Would you like to get to know the Superheroes who save money for Groupon? Meet some members of the SSC Risk Operations Team from our Warsaw office supporting EMEA and APAC regions!


I lead the Risk Operations SSC in Warsaw. I work with team members and other managers on projects that aim to develop the team and improve its main functions. I love the fact that I can work with many interesting people with different background and nationalities who together make this team better every day! Thanks to the work of my team customers receives safe service. They can trust us and our merchants and continue using Groupon as a daily habit.

“Fun fact about me? I love travelling and New York City is my favourite place in the world! On the other hand, if I could do another job for a day, I’d definitely go beyond Earth and become an astronaut!”


I work on issues escalated from Sales, Merchant Services and Resolution Team, focusing on for high risk accounts which can cause potential refunds or bad customer experience. We are trying to find the best solutions negotiating with partners and Sales department in order to avoid financial loss. In my team we all work cross-country for EMEA and APAC regions. I mainly support the Italian market but I also help with the UK, Poland and Germany. Our department also verifies high risk categories, checks periodically accounts with high percentage of refunds or negative feedback and works on improving internal procedures. I love this job because it gives me an overview of different markets, allows me to work with so many different people and also makes me feel that this role helps to resolve some important issues!

“Outside of work I am a violinist and I used to give concerts with several orchestras around Italy!”


I handle approval process, generate reports, write macros in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) and solve Partner queries. What I love about my job is the fact that I can automate repetitive tasks via VBA & iMacros which allows me and my team to save a lot of time and it allows to mitigate human errors. Our work aims at improving the Merchant-Groupon relationship which directly translates into better customer experience. I was surprised to learn that as Groupon employees we are evaluated based on our actual work and results rather then the amount of time spent in front of the computer!

“I like Excel. A lot. I run macros at home!”


In the Reconciliations Team we solve disputes with partners and ensure operations are being carried out according to the terms and conditions agreed by contract with our Merchants. The biggest challenge for me is building relationships with partners and getting them to agree with you even if the outcome is not always to their advantage. I like the impact we make by communicating with partners and providing them with solutions to their problems, which helps building relationships of mutual trust.

“One thing you probably didn’t know about me? I lived in Romania for a year!”


My job is changing a lot specially in the last couple of months, when I started with Merchant Escalations for Local Italy and my main tasks were solving merchants’ claims and preventing risky merchants from being featured; now I am also supporting other markets like the UK and Arab Emirates, I’m responsible for Travel Escalations in all EMEA, for some preventive risk activities such as the Mass DNR process and the High Risk Subcategories and I am also responsible for reporting on our main activities to the IVPs in all EMEA and ANZ.

“In our department everything is a challenge, we do not follow rigid decision trees and we always have to rack our brains in order to find the best solution for the issue!”


I work within the Reconciliation Team. Mainly, I am investigating and solving disputes with partners who are contesting financial deductions applied to their accounts following refunds issued to customers. Sounds important, huh? Whew! We’re working towards smoothing any difficulties that may arise with partners, to make our cooperation easier!

“If I were to do another job for one day, I’d like to be a true Superhero! Also, I can juggle fire.”


I provide operational support to our legal counsels across EMEA. Our main goal is to advise the business and provide support in order to make sure we’re compliant with all the legal requirements within all the countries we are advertising (e.g. requirements for medical deals, advertising specific kind of products, cross border sales rules). A secondary function is to lead or assist in the resolution of all conflicts and issues that have gone wrong and that could end up in legal proceedings and ultimately harming Groupon’s reputation in the market.

“Fun fact about me? I speak English, Spanish, French, Italian and some Polish, too! Also, I have 40 direct cousins.”

What’s your favorite Groupon memory? The most random thing you’ve witnessed at the office?

Annabelle: It was Groupon’s 6th anniversary party, themed Havana Night: I’ve just joined Groupon a couple of weeks earlier, but my team was already super friendly and we had a great night! We can’t wait for the next Groupon party this Friday: the theme is Rock & Roll!

Piotr: There were many great memories during all these years! The most unexpected and random thing that I remember was when Groupon CEO, Rich Williams himself, walked next to my desk, I had no idea he was visiting Warsaw at the time!

What do your parents think you do?

Piotr: They know I manage the team that basically saves the money for Groupon 🙂

Krzysztof: My parents think I sell vouchers!

Paulina: No matter what I do, they are convinced that I work too much but they love Groupon cause it brought me back home from Italy!


Would you like to join the Team?

If you would like to join #TeamGroupon and become part of the Risk Team, check out our currently available roles within the Merchant Escalations Team or the Reconciliation Team, reach out to Małgorzata Cichy who is currently recruiting more of these Superheroes!