IWD 2018 in Japan

Highlights from International Women’s
Day in our Tokyo office


The local Comms team worked with volunteers to organize a food- and quiz-filled event for Grouponers in Tokyo.


Groupies from our Sydney office were

present for the festivities! Here, Sandy and Aline,

who are clearly on a world tour since becoming famous

on the People Blog, spent time chatting with

Yoshiko Mizushima, General Manager of

Accounting  & Finance.


Groupon-branded macarons?!

Say no more. The men from the

office prepared and served all of

the food and drinks for the occasion.

🎂 🍥 🍰


Grouponers were quizzed on the topic of women in the

workplace, including a question about President of

International, Julie Szudarek, and what job

she would love to do for a day.

Join the fun in Tokyo!


Everyone watched a short

video highlighting Groupon women

from across the globe speaking to

the importance of International

Women’s Day and what it means

to them.


After a short quiz about women

and the gender gap, the winner

received Groupon bucks and everyone

snacked on sandwiches and sparkling



Yoshiko from our Finance organization spoke about

the importance of recognizing International Women’s Day

and overall gender equality at Groupon,

finishing off the speech with a toast.