Employee Spotlight: Thanos in Image Design

at May 28th, 2015

Thanos talks about transitioning from Facilities to Image Design as well as his passion for Photography. Our Image Designers are responsible for the imagery on our deals. By combining a knowledge of Photoshop with a keen understanding of our aesthetic, they select and edit photos to create delightful visual experiences for our customers.

Thanos Image Designer

What did you do before joining Groupon? Four years ago, I moved from Athens, Greece to Chicago with my wife. In Greece, I worked in the film industry as a Props Master and Production Manager for more than 7 years. I worked on many feature/full-length and short films, TV series, and documentaries…even one for the History Channel which was a lot of fun because I got to design and make all the ancient war armor! I have also worked as a Production Assistant for several political campaigns and music/concert events.

One of my favorite projects was when I was the Production Assistant for NBC on both the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 2014 International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) and Information Technology because it gave me the opportunity to work and interact with many countries and cultures. Here in Chicago, my first job was at a robotics manufacturing company assembling machines. After an unfortunate shoulder injury and surgery, I started working temp jobs which led me to Groupon. I worked as a temp in Facilities for 5 months before transitioning into Image Design. My first year in Chicago was quite bumpy but ultimately my initial bad luck led me to Groupon and eventually to the best job I could wish for!

Can you tell us about your background in photography? I have always had a passion for photography and I am so glad that I have the opportunity to continue chasing my dream in Chicago. What excites me is capturing moments and storytelling through images. I also enjoy the manipulation of images in Photoshop to create a completely new, abstract image. In the past, I also have created a few video art short film that was screened at a major digital art festivals in Greece and even won a honorable award from one of them.

Currently, I study Photography at Triton University. I received an academic scholarship for my first year which I am very proud of because sometimes I feel like my English language skills are a challenge for me. I also was on the President’s Honor List for the last two semesters and am a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. Some of my photographs have been used in different blogs around the world as well as for an online tourist guide, articles for the Chicagoist, and one of my photographs is displayed in a Greek restaurant in Estonia—very cool! Here at Groupon, I have been working with the Internal Communications department, volunteering to take new hire photos, and have covered some internal events.

How did you go about moving from Facilities to Image Design? I liked my job in Facilities and had the pleasure to work with a very solid team. Since Image Design worked in a different office when I started, I was not aware that this department existed until they moved back to our headquarters and I “discovered” them. I knew that this was something I wanted to learn more about and my gut feeling was telling me to apply. I was a little scared because my English is not the strongest, but I followed the guidance of my professor at college who believed in me and said to speak through my work/images, believe in myself, and give it a shot. I decided to go for it and reached out to John, one of our recruiters, who pointed me in the right direction to speak with the recruiter for Editorial. So here we are! It is a decision that has changed my life for the best: I am working with a fantastic, supportive team and doing something that I truly like.

Any advice for people who might be looking to make a similar transition that you did? Groupon has a lot of opportunities for people who want to make a change. My advice is to believe in yourself, be sure that is something you really want to do, work hard, and go for it! The recruiting team is there to help; they gave me a lot of support and helped me throughout the process.

How do you say “Check Groupon First” in Greek? “Des Groupon prota!” This is something that I am saying all the time to my friends in Greece.

Marvelous Mondays in Groupon’s Phoenix Office

at May 19th, 2015

Written by: Peter Schirripa, Phoenix Launch Team Sales Manager

Groupon Phoenix—we take our jobs seriously, but not ourselves. Case in point: “Marvelous Monday.” At most companies, Mondays are often groggy, slow-moving, and evoke a longing for the weekend that came to an end too quickly. But in Groupon’s Phoenix office, we make the most of every day…especially Monday. “Marvelous Monday” may or may not be a new tradition in the office. If we’re truly going to work with the best merchants possible and create the best campaigns for our subscribers, we figured we might as well look our best while we do it.

Groupon Phoenix


Our vision here is simple: we work hard to change the world. Our Sales Reps have an affinity for changing the lives of local merchants while making life less boring for our subscribers. We strive to craft successful campaigns for the merchant, the customer, and for Groupon.

As the number of merchants we work with grows, so do our hiring needs. We opened this office with 15 Sales Reps in early 2015, and we recently just hired our 50th employee. You could say we’re growing faster than desert weeds, building out our office with mostly referrals who are energetic and passionate about growing a new location.

We will be moving into a permanent location soon and are excited to add more talent to the team. Interested in joining the best-dressed (on Mondays, at least) Sales team this side of the Mississippi?

Check out some of our current openings here or email pschirripa@groupon.com with any questions!

Employee Spotlight: Associate Buyer for ideel

at May 19th, 2015

Groupon’s mission is to be the go-to site for anything our consumers want, whether that’s sushi, a massage, or a banana bunker. Similarly, ideel curates deals for in-demand fashion brands for women, men, and the home. In 2014, ideel officially joined the Groupon family and together they’re building out a seamless marketplace experience.

Today we chat with Samantha, an Associate Buyer for ideel in our New York City office.

