2018 in ANZ: “The Year of Courage”

Groupon Australia and New Zealand celebrated their annual conference on Friday 2nd February, held at the magnificent Powerhouse Museum in Sydney with 120 guests from both countries in attendance. On arrival, all staff was treated to an awesome Groupon goodies pack which included a Groupon branded gym bag, pen, journal, and lanyard – Spoilt!

The day started off with Groupon APAC CEO Steve Traplin’s welcome speech, then kicked straight into the 2017 year in review and our 2018 goals, which brought to life to the underlying theme throughout the event: “courage”. For staff to have the courage to break their own belief barriers, break that glass ceiling, and to do and be a better version of ourselves than we ever thought possible.

There were group activities and paired goal-setting sessions with peak performance coach Mark Carter, plenty of motivational videos and even an inspirational speaker, Tristan Miller, who spoke about his journey of entering the record books when he became the first person ever to complete 52 marathons in 52 weeks. Tristan’s inspiring, “courageous” or insane journey (depending how you look at it) had everyone on the edge of their seats and really inspired all staff to push through their limits, have the courage to speak up, try something different, get out of the comfort zone, and be and try their best every single day.
The day wrapped up with a huge amount of awards and we continued the celebration at our next venue, Sweethearts, where we partied on a rooftop under the stars. There were even more gifts (Groupon branded beer coolers) an awesome DJ, photo booth, drinks and plenty of food. We sure continued the work hard and party hard reputation Groupon ANZ is known for.
It was an epic day and night for all, with staff leaving inspired and motivated to kick off 2018 with a bang!