Last year, we circled up the wagons and headed to the southwest to open up a new sales office in Phoenix, Arizona. Today’s interview features Emily, an Account Executive who transitioned from working at a hospital to sales at Groupon.

Name: Emily Sykes
Title: Account Executive

What makes selling Groupon to local businesses unique? 

Groupon is very customizable. You and the merchant are part of the creation. I talked to a merchant who sold cupcakes, but we ended up featuring a cupcake making class. The merchant had never offered that before, so it felt fun and different. We don’t force merchants into a mold, but instead create the mold with them.

What do you attribute to your success here? 

I’m not the kind of person that settles. Even if I am doing well, I know that I can always do better. I am hard on myself, but not to an extreme extent. I always push, numbers aside. I do my best rather than just coming in to do my job.

What was your biggest Sales accomplishment at Groupon?

The San Diego Humane Society! I called and we featured them for an Animal Walk. They loved it so much that they want to run a campaign for all of their events.

What keeps you coming to work everyday? 

Knowing that every day is a challenge. I can have a great day any day I push myself. Also, my team is fantastic! My DSM keeps us engaged and challenged…it never feels like work.

What’s the culture of the Phoenix office like?

This is a new office and it feels like a start up, but it has the backing and resources of a large organization. The office has a welcoming feel, and I love being a part of it. Spring Training contests keep the atmosphere light and the reps engaged. The employees are so communal and quick to lend a hand. That environment becomes contagious.

Thanks for reading the People Blog—a blog about people at Groupon. Phoenix is hiring! Check out our current openings here or watch our Phoenix video to learn more from the reps themselves.