get here?

Before Groupon I used to manage an Estate Agency. I really enjoyed that job…it’s great looking at houses all day! It came to a point where there wasn’t enough for me and I knew I had to leave so I could grow. When I saw the Groupon opportunity I didn’t know what it was, as I’d never heard of Groupon before. Needless to say, once I had more information I jumped at the opportunity! Groupon has really allowed me to grow and develop my role in the right way for me.

And what was your first impression of Groupon once you joined?

I joined Groupon in the early days in the UK so it was quite different to it is now. It felt cutting edge whilst also being erratic, which really intrigued me. I’m really proud to have been part of the Groupon journey, helping to shape the changes that have made it the big green machine it is today.

Learn more about London Sales.

Sales roles exist at tons of companies…so what makes your role at Groupon unique?

There are a couple of key things going on at Groupon which make me enjoy it so much. We’re building a local marketplace so as a customer, before you go anywhere, eat anywhere, etc., you can “Groupon it.” That concept for me is so important. Bringing local people to local businesses every day. I also genuinely believe Groupon is such a fantastic way for small- to medium-sized businesses to generate a profitable local customer base. We have such big power in so many marketing channels that normally a small business wouldn’t be able to access. Plus, there are amazing deals for our customers. A classic win win.

What do your parents or children think you do?

My parents know that I manage the New Business team for Groupon, but they have no idea of the scale. Sometimes my mum has tried to give me advice and I think, “We’re not in Kansas anymore Dorothy!” They don’t understand the intricacies of what Groupon does and how we do it, so I’ve given up with any more detail! My son is too young to know what daddy does…I’d imagine he thinks I’m there purely to play with him everyday!

What’s your favorite local business?

A really modest one. I have a Mediterranean style cafe close to where i live that does the best brunch and lunch options! It’s not too big, but packs a real punch when it comes to taste!

You probably have a life outside Groupon; what are you up to when you’re not at work?  

My little family is everything to me. Outside of work I try to spend as much time as possible with my two dogs, my wife, and one-year-old son. I love being a dad! I also have a huge passion for football and food. I’ll happily watch any football match I can and even better if I’m eating good food at the same time! Preferably Italian: simple food cooked to perfection.

If you could do another job for just one day, what would it be and why?

That’s a tough question. There are a lot of jobs which I’d love to have a go at! When I grew up I wanted to be a teacher, then a policeman. Those never came to fruition, but given I need to choose something for one day, I’d love to fly a fighter jet. The adrenaline, the speed, the buzz…I can’t imagine there’s much else like it!

Tell us something that might surprise us about you.

I absolutely love anything to do with space, our solar system, or the universe in general…so I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to these things! I like to watch TV programmes on the planets, how stars form, or even quantum mechanics! I strangely find it quite relaxing.

Rhys Burns – Merchant Services Manager in Sydney

Rhys Burns – Merchant Services Manager in Sydney


Merchant Services Manager
Sydney, Australia
Joined: 2017

What do nerf guns, the song Sandstorm, and rolling out a merchant center for businesses in ANZ all have in common? They sum up Rhys’ quirky experience as a Groupie in the always-energized Sydney office.

Tell us about your job! What do you do? 

The Merchant Services team is speaking to merchants all the time: both before and after they go live! Whether it’s showing them around Merchant Center, helping them perfect their availability on the Groupon Booking tool, or shedding some light on a finance inquiry, we’re always trying to help! Plus, we’re often a regular point of contact for merchants, so we try to make every interaction and experience positive and memorable!

What’s been the most challenging thing you’ve worked on?

Rolling out Merchant Center v3 for AU and NZ was a great experience. I was really lucky to have some great help (Mike, Eniyan, and Anuj: we did it!) to try and keep the implementation as smooth and seamless for merchants as possible. The Groupon Merchant Center is an awesome piece of tech that really empowers merchants when it comes to their campaigns. It’s a one-stop shop to see how everything is performing and it gives merchants an unprecedented level of visibility…as it should!

To roll this out for Australia and New Zealand, I got to work with some incredibly talented people. Early morning calls with Project Managers in Chicago, early morning and late evening calls with Product Managers in Berlin, working with Ireland to send out emails to Australian and New Zealand merchants; it was a fantastic opportunity to work with some of the company’s best…especially when it involves video calls in pyjamas!

You *can* have fun at work.

You seem to be having an awesome Groupon experience so far….so if you had to sum up what it’s like to work here, what makes it great? 

