Android Engineer
Palo Alto, CA
Joined: 2016

Aside from the excitement of working on Groupon’s top-rated mobile app, Cecilia finds both professional and personal growth within the close-knit Android team

What’s your favorite Groupon memory?

The Groupon app made the top-25 list of comScore’s 2016’s U.S. Mobile App Report, ranking the second of retail apps. Groupon app was the only new entrant to the list that year! Our app has 4.5 out of 5 review in Google app store thanks to our Developers, Quality Assurance Engineers, Product Managers, and Designers who worked together to ship high-quality features continuously. Seeing the app we work on every day is used and liked by so many people makes me feel really proud of our team and our work!

Tell us your Groupon journey!

I joined Groupon as an Android Developer one and a half years ago. Within this short time, I see a big difference in myself. When I first joined, I had limited experience in my field and my English was not as good, which made me a little bit shy. As time has passed, I have improved as a developer and much more. I’m able to drive a medium-size project across teams; working with Product Managers, Designers and unblocking other developers to ensure it ran successfully. I got to where I am today by conquering challenges one by one, always pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I have found other people’s help have contributed to my progress. My manager encouraged me to be more advanced software engineer and create opportunities for me to grow. Members in my team are really nice and helpful, I can always find a role model to learn from.

What was your first impression of Groupon?

At first, I didn’t know anyone in our company and I was a little nervous when I started. However, everyone in the Android team was super friendly. They welcomed me and made me feel like part of the team. People on my team are full of energy and passion, I feel the synergy as we work together.

“Senior developers also share their knowledge and help the junior developers grow. In return, the junior developers often provide new and creative ideas and assistant to them. We work well as a community.”

What’s unique about the Engineering culture here?

There is a lot that’s special about our Engineering department. Our company encourages us to attend many conferences to develop ourselves. Groupon wants us to learn and treasure the creativity within the engineering team. For example, we have a week-long hack-a-thon over the summer (GEEKon), for which we get to use company time to work on fun and collaborating and creative projects.

What’s your favorite programming language?

Java. The programming language for Android. It is easy to learn, platform independent, and has a rich standard library and vast community support.

What do you enjoy about your team’s Software Development process?

There is only one Android team with about 20 people in Groupon, so we work closely together. We have open office meetings to talk deeply about new changes in our codebase and book club meetings to learn new technologies. Beyond completing new features for new business requirements, I have the opportunity to work on refactoring with my senior developers. Senior developers share their knowledge and help the junior developers grow, and in return, the junior developers often provide new and creative ideas and assistance to them. We work well as a community.

Tell us a random fact about yourself.

My mom is a software engineer, but she actually didn’t want me to be a software developer, because she thinks programming is really hard due to the constant need to keep up with new knowledge and technologies. Eventually, I became a software engineer; I think it’s in my blood.