API Team Tech Lead
Palo Alto, CA
Joined: 2011

What’s your favorite conference room?

Three continents, two spaces, one awesome Halloween costume. Here’s Alexandre’s super-serious-and-not-at-all-lighthearted Groupon story.

What’s your favorite Groupon memory?

Every first day I spent in a Groupon office when I moved to a different country. The first day in Groupon Germany in Berlin after the transfer from Groupon Brazil, and then the first day in Groupon’s Palo Alto office! I enjoyed the change every time.

What was your first role here? How did you get to where you are today?

I was an Engineer in Brazil creating internal solutions for the business for Groupon Brazil. I moved to Germany first to work on the API that was used by Mobile Apps team for Europe and South America. Later, I moved to work from the Palo Alto office to do the same but for both North America and Europe, Asia, and parts of Latin America.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Expand on all of these international moves! How did those happen?

I was in Brazil and my boss asked me to go to Germany to prove that we’re good Developers…so I stayed there for two months! They liked my work, I liked Berlin, and we agreed in my moving to Germany to work there permanently! Things were great in Germany for over two years, but Groupon had evolved to new heights and I wanted to be part of it. I asked my boss if I could move, stating that my knowledge of the international business and systems were important in order to expand the One Platform Initiative. He agreed and I moved once again, crossing the Atlantic Ocean once again to Palo Alto! Now, I’ve been here for over three years in sunny California, saving the Groupon world one bit at a time!

Tell us about what you do every day.

You can’t see what I do, but I’m everywhere! Just kidding! I make sure the best APIs are designed to give the best data to customers in the Mobile app and on the Web!

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I’ll be at home, playing games. I love games. I carry my Nintendo 3DS with me all the time to play games or watch movies, especially anime. If I’m not at home I’m with my family in the park.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve worked on?

Refactoring code is always a big challenge. I’m always trying to find better ways and refactoring what I can, challenging myself again and again.

What was your first impression of Groupon?

Wow! They have green as their main color! I love Green!

What do your parents think you do?

My parents believe I sell my body and soul for money using a computer! I’m teaching them to use a tablet, it’s pure black magic for them. They learned to answer my calls and video call me, next I’ll explain what Groupon is…it’ll probably take another year for them to fully get it that my soul is safe.

What’s unique about Groupon’s Engineering culture?

I can be myself at Groupon! Oh, the question was about Engineering culture…I can make an impact in the Engineering culture, my decisions can impact the lives of so many customers, that’s amazing! As the Tech Lead for the Groupon API, I connect with multiple different teams to ensure we make the best products and that the solutions make sense. Any requests for adding new features to deals come through my team; we’re responsible for managing a deal, purchasing, and viewing your Groupons. One important thing I did was increase the performance of ‘My Groupons’. We’re still working on making that section perform even faster in order to give customers easy access to view their purchases.

What’s your favorite programming language?


Tell us something about you that would surprise us.

I hate cats! I prefer dogs! Oh and I’m vegan!

How does your work connect to Groupon’s mission of building the daily habit in local commerce?

I bring all the customers and merchants together, delivering features that will benefit both!

What were you doing before Groupon?

I was working with credit service protection companies. I met my boss in Brazil who wanted me to go to Germany to work with them in special needs for the local market.

What’s your favorite local business?

I love to go to the Farmer’s Market every Sunday. Fresh fruits from local farmers that’s all delicious.

Tabs or spaces?

Two spaces!

What should external folks know about Groupon?

Our customers love the mobile app! You should always have mobile as your target for design or any decisions. Mobile matters!

Vim or emacs? Why?

Butterflies! You let them fly in the surface flapping their wings! The disturbance ripples outward, changing the flow of the eddy currents in the upper atmosphere. These cause momentary pockets of higher pressure air to form, which acts as lenses that deflect cosmic rays, focusing them to strike the drive platter and flip the desired bit.