10 November 2017

Honoring the Grouponers who have served our country

This Veterans Day, we’d like to recognize a few of our veteran employees by sharing their journey from the military to Groupon. Continue reading to learn more about four Grouponers from our veterans employee resource group, Groupon for Veterans.

The mission of Groupon for Veterans is to educate the community on Groupon’s core values and desire to give back to those who have served and continue to serve. Our goal is to draw on the professional skills associated with military service through active marketing and community engagement. Groupon for Veterans has an open membership that includes veterans, those currently on active duty, their families, and anyone who supports those who serve our country.


Jake Coffman — Physical Security Specialist, Intel Analyst [Chicago]

I joined the Marines out of high school in 2001 following the attacks on 9/11, where I was forward deployed to Iraq in 2003 and 2004 as a Combat Engineer.  When I separated in 2006 from the Marines, I completed my ungrad in Political Science and International Studies from Northern Illinois in 2010.  Upon graduation, I began working in Aon’s Risk Solutions department on their traveler security management/crisis response team before moving to iJET Integrated Risk Management out of Annapolis.  This past January, the ultimatum of a move led me to look elsewhere — which lead me to an opening with Groupon that fit well with my professional experience and kept me in Chicago.  


Landon Starr — Network Systems Engineer [Chicago]

Growing up, I always wanted to be around airplanes — so naturally I joined the Air Force and was made a Network Engineer. I’ve spent the last 6 years serving between the active duty Air Force and the Air National Guard, with some of that time spent in Afghanistan, Qatar, and South Korea. Since leaving active duty in 2015, I spent time at two different schools, Illinois State University and Parkland College, where I studied Network Management and Aviation. The transition from the military to life as a full-time student wasn’t the easiest thing, and after a lengthy job search, I was fortunate enough to find my calling here at Groupon. I’m a Network Systems Engineer, and I work with a great group of people. My team, and Groupon as a whole, has been super helpful and welcoming and I look forward to working towards our 2020 goals!


Nicholas Rohr — Business Development Representative: Health, Beauty, Wellness [Chicago]

Most of my family was in the military at one point or another. My grandpa was in the Marines and went to Korea, my mom was in the Air National Guard, other aunts and uncles were in the Marines and Air force both active duty as well as in civilian roles. Needless to say, I also grew to like the idea of joining the military. After high school my grandpa gave me some words of wisdom which swayed my decision of joining the Army or Marines to instead joining the Coast Guard back in 2006. I was stationed in Kodiak, AK and Honolulu, HI with some training in Petaluma, CA. I ended up becoming a cook and that carried over into my civilian life after I got out. I moved to Portland and worked at Castagna Restaurant, before moving to Chicago where I worked at Little Goat and Lula Cafe. When my son was born, I wanted more stable hours and started selling meat to restaurant for a few years. Then I applied to Groupon for a sales role and have been having a blast learning a new industry in Health, Beauty and Wellness.


Sonny Sran — Business Development Manager: Health, Beauty, Wellness [Phoenix]

Ever since I was a little boy, I knew I wanted to be a United States Marine. My younger brother and I would buy fake camouflage and toy guns from the store and pretend to be Marines shooting at cars for hours until the Ice Cream truck would come. It was no surprise to my parents when I showed up to our home with two Marine Corps recruiters begging them to sign off on paperwork allowing me to enlist at the age of seventeen and go to basic training upon graduation. I did just that and after about a year of training all over the United States, I became an Aviation Ordnance Systems Technician for helicopters. Essentially, my job was building and handling missiles, bombs, and explosives — in addition to working on all weapons systems associated with attack helicopters. I was deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn in  2009-2010 with HMM-364, and I deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in 2010 and again in 2011-2012 with HMLA-369. I was stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA when I was not forward deployed. I completed my four years, and three weeks later, I became a full time student at Arizona State University where I majored in Political Science. Halfway through my senior year, I began working at Groupon because I thought my military benefits were going to run out and even after graduating I stuck around because I enjoyed the culture and excelled in the role I was in.