Groupon is full of smart people doing interesting work—the Sales Mentorship Program matches them up

Once our newly-joined Sales reps have graduated out of our 12-week training program, they’re fully prepped, pumped, and preened for success. But the support doesn’t stop there. In addition to the continued support from the Groupon Sales University, reps have the option of furthering their professional development by joining the Sales Mentorship Program. Mentees are matched up with more tenured Groupon Sales reps, and each side works on their own professional goals while helping another.

Our Sales Mentorship Program is comprised of mentors and mentees from both Merchant and Business Development Sales groups. This means that no matter what sort of Sales you’re doing—hunting or farming—all reps have the opportunity to participate and grow.

Since, 2015 the program has seen…
70 mentors
287 mentees
16 mentees become mentors
4 mentors promoted to DSM

“I remember how it felt starting in this sales job over 6 years ago with little insight on how to approach my day-to-day routine, so I enjoy being a resource for my mentees. Not only that, but they keep me hungry. Seeing my mentees succeed and get promoted only keeps me motivated to continue doing my job better,”

Dexter Peak, Business Development Mentor

What do mentors get out of the program?
Aside from 1:1 relationship building, mentors can strengthen their professional skills in a variety of ways: participating in professional development training sessions;  attending monthly speaker leadership series; and the opportunity to lead meetings, scrums, and training sessions.

In addition to the time they spend with their mentees, mentors have collectively clocked over 30 hours of volunteering and led 40+ continued education sessions for mentees and the Sales organization overall.

“Participating in mentorship is truly been my biggest key to success in sales. Having a talented peer be there for me on a professional and personal level has opened my eyes to what I didn’t originally think was possible here at Groupon. Each and every time I see my mentor I’m inspired to be better, sharper, stronger and more dedicated to my professional growth.”

Gina Carlson

Sales Trainer & Mentee

“This is a program where mentors can work on their own personal and professional development, while also helping their mentees achieve their goals. It allows them to push themselves towards their goals while learning from their mentees in the process. Most of all, it allows for those deserving to be recognized as the growing leaders they truly are.”

Rheannon Gerlach

Senior Sales Trainer & Sales Mentor Program founder

” Whether it was talking about foundational traits that I needed in order to succeed, or taking it to the next level and becoming more strategic in my thinking, I learned a lot of valuable things from my mentors. It only seems right that I give back to the program that helped me, while also benefiting from the different perspectives that I hear from various reps that I meet in the program.”

Joe Fish

Merchant Development Manager & Mentor