It’s hard to put your finger on just one thing…working as part of the Groupon Australia and New Zealand team has been a blast so far! I think there’s an inherent ability to strike the balance between industrious and fun. There’s a lot of noise on the floor (to which I’m a major contributor – sorry team!), and that becomes quite infectious. You just don’t get that in a corporate environment, where the only sound you can hear is the water cooler bubbling.

You could be in the middle of a negotiation with a merchant when all of a sudden the megaphone starts to blare out an important announcement across the floor (“Fade Alert! Angus Muffet is back in the building, sporting a splendid short, back, and sides number. A round of applause, everyone!”) or Sandstorm drops over the speakers (or as our Head of Farmers calls it, “Sand dune”) and output levels increase eight-fold for three minutes and fifty two seconds.

Having unfettered access to some incredible minds is immeasurably beneficial and something that is so rare outside of the Groupon ecosystem. To know that I can pick the brain of the Finance Director of Australia, New Zealand and Japan to sharpen up my business acumen (“So, Brislo, EBITDA… that’s a funny word, isn’t it!), or the CEO of ANZ & Japan teasing me (previous topics have included what I’m wearing, my haircut, and endless barbs about sporting teams I support), are all a testament to how accessible people of this caliber are for all of us…it’s fantastic!

How does your work impact Groupon’s mission of building the daily habit in local commerce?

We try to make life as easy as possible for the merchants that work with us. A happy merchant has plenty of downstream impacts… Happy customers -> Merchant wants to do another deal/tells their friend about their Groupon experience -> More deals, and more merchants -> Increased Frequency -> the Daily Habit!

What’s your favorite Groupon memory?

There are honestly too many to name. Two that come to mind would have to be:

1) Pop ‘N Punch: We celebrate the tremendous efforts of the Operations team prior to Christmas with some amazing prizes! Names are drawn out of a hat, and the lucky Groupie gets to come up and pop a balloon or punch a box, revealing a prize. Last year, we had a trip to Fiji, a trip to China, return Business class flights, plus much more!

2) Steve Traplin, our CEO, did the Vinnies CEO sleepout, where he roughed it on the streets for a night to help change the lives of those experiencing homelessness. To help raise funds, we held an auction where Groupies could purchase the right to put management through: Free coffee for a month (Steve’s shout!); Egg Roulette; Hot Wing Challenge (with a hidden Carolina Reaper pepper!); throw a cream pie in Steve’s face…and much more.

Bobby Mulligan (my boss) and I had the pleasure of hosting the evening (Groupies bought the ability to put fake eyelashes on us and give us a fake tan that was at least 5,432 shades too dark for my complexion!), and it was even more fun than it sounds!

Who or what inspires you?

I find inspiration everywhere. If I ever need a real kick up the bum, I love reading the poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling.

What was your first impression of Groupon as an employer?

I remember walking in for my interview with my current boss Robert Mulligan, and getting on like a house on fire. As he was showing me the sales floor; there were darts from Nerf guns flying everywhere, and balls careening towards people. I like that you have to work hard, but can pop your head up for a couple of minutes of fun, too (if you dare remove yourself from cover!)

What advice do you have for future aspiring Groupies?

Get stuck in! Work hard, be yourself. There’s no safer place for it. Meet as many people as possible, and always take the time to walk over and have a face-to-face conversation, even if a chat/email is easier.

Have you won any awards?

I was lucky enough to win the Make Life Less Boring Groupon Value award at the end of last year. Everyday, I get to come to work and be a part of a team who make my life less boring, so this award really belongs to them.

Volunteer-a-Thon in Groupon Bangalore

Volunteer-a-Thon in Groupon Bangalore

Groupon Bangalore celebrates annual Volunteer-a-Thon

Hiral Mehta
Human Resources Business Partner
Bangalore, India

We are extremely proud of our Bangalore Engineering teams’ involvement in the annual Volunteer-a-thon in 2018. Here’s how Grouponers in Bangalore spent their time volunteering throughout the month of June:

1. Pediatric eye care program for underprivileged children

Groupon sent 28 volunteers to Christel house India along with ophthalmologists from Sankara Eye Foundation. There, we conducted primary screening for 862 underprivileged children and identified 248 children with eye abnormalities.

Christel House transforms the lives of impoverished children around the world—breaking the cycle of poverty and building self-sufficient, contributing members of society. Robust K–12 education and a strong character development program are supported by regular healthcare, nutritious meals, guidance counseling, career planning, family assistance and College & Careers support.

