APRIL 2018

NodeSchool Seattle and Groupon Team Up for Aspiring JavaScript Coders

As reported by Wil Alvarez.

In tech-focused Seattle, Groupon becomes the location for new and experienced coders to work together. NodeSchool, a global meetup with local chapters, is dedicated to helping people of all skill levels to learn JavaScript in a low-stress and inclusive environment. The event also created a great opportunity to hang out with other learners and mentors who share a passion for coding.

Seattle Grouponer Wil Alvarez tells us more about this exciting event.  

“It is the perfect scenario for us to build a great community around Groupon. Giving back and helping others to learn can mean a huge impact on other people’s lives. It is also a space that lives by the values of respect, integrity, and inclusion because it’s focused on providing a harassment-free event experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, religion (or lack thereof), or technology choices. It’s a safe place where everyone should feel welcome.”

And feel welcome they did!  According to Will, “Some folks drove two hours just to join us! They said this was one the best JavaScript meetups they’ve been so far, mainly because new coders felt supported and experienced coders were glad they could have a space with the freedom to work on their projects but also with the support of mentors in case they needed it.”  

Wil, and fellow Grouponers Melissa Jimison and Marcin Kanclerz, were the three mentors who worked with 20 attendees during the event. In case you were wondering why Wil, Melissa, and Marcin wanted to give up a Saturday afternoon to help people learn JavaScript, Wil, who organized the event, says, “It is just wonderful to see how happy and grateful people were at the end of the day for the support we gave them. We, developers, have a great power that is capable of changing people’s lives and building a better world. So, why miss the chance to use it? Remember that not all heroes wear capes.”

It also gave the mentors valuable professional development experience. “Organizing an event like the NodeSchool helps me build my leadership skills and boost a stronger sense of community around my team members. Hopefully, this is something I can use not only in my team but in the whole office.”

Wil sees this as not only a way to give back while developing his leadership skills, he also sees this as one of the first events for his Groupon group the Seattle Culture Club. Their mission is to support all the activities that make Groupon a better place to work.