Sales Manager
Madrid, Spain
Joined: 2012

Preferred pronoun: She/Her

If our math is right, Alexandra has traveled roughly 187,200 km to and from work during her ~6 years with Groupon. That’s commitment.

What’s your favorite Groupon memory?

One of the most impressive things about Groupon is that every day is a unique experience. I have accumulated hundreds of great memories in these awesome six years and I really could not highlight one but I can say that every single day provides me with a great moment.

Tell us about your job! What do you do? What do you love about it? What does a typical day look like?

I manage the inbound sales team that is responsible for answering information requests from companies that want to start working with Groupon. At the same time, I am in charge of a talent management program for people that join the company once they’ve finished their masters or degrees. I teach and help them develop and grow within the company. I am also responsible for the operative part of the merchant development department with everything related to campaign stops. I love discovering new talent and help new sales reps to develop and grow. All of this work requires strong organization and a focus on results. No day can ever be boring, that’s for sure.

What’s been the most challenging thing you’ve worked on?

I started as Customer Service agent in 2012. The constantly changing work environment and getting to continue contributing to the company have been and continue to be my biggest challenges.

Who or what inspires you?

Groupon people. Everyone who works here to achieve the best results as possible inspires me.

What’s your favorite conference room name?

How does your work impact Groupon’s mission of building the daily habit in local commerce?

I work to improve both the experience of customers looking for new, diverse, and better offers, as well as companies looking for effective ways to confidently carry out their marketing campaigns with the support of a professional sales team. I also obviously work every day to make Groupon a better place to work for my team and trainees.

Describe the proudest moment you’ve had at Groupon.

The first time someone from my team thanked me for everything I had done to contribute to their growth by always being there.

What do your children think you do?

My child is two years old so she has no idea what I do, but she says, “Mummy works hard, truly hard.” 🙂 Love her!

You probably have a life outside Groupon; what are you up to when you’re not at work? What are your hobbies?

I enjoy spending time with my daughter, my family, and I also am passionate about photography.

Want to work with me?

If you could do another job for just one day, what would it be?

I would want to be a photographer, no matter where or what.

Your role probably exists at other companies aside from Groupon…so what makes your role at Groupon unique?

It is a continuous search for excellence, learning, and the ability to overcome problems and learn, learn, grow, and grow…

Tell us something that might surprise us about you.

I travel 60 kilometers every day to get to work at Groupon, and another 60 km to get back home. Six years later I still think it’s worth it.