2. Visit to the Diya Foundation

Our team of 22 volunteers worked with the differently abled trainees of Diya foundation to help them complete their order of delivering paper bags, lamps, and gift boxes on time.

Diya Foundation (DIYA) is a Vocational Training Center Cum Sheltered Workshop in Bangalore providing training and employment to differently abled individuals. Founded in 1999, DIYA is a registered charitable trust. The idea for the center grew out of a growing need for vocational training once basic schooling is completed.

DIYA provides an easy transition from school to work, work to life goals and life security. Through training, intellectually challenged adults are taken on a journey from self-awareness to expressing their self-worth, striving towards self-organization and finally self-actualization.

3. Collection drive celebrated “Joy of Giving” week

A collection drive was organized at our office to collect clothes, bags, toys, stationeries, books, and anything else that could be used by someone in need. The materials collected were donated to an orphanage called Madhu Mansion Trust— a registered non-profit organization working for the welfare of orphans and the elderly.

4. Charity snack counter

WiTB (Women in Tech Bangalore) organized a charity snack counter and had great participation from all. The snacks were prepared by our volunteers and sold at the food counter. The funds collected from this event will be donated to an Animal Welfare Organization named “CARE” for the cataract eye surgery of blind street dogs.

Learn more about Groupon Volunteers!

Why your product will fail without a compelling story crafted and told with data

Why your product will fail without a compelling story crafted and told with data

Why your product will fail without a compelling story crafted and told with data

Laura Hamilton
Group Product Manager
July 18, 2018

Thursday, the Chicago chapter of Women in Product hosted a panel about “The Power of Storytelling in Product Development.” In Thursday’s event, three female product leaders shared with us their stories about how compelling storytelling leads to successful products — and how a weak or missing story will cause a product to flounder or fail.

The event was sponsored by Uptake, a predictive analytics SaaS provider focused on the industrial space. The panel discussion was moderated by Taylor Klassman, Senior User Experience Researcher at Uptake who leads research in the Renewable Energy vertical. In addition to the usual client interviews and meetings with PMs, Taylor “goes the extra 300 feet” (vertically) by climbing wind turbines to watch end users in their daily workflows.

The panel was composed of O’Dealya Price (Senior Product Manager at Uptake on the IoT Edge Team), Kelly Bishop (VP Product and Design at Fusion Media Group), and Shelby King (Senior Product Manager at Venmo).

Human beings have a fundamental need for stories, a need to craft narratives out of data. In fact the human need for narratives is so compelling, so innate, that people routinely craft narratives around random data, creating a storyline where there isn’t one. Parents have been telling stories for babies since the beginning of the human race, using stories as the primary method to teach children about the world around them.

The panelists emphasized the importance of being customer-obsessed, of crafting the product storyline based on data and customer research, and of evangelizing the product story with the product development team. “All of that rich context, all of that data that you have been looking at, all of those conversations that you have had with customers, the user research that you have done, the context you have gotten from leadership on what the business goals are for the next 6–12 months or the next 5 years. Everything you have in your head, get it out of your head. Share it with the people working on your project,” said King. She explained that at Venmo, product managers first write a Google doc that illustrates the customer problem, brings in data to contextualize the problem, then defines the solution and KPIs. Next, she shares the doc as broadly as possible throughout the organization — with engineering, with risk, with legal, with marketing, and with PR.

King shared an example about how she used the customer’s voice to tell the product story to her engineering team to tell the story of the Venmo Debit Card, launched last week. She told us how she compiled a list of customer tweets indicating a customer need for the debit card product. Customers were tweeting @venmo, lamenting the fact that the ice cream truck on their street did not take Venmo. King explained to her engineering team how the Venmo card solved the customers’ problem and provided immediate ice cream paid for by their venmo accounts. “If you’re able to bring through examples of what the customer is saying, that can be really powerful,” King explained.

Smart people doing interesting work

Writing the product narrative can also help with the strategy. Bishop shared with us a story about an initiative that her team was ready to begin work on, but then when she took a step back to write the story concluded that there was no “there” there. “We stepped back to look at the story, and we sunset the project because it wasn’t a good use of the team. Always second guess some of that pressure,” said Bishop.

The product panelists emphasized the importance of knowing your audience, and tailoring your story appropriately. “Knowing your audience is a big part of being a successful story. What I do is try my best to understand what the people I’m telling the story to care about. Tailor your story; everybody doesn’t need to know everything,” said King. It’s the product manager’s job to gather all of the data, all of the customer research, all of the anecdotes and all of the information — and then to edit it appropriately for the given audience. “The most important phase of this,” explained Bishop, “is when you edit your story.”

