Executive Assistant
Joined: 2015

Our Boomerang EA, Rachel juggles timezones, diaries, team events and supports no fewer than two of our Senior Business Leaders – so she’s busy alright! But she loves her job – read on to see why!


Tell us about your Groupon story so far.

Long version or short..? 🙂

I originally joined Groupon in 2015 as the Talent Acquisition Coordinator in the Dublin office. I worked with so many fantastic people all over EMEA from scheduling interviews worldwide to organising travel for candidates, helping some relocate to welcoming them and showing them around our cool Dublin office – I loved every minute of it! I took a mini hiatus in October 2016 until January 2017 to train as an Executive Assistant elsewhere before becoming ‘Boomerang’ and returning to Groupon.

My first day back last year I truly felt like I had come home. I love the people here. I work as an Executive Assistant and currently support two of our Senior Business Leaders who are amazing people to work with! They inspire me everyday – so smart, motivated and human.  My role involves but is not limited to scheduling meetings worldwide, sending agendas for meetings, taking minutes, booking rooms in various locations, pulling together decks, booking travel, organising team events / summits, helping with adhoc requests. I adore my job: no two days are ever the same!


What’s the secret to succeeding at Groupon? What type of person tends to excel here?

I think to work here you need to be adaptable, proactive and flexible. This is a rapidly changing environment so you need to be ready for anything! In saying that it is so much fun to work here! I think a sense of humour is so important too! We laugh every day!!


What is Groupon like as a workplace for women? Does it feel like a diverse, inclusive space?

I think Groupon is a fantastic place for women to work. We have women working in all areas of the business and many female Senior Leaders who are all inspirational to work with and for. We are lucky to have such an inclusive and diverse work space. We work in a company where flexibility is encouraged which is so important in this day and age.


“It can be hard at times as we seem to be hardwired to try and have it all and these women show us all we can have challenging, stimulating and successful careers as well as personal lives.”

How significant is it that we are launching Women@Groupon?

I think is fantastic we are launching Women@Groupon. It is a way for us to share our experiences and knowledge and encourage and support each other.  It is inspiring to see women excelling in their careers but having a work / life balance too. It can be hard at times as we seem to be hardwired to try and have it all and these women show us all we can have challenging, stimulating and successful careers as well as personal lives. Super exciting times for the new ERG here in Dublin!

What excites you about your work? What’s on the horizon that keeps you engaged and interested?

I love people! They are what motivates me. I buzz off their energy and the people in the Dublin office are a fantastic bunch – so smart, creative, fun, kind, courageous and funny. I love building relationships with my Execs, their fab teams and all the people I come into contact with really. I know that I am here to help them and enable them to do their jobs to the best of their abilities, so understanding their roles better and why they need my help keeps me motivated!


What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen in the office?

There are so many…..haha!  We have had Fancy Dress catwalk competitions (imagine Batman and Robin, Buzz Lightyear and Catwoman strutting across the canteen), PieDay the 13th (Ever wanted to smush a pie in your manager’s face – this was your chance!), Tarot card readers, real cats nesting under the floor of one of our meetings rooms (yes REAL cats!). Bring your dog to work day is fun too! But I think one of the strangest or most fun things is Christmas in our office. We go ALL out – we have had igloos, the Stranger Things Creature on the walls, Snowmen made from plastic cups, mini ski slopes, Santa stuck in the chimney to Santa’s Grotto (including snow, mulled wine, reindeer, real life Santa and an armchair from one of the team’s homes!)


What does your mother think you do?

Talk to people and organise things…. vague! 🙂 She knows I enjoy a good chat and that I need to engage with people to do my job and that I organise event type things a lot.  I think she also thinks in Tech companies like ours we sit on bean bags, chat and drink coffee all day!

“I feel truly lucky to work in our Groupon Dublin office. We have such a wonderful group of people that make coming to work every day educational, stimulating and fun!”