Today we get to know Kristin Bandurski, a Senior Financial Analyst who helped get our Kentucky warehouse up and running and also loves to run in the mud for fun.

Name: Kristin
Title: Senior Financial Analyst (or “SFA” in Finance-speak)
Start Date: August 2013

What brought you to Groupon?

Before coming to Groupon, I worked in Accounting at Pepsi. I wasn’t actively looking for a new company, but I was interested in moving to the Finance/Operations side of the business. I was contacted by one of Groupon’s Finance recruiters about an Accounting opportunity that would interface with operations, specifically Groupon Goods inventory. The role was interesting to me because it was more ops-focused but would still allow me to apply my Accounting knowledge in a new capacity.

After talking on the phone with Recruiting, it sounded like a great opportunity and I came in for a round of interviews at the office. I loved the energy at Groupon and I was especially excited about the idea of writing my own policies. At my previous company, I was able to implement policies and processes, but they were at a small scale. At Groupon, I have the chance to write impactful policies that affect the business more directly.

How did you transition to Finance from Accounting?

About 9 months after joining Groupon, I moved into a role as a Senior Financial Analyst, which isn’t always easy to do. I participated in a rotational program in Finance which prepared me for my transition, and I was also supported by my manager and team. I have never heard someone on the Finance team say, “You don’t know what you’re doing because you’re from Accounting.” You don’t always find this kind of inclusivity at a company, and it’s been great to be in an environment that operates this way.

What’s the most exciting thing you’ve worked on so far and what’s next for you?

By far the most exciting thing for me has been opening our Goods warehouse in Kentucky! Before we officially opened the warehouse, I went down to Hebron and helped write the book about what data we needed and how it should be output in order for us to do our Accounting properly. It’s complicated, but interesting! It was a unique opportunity to be so engaged and hands-on with a new business unit from its inception to launch. The amount of knowledge I’ve learned here is astounding. I could not imagine learning this much anywhere else, it’s been a wonderful place for career development for me. Ultimately, I want to support a revenue channel and learn how we forecast for income.

Anything else?

I love to do mud runs and obstacle courses! You think your desk job is hard until you’re in the middle of a forest climbing a mountain while covered in mud in 200-degree weather. I’ve done Tough Mudder, some Spartan Races, and Warrior Dashes. I tried one of the toughest Spartan races available: it was a 13-mile mountain run and I ran for about 7 miles when I hit my wall. At one point during the run, you had to squat down and go through a tube, and after about 40 tries I physically couldn’t squat. I’ve never pushed myself so hard that I had to stop. It was cool to get to that level so next time I know where to push harder.

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