Senior Recruiter
Milan, Italy
Joined: 2011

Groupon veteran Chiara feels like Groupon Milan is her second home—a feeling she gets in part from the understanding and fun people she works with every day.

What teams do you recruit for?

I hire for all of our roles in Italy, but I primarily hire for our Sales organization.

What are some best practices for candidates to keep in mind if they’re interested in applying for a job here?

The #1 thing is that candidates should only apply to roles that they’re interested in and qualified for. Also, learn as much about Groupon as possible by checking and reading employee stories to learn more about what it’s like to work in Milan.

What inspires you?

I am inspired every day by the energy of our company. The relationships I have with my colleagues is great. We work hard but also have a lot of fun. Most important is we share success and difficulties together. That, for me, is a very inspiring way to work!

What’s unique about the teams you hire for?

I recruit for all kind of roles in Italy, but mainly sales roles. The synergy with the hiring manager is unique. Candidates really have the opportunity to learn about the role and the company and learn about the challenges and expectations of the role. In this way, they can have all the info to understand if they really fit the culture and the position. In my opinion transparency, from both side, is the most important thing during the recruiting process.

What are the top questions you get asked by candidates?

The most commonly-asked question is about their career path. Considering that the majority of our managers came from sales roles in Groupon, it is a pretty easy question to answer.   🙂

Another question is about onboarding and training. Candidates are usually very excited to work with, as they recognize we are in a challenging market, so they want to learn as much as possible before joining the field.

What was your first impression of Groupon?

I joined Groupon in 2011. I was “shocked” by everything: the open space, the energetic people, the fun attitude to the job. New deals, new processes, new products took shape every day. I suddenly understood I was on another planet; a very different company from my previous ones.

OK, so you’ve been here a LONG time. What keeps you excited to come to work every day?

I have been working for so long that I feel I’m at home! Plus, at Groupon everything is a rush, so you don’t’ have a chance to become bored. The people are the best asset at Groupon and working closely with all these energetic professionals is very inspiring. In the end what I love most about my job are my colleagues.

Anything a candidate should know about how to work with you or what to expect from the recruiting process? 

They should expect to be questioned about the business during their interviews. We often role-play sales scenarios with the hiring managers, so they must come well prepared about Groupon and our business model.

Tell us about your Recruiting team! How do you work together as recruiters? 

My team is spread all over Europe. I have one colleague or more in each country in which we operate. We work really well together, sharing our experiences and best practices. And when there is an unusual workload in a country, you can always count on your team member for support.

What’s something that candidates are surprised to learn about your hiring team? Or Groupon in general?

They are always surprised by the informal environment, the flat hierarchy, and the culture that allows everyone to make a real impact on the business. And they are also pleased to learn about the free coffee and fresh fruits available for everyone.

Tell us about the Milan office!

The vibe is very friendly and welcoming. What might surprise someone about it is the understanding and synergy among people; it is something you can breathe in as soon as you first step into the office.

Ready for your next move?

Why should a candidate join Groupon Sales over another company?

Sales is a tough job, so if you have the opportunity to have fun while doing it, why not join us?

What’s the #1 thing you wish all candidates did?

Enjoy the recruiting process and decide to join us!

What’s your favorite Groupon memory? 

I still remember the first Groupon party I went to. I had been working at Groupon for one week and was still getting accustomed to this crazy new world when I was suddenly at this event with a lot of young people, exhibition dancers, and an open bar…which I later found out is normal for Groupon parties.

Another great memory came a few years later at a team-building event that took place around Milan. Everyone from the Milan office and all of outside sales from Italy were involved in a lot of trials to prove their ability and win a competition. I don’t remember what my team ranked, but it was great fun and we laughed a lot!

Tell us something that might surprise us about you.

Every each month I try a new activity. I took at least one class of boxing, scuba diving, swimming, gym, dance, yoga…now it is riding time!