Android Engineer
Palo Alto, CA
Joined: 2015

This Engineer keeps himself and Groupon’s top-rated Android app running. We wonder who would win in a race, though? 🤔

What’s your favorite Groupon memory?

My favorite Groupon memory was when part of my team went to New York for an Android conference. Everyone attended the conference and stayed on Wall Street right near the water. The view from Battery Park was amazing, and staying in the city for multiple days reminded me of home! One night the entire group of us went to Koreatown and had food and drinks at a very trendy rooftop restaurant! To round off the trip I re-explored Chelsea with a few of my co-worker grabbing some awesome food and visiting old friends.

What was your first role at Groupon and how did you get to where you are today?

I first joined Groupon as a level 2 Android Engineer on the Search team. I was mentored by the Android team to learn and get to where I am now. I was lucky enough to have motivated, bright mentors and managers who wanted me to succeed.

What do your parents think you do?

They think I’m a barista at Starbucks.

What’s unique about Groupon’s Engineering culture?

Groupon Engineering teams encourage engineers to learn new technologies, seek out answers, and take the time to find the correct implementation. Unlike many other engineering organizations, Groupon Engineering always prioritizes team knowledge, mentorship, and public speaking opportunities or sharing of ideas.

“Unlike many other engineering organizations, Groupon Engineering always prioritizes team knowledge, mentorship, and public speaking opportunities or sharing of ideas.”

What’s your favorite language?

Kotlin: simple, easy to pick up, trendy.

Tell us something that might surprise us about you.

I’ve been running and competing in track and field events for over 10 years. I started running seriously in the beginning of high school while on the summer track and cross country team. Recently I completed the San Francisco half marathon in 1:27:00, coming in 3rd place in my age group. This was one of the most scenic runs I have ever done, it was truly exhilarating running over the Golden Gate! While in college I was part of the Triathlon team. I still remember the first tri I ever competed in. Standing at 4:00am with steam coming off the lake and looking at the 800m swim in the pond almost made we want to turn and run, however I’m proud to say I was able to complete the swim, bike, and run and was even featured in the local paper with my team. I love to run in my current hometown of Redwood City, from downtown all the way to the top of Eaton Park! Overall running and athletics have a huge impact on who I am!

On that note, we can venture a guess of what other job you’d want to have for a day if you could pick….

I would like to be a personal trainer. I have even considered doing this in the past as I love teaching others and general fitness/health topics.

Who inspires you?

Those who have come from nothing, mastered their craft, and then have helped others truly inspire me. Warren Buffet and Scott Adams are my two biggest inspirations due to their love of their craft and need to help others! I strive to teach and help others in my everyday life just as they do!

Give us a glimpse of your work space!

What’s your favorite part about your team’s Software Development process?

I love that my team takes the time to make sure new code which will be added not only works properly, but does not detrimentally impact performance, follows our style guide, and works on all devices/OS levels. These extra precautions make for a relatively crash-free, solid application.

Vim or emacs?

Vim, because emacs bothers me.


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