And it’s important to watch the audience, to see if the product story is hitting home or is missing its mark, and to adjust on the fly. “When I explain things and there’s silence afterwards, that’s an indication I didn’t explain something, didn’t understand the audience,” said Price. But telling the story isn’t just a one-time event that happens at the project kick-off. It’s a continual effort, done through many meetings, emails, slack messages, and documents. A product leader needs to set the project goals and KPIs at the outset, then have regular check-ins to review progress and reiterate the story. These regular check-ins help keep the team energized and also helps to drive improvements and optimizations in the product and processes.


Laura Hamilton is a Group Product Manager at Groupon. We’re hiring Product Managers in multiple locations. Want to work with us? Browse our current job listings or learn more about us on our Product page.

Azary – Consultant commercial à Paris

Azary – Consultant commercial à Paris


Consultant commercial Paris, France Joined: 2017

Quel est votre meilleur souvenir chez Groupon?

Lors de mon arrivée, c’était de voir l’ambiance de travail très détendue dans l’équipe Inside, tu sens que tout le monde est à l’écoute pour t’apporter de l’aide si besoin. La première question que je me suis posée, était comment réussir dans un tel environnement alors que je viens des entreprises où tout paraissait verrouillé. Après une période d’observation me permettant de comprendre les codes, j’ai tout de suite pris le pli et capté les ondes positives pour accélérer mon intégration.

Parlez-nous de votre travail! Que faites-vous? Qu’est-ce qui vous plaît le plus?

Je fais partie de l’équipe Sales Inside, mon travail consiste à recruter les nouveaux partenaires en fonction des besoins sur le site. Ce qui me plaît, c’est qu’il s’agit de chasse, au quotidien, il faut trouver des établissements de qualité avec un focus sur le Food & Drink. C’est une mission à triple objectifs où il est nécessaire de satisfaire les partenaires en ayant la bonne construction des deals pour attirer le plus de clients, satisfaire les clients lorsqu’ils visitent le site Groupon parce qu’ils trouvent les bons deals au bon prix et bien-sûr nous satisfaire parce que les deals génèrent assez de chiffre d’affaire pour l’atteinte des Targets.

Quel est le plus gros défi que vous ayez rencontré?

Pour un sale, le plus gros défi reste au quotidien la signature des partenaires de qualité avec la bonne construction des deals pour générer du chiffre. L’ancien système de rémunération consistait à constituer son portefeuille partenaire et le compléter mois par mois pour performer. Depuis février, le système a changé, cela change l’approche parce qu’il faut chasser continuellement pour garder le cap vers les objectifs mensuels.

Qui ou qu’est-ce qui vous inspire?

Je suis inspiré par les belles aventures humaines où l’improbable devient possible grâce la persévérance et la pugnacité. En même temps, je suis originaire d’un pays où la survie est de mise, il faut savoir s’adapter à tout type d’élément : politique, catastrophes naturelles entre autres qui forgent une force de caractère nous amenant à être pragmatique pour avancer dans mes différents projets de vies.

Quelle a été votre première impression de Groupon en tant qu’employeur?

Ma première impression a été que Groupon est un lieu où il faisait bon de travailler. Il y a des petites attentions qui ne trompent pas. Cafétéria aménagée pour les heures de pauses, table de ping-pong, cours de yoga pour se détendre et tournois de babyfoot pour les initiés, ce sont des petites choses qui à première vue semblent banales mais qui sont très importantes pour le bien-être des salariés.

En quoi votre travail impacte la mission de Groupon de devenir une habitude quotidienne en commerce local?

En recrutant des partenaires de qualité et de belles offres qui ne se trouvent pas sur le site. J’œuvre à donner envie aux clients de revenir quotidiennement. C’est de cette manière que nous allons arriver ensemble à faire de Groupon une « Market Place » incontournable. Il y a tout plein d’extraordinaires histoires Groupon.

Quelle est votre plus grande réussite et/ou votre plus grande fierté?

Le fait d’avoir eu le prix BEST CSAT 2017 m’a conforté dans ma manière de travailler. Certes le but des chasseurs est de signer un maximum de contrats, mais il faut essayer de faire ce travail de questionnement afin d’affiner au mieux l’analyse qualitative de chaque établissement pour éviter le mécontentement des clients et d’assurer la pérennité de chaque deal sur le site. Bien entendu, dans cette approche, en ayant le premier contact avec le partenaire, j’essaie de faire le mieux que possible pour assurer la première phase de formation. Surtout j’essaie de sensibiliser les partenaires sur l’importance de bien prendre en charge chaque client de manière personnalisée pour générer des appréciations positives sur le site et sur les autres supports web.

