Senior Merchant Marketing Manager
Milan, Italy
Joined: 2012

Marco is sort of an adrenaline junkie…so it’s no surprise that he loves working at Groupon!

Take us back to 2012: what was your first impression of Groupon as a workplace?

I was both scared and excited by the speed of the job, but the energy and vibes you could breathe in the Milan office in March 2012 is something I will never forget!

What’s your favorite Groupon memory?

The first Groupon party because it happened just 12 days after I joined the company and I thought, “Wow, my new colleagues are so awesome!”

What has been the most challenging thing you’ve worked on here?

Organizing 10 merchant events in 10 different cities in 5 days. That was a really crazy idea! We wanted to reach as many as possible merchants with a tour from north to south of Italy in the shortest time possible. So we planned two events per day: one at lunchtime and one at dinner in different cities, travelling like pinballs up and down the country. We succeeded in reaching hundreds of merchants in the most important Italian markets, bringing them the new features and tools we were launching for them, and generating a great exposure to Groupon brand in the local markets.

So how does the work you do impact Groupon’s mission of building the daily habit in local commerce?

Thanks to events and trade shows, we have the chance to meet hundreds of local business owners who want to attract new clients and increase their revenue and brand visibility. We help them reach their business goals and in turn grow their local communities.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I’m multitasking every day since I work on many projects for different European countries. I have to keep track of all the activities on every single project, working closely with my colleagues abroad. Then I spend some time on EMEA video conference calls for updates and project coordination. The most challenging part of my job is working simultaneously on several events and trade shows. For example, right now I’m working on two fairs: one in Germany and one in France and five events: one in Spain, two in Italy, one in the UK, and one in Germany…all happening between March and April! So you need to work fast and be able to switch even faster from a project plan to another one without missing any detail. But don’t worry, I always find time for a nice Italian lunch with my colleagues!

Do you have a favorite trade show you’ve attended?

My favorite trade shows are definitely the travel ones, the ITB in Berlin and the TTG in Italy, probably because I love travelling and I feel part of the environment at those fairs. Last April, we organized an event inside the Tower Bridge in London for a selection of our top merchants and it was something magical! Merchants who attended the event are still talking about it 😉

Have you won any awards in your time here?

I won a Green Award in Q4 of 2017 for the results I accomplished that year!

So what keeps you excited to come to work every day? (Aside from the awards!)

At Groupon, you have to chance to switch between sales verticals, so it’s like working for multiple companies, meeting completely different merchants and business owners. There’s always something more to learn and discover; you never get bored of it. And the energy that the Grouponers have it’s something unique. There’s a lot of green blood running through our veins!

We know you love Groupon…but you probably have a life outside of these four walls. What keeps you busy outside of work?

I love snowboarding in the Alps and riding my motorbike during summer time. I love TV series and movies and I’m quite addicted to new technologies and digital world. And I travel…I travel a lot 😀

Tell us about what you do here! What do you love about it?

I’m responsible for all the Merchant Events and Trade Shows at the EMEA level. It’s the coolest job in the world ’cause it allows me to travel, work with colleagues from all around Europe, meet hundreds of our awesome merchants, and spread around the brand and positive vibes of Groupon. It’s inspiring to see how many clients and merchants love working with us and how we are changing the daily habit in local commerce.

So before you were in Marketing, you were on the Comms team. Can you talk about how you went about making that move?

When I joined Groupon there was no Merchant Marketing team. After a few months, Groupon decided to increase the efforts on activities for our merchants so I started working at 50% on it. After a while, I made the decision to move from Comms to the Merchant Marketing department fulltime. It’s been a great opportunity for my career at Groupon. At the beginning I was responsible for the Italian market, then I started working for Southern Europe, and today I’m responsible for all of EMEA, managing the activities for all top European countries.

OK, but what do you parents think you do?

They think I organize parties all around Europe, which is fine with me!  😀

Tell us about your involvement with Groupon Volunteers.

I’ve been volunteering for half of my life, so I was excited about Groupon’s volunteer program and decided to join it immediately. We’ve ran a lot of marathons since I joined and raised bucks for many ONGs!

Take us back to your life before joining Groupon. What were you up to then?

I worked for an American PR agency managing the press office and communications for big brands like Visa, Activision, and Bang&Olufsen. It has been an amazing journey since I first got a call from Groupon—the new start up that was on everyone’s mind in 2012—and I decided to start this exciting new endeavor on the Comms team.

If you could have any other job for one day…what would it be and why?

I think I would be a motorbike rider, racing in the MotoGP championship ’cause I like the speed and the thrill of a nice turn.

Tell us something about you that might surprise us!

I pushed my motorbike at 250 Km/h (155 mph) once and it was an injection of pure adrenaline!

What’s your favorite local business?

Ah, I could pick one for every European country I’m travelling all year long, but let’s say that Terme di Sirmione in Italy on Lake of Garda is something truly unique. A spa resort where you can regenerate your body and mind, pampering yourself with an unbelievable view of the lake. Watch it yourself if you don’t believe me!

Who or what inspires you?

I can say that working with hundreds of colleagues and merchants all around Europe is very inspiring! We are changing how people live their daily life—discovering local businesses, trying new experiences they have never even thought about. And supporting the local businesses bringing new curious clients to them, getting extra exposure to their brands in their cities and beyond. When I talk with our merchants it’s really inspiring to see what we are doing for them. We are making a difference!