Recruiter for Netherlands & Belgium
Based in Dublin
Joined: 2015


Entrepreneurial spirit and a killer aim when throwing custard pies: some of the skills that help Sarah succeed at Groupon.

Tell us about your Groupon story so far.

I joined Groupon 2.5 years ago as a Talent Sourcer for the Corporate side of the business. My role quickly progressed to a full cycle Recruiter giving me the chance to build strong relationships with other TA team members as well as hiring managers and work on loads of different types of roles for our business across EMEA. Basically, whatever required an extra pair of hands or was of urgency, I was happy to jump on board with!

In the past year, I moved to the Netherlands and Belgium markets (though I’m based in Dublin) where I lead all recruiting as their dedicated Recruiter and Talent Partner. It’s a challenging role at times considering the language and location barriers but it works well and my hiring team are a blast to work with!

What’s the secret to succeeding at Groupon? 

I would say things like Tenacity, Resilience and Grit are qualities that help people excel at Groupon and someone with an entrepreneurial spirit tends to do well here. I’d also say, don’t take yourself too seriously!

What is Groupon for women? Does it feel like a diverse, inclusive workspace?

In my experience Groupon is a great employer for women: there is a genuine, human side to the Managers and Leadership Team who clearly understand that sometimes life gets in the way of the standard 9-6 working hours. Groupon’s International Business is led by many strong women and they help shape our inclusive culture. During my time here I have met and worked with many women who have shaped me professionally and who I will call upon as mentors for the rest of my career – you know who you are!


There is a genuine, human side to the Managers and Leadership Team who clearly understand that sometimes life gets in the way of the standard 9-6 working hours.


Last year Sarah joined the team in Warsaw for a couple of months to assist on Customer Service hiring.

How significant is it that we are launching Women@Groupon?

The launch of Women@Groupon is hugely significant for our current and future employees: to have our male and female colleagues advocate for women in the workplace, for parity and for empowerment is truly inspiring to say the least. Makes it hard to believe that only 100 years ago we couldn’t even vote, how times have changed!


What’s on the horizon at work that keeps you engaged and interested?

I’m driven by relationships and people, I get really excited about building teams of quality people and seeing them flourish and I also love seeing my Hiring Managers get really excited about their new starters! Groupon is always moving, changing and adapting which keeps me engaged and excited and pushes me to constantly strive for improvement. My hiring managers and stakeholders in NL/BE are like another team that I truly feel connected to: I have their best interests at heart and want the best for their teams, so that keeps me on my toes too.


What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen in the office?

I think I have become accustomed to the weird and wonderful things that happen in the big green “World of Groupon” but a stand-out memory would be from when I first joined and took part in a charity contest – right in the middle of the canteen – where we basically ‘pie’d’ a group of people, one of which was my manager at the time. I came from a pretty corporate background so that was crazy to me, it was for charity though so all in the name of a good cause!


In a little over 2 years Groupon has as brought me to work in Poland, London, Dublin and Amsterdam and now with Belgium in the mix too, the exposure to international recruitment and the opportunities it presents are endless: the sky is the limit and the people are amazing!