Vos parents : que croient-ils que vous faites?

Rien de spécial car, pour eux, un travail reste un travail, le plus important c’est de gagner sa vie honnêtement. Cela me va très bien comme cela, car même si les conseils des autres sont très importants pour moi pour m’améliorer et avancer, j’aime autant garder mon indépendance pour prendre mes décisions en toute tranquillité.

Participez-vous au programme de bénévolat employé?

J’ai participé à la journée resto du cœur qui est une bonne expérience entre collègues et c’était l’occasion de donner un peu de temps pour aider ceux qui en ont le plus besoin. En plus tout s’est passé dans une ambiance décontractée avec les collègues et si cette action a permis d’apporter un peu de bonheur aux plus démunis, que demander de plus?

Que faisiez-vous avant Groupon? Comment vous y êtes-vous retrouvé?

Avant Groupon ? Si le monde du travail était une sphère, j’aurais pu dire que j’ai parcouru mon petit monde tout en restant dans le milieu commercial et au contact de la clientèle d’où cette appétence pour la satisfaction des clients. J’ai eu l’occasion d’exercer dans le milieu des télécoms en tant que sale et manager, j’ai œuvré aussi dans la télévente, dans la publicité en tant commercial terrain, dans la formation en tant que consultant formateur. Autant d’expériences qui ont facilité mon adaptation dans tous les milieux : professionnel, personnel et dans la vie de tous les jours. C’est une richesse pour moi d’avoir côtoyé des personnes d’univers différents. Cela me permet aujourd’hui de me sentir comme un petit poisson au milieu d’un grand océan.

Vous avez sans doute une vie en dehors de Groupon. Quelles sont vos occupations à l’extérieur? Vos loisirs?

En dehors de Groupon, je fais des choses toutes banales, m’occuper de ma famille qui occupe la plus grande place. Je pense qu’il faut un bon équilibre entre la vie professionnelle et la vie personnelle. Un déséquilibre peut être néfaste en tout point. J’aime le voyage, en même temps, mon origine et ma vie actuellement me permettent de comprendre l’importance de voyager et découvrir d’autres horizons, d’autres cultures et d’avoir une vision positive du monde qui nous entoure. Le sport est important pour moi car, il me permet de m’évader et d’oublier momentanément les petites difficultés de la vie.

Avez-vous été référé à Groupon par un employé? Qui était-ce?

Vu de l’extérieur, Groupon à mon âge, je ne pensais pas à Groupon comme nouveau challenge. Pour moi, Groupon était une grande startup où travaillaient uniquement des jeunes de moins de 30 ans. Une amie, Guylaine Matthew, a intégré Groupon, m’en a parlé positivement et m’a coopté. Maintenant que j’y suis, je ne regrette pas.

Si vous pouviez occuper un autre emploi pour une journée, quel serait-il et pourquoi?

Je ferais de la formation car j’aime transmettre et en plus j’ai une petite expertise dans le domaine. C’est un moyen de partager son vécu avec les autres. On transmet tout en apprenant.

Votre rôle existe sûrement dans d’autres entreprises que Groupon… alors qu’est-ce qui rend votre mission chez Groupon unique?

Je me souviens d’une question qu’un employeur m’a posée lors d’un entretien il y a 17 ans, du moins une remarque qui était la suivante, « vous avez la réputation de ne pas rester longtemps en poste, en quelque sorte vous êtes quelqu’un d’instable », et ma réponse était très simple, si je ne reste pas longtemps dans un poste c’est que je n’ai pas pu trouver le motif de satisfaction nécessaire à cette stabilité. Suite à cela, j’ai été recruté et j’ai passé près de 11 ans dans cette entreprise en franchissant pas mal d’étapes avec plus ou moins de difficultés et c’est la partie la plus riche de ma carrière. Tout cela pour dire que si je reste chez Groupon c’est que je m’y sens bien. Sans la cooptation et la présentation positive de mon amie, je n’aurais peut-être jamais intégré Groupon. L’atmosphère de travail est agréable, j’ai cette impression qu’il y a toujours cette recherche pour que les employés se sentent bien.

Dites-nous quelque chose qui pourrait nous surprendre à votre sujet!

Je suis tellement détente qu’une fois, en vacances avec ma copine à Barcelone, on s’est endormi sur une petite place sans se soucier de quoique ce soit.