Written by: Peter Schirripa, Regional Sales Director in our Phoenix office

The key to success, borrowed directly from SVP of Groupon Sales, Darren Schwartz, is activity x skill. Here in Phoenix, activity is our strong suit. Where we have opportunity to grow and improve is skill.

For the past five weeks, four Chicago-based Business Development Reps have been working in our Phoenix office as part of a newly-piloted transfer program to help with skill development on both the team and individual level. The results were fantastic! Kevin Hahn, AJ Roskin, Shane Bradley, and Mike Lampariello all took a selfless trek to the desert to help grow the ever-expanding Phoenix office.

Once the Chicagoans arrived, they were assigned to work with specific teams. Each of the four Chicago reps has been at Groupon for at least two years, and their background and Groupon experience proved to be a tremendous resource. Having seasoned mentors in the office helped to expand the Groupon knowledge of every rep here. We decided to throw a potluck to show our gratitude, and more than 60 teammates chipped in by bringing homemade delights (that’s a lot of goodies), but the main focus was sharing memories from their time here.

It was quite apparent that having Chicago and Phoenix reps join forces was incredibly beneficial to the team here. One final thanks to AJ, Kevin, Mike, and Shane as well as everyone who helped contribute to the program (and potluck) in both Chicago and Phoenix!