Name: SamanthaSamantha - Ideel Buyer

Title: Associate Buyer

Start date: November 2011

What does your role entail? I am the Associate Buyer for denim, contemporary, and active apparel which entails going to market to buy products for the ideel website. After selections are made, I write the orders and negotiate pricing with vendors. I then create and curate the sales for the site. My daily routine involves answering emails, working on orders, going to market, building daily events, and more. I also collaborate with my Senior Buyer on a lot of these tasks.

What do you love about what you do? Hands down, the best (and most fun) part of my job is going to market! I love meeting with vendors—sourcing a great deal or opening a new vendor is extremely exciting. There’s nothing better than seeing an amazing product and then selling it on ideel.

What is challenging about your role? The most challenging thing about my role is selecting the right products to feature on our site. There are so many vendors out there that it can be overwhelming at times, but having a firm understanding of the ideel brand helps you decide which ones should become partners. You never want to turn vendors away, but in the end you have to consider what is best for the business.

How does your role impact ideel’s mission to be the go-to marketplace for fashion? My role is important because as Buyers, we’re the ones on the front lines putting our faces behind the product and making the right selections. It’s important for Buyers to find the best products and brands to feature on the site. We want ideel to be the go-to fashion marketplace for men and women, which means we need to buy the best merchandise and present it in the most compelling way possible.

How does what you do align with Groupon’s mission? My responsibility aligns with Groupon’s overall mission by not only providing fashion consumers the most seamless shopping experience, but also making it affordable. ideel is giving consumers a great way to shop by providing the best prices and products in one place.

Anything else? I love to work out on my days off. Although I buy for a living, that doesn’t stop me from shopping on my days off as well!

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Employee Spotlight: Benefits Manager Margaret

at May 15th, 2015

Today we get to know Margaret, our Benefits Manager who left the lawyer life to dive into corporate benefits at Groupon.

Name: Margaret Margaret - Benefits Manager

Title: Benefits Manager

Start date: April 2013 (happy belated 2-year Grouponiversary!)

What did you do before Groupon? I came from a somewhat nontraditional background; I was previously an employee benefits attorney. I practiced law for 5 years and realized two things:

  1. My schedule was insane (I was often taking conference calls on Saturday nights at midnight).
  2. I saw what my clients were doing on the corporate side and I thought their work looked more interesting.

I loved the idea of working at Groupon, and I wanted to apply what I had learned to a role within the corporate setting. There are a lot of legal and compliance aspects within benefits, so my background helps in that regard.

What are the differences between corporate benefits & being a benefits attorney? When I advised clients, I would come in on an isolated question or situation and provide legal guidance. At Groupon, I have to be a lot more commercial and invested in how we’re doing, because I don’t just come in and give advice and then leave. I’m working with colleagues from Finance, HR, Legal, the business, and I see a problem or project from start to finish. Sometimes I have to be creative with where my piece fits in because of the business needs. It’s really interesting and I feel very invested in the work and the people I’m working with.

What are you proud of that you’ve worked on? I’m proud of the way we import Groupon values into all areas of HR, including Benefits.  For instance, I’ve worked with Pride@Groupon on our 100% Corporate Equality Index score (CEI), which involves a number of benefits criterion, such as coverage of various same-sex spouse benefits & transgender health benefits.

I’m also proud of the fact that in the past 2 years we’ve worked hard to make the Benefits function a key part of the employee experience as opposed to just a necessary afterthought.  We recognize that Benefits are a really important piece of total compensation, and very personal to many people, and we’ve improved the strategic thinking in this regard, though it’s definitely an ongoing process!

How are benefits determined – where are those initiatives coming from? When we think about benefits at Groupon, we try to review and benchmark from a global perspective. Groupon as a company has core values that we keep in mind when making decisions. We use survey data, work with our insurance broker, and regularly have employees coming to us asking if we can cover certain benefits.  We also work with our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), such as Parents@Groupon, on benefits specific to their groups.  So we get ideas from everywhere.

We have a global benefits committee that’s comprised of our regional HR heads and some members of Finance. If we’re considering adding a major benefit, it would go to the global committee for that decision.

What are you excited to learn or work on in the future? I’m excited to continue to learn about benefits from a global perspectiveas I’ve been mostly US-focused for the last 2 years.

Also, in the US, with the Affordable Care Act and the changing tech world, the world of employer-provided healthcare is dynamic — we’re looking at a variety of health strategies for Groupon, including health and wellness mobile apps and software to help make our benefits easier to understand for employees. It’d fit with our tech-savvy atmosphere at Groupon, and we’d love to be able to help our employees utilize their benefits more easily.

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Women in Technology: Product Manager Lauri

at May 12th, 2015

Today’s Women in Technology (WIT) blog entry is about Lauri, a Product Manager and Engineering’s 2nd female employee. She also may or may not have a love/hate relationship with the song “Money for Nothing” by Dire Straits, thanks to her days in options trading.

Name: Lauri Lauri - Groupon Product Manager

Title: Product Manager

Start Date: August of 2010

What’s your pre-Groupon story? I went to Mizzou for Journalism, however I always kind of knew I wouldn’t end up doing that professionally. After school, I got a job as an Administrative Assistant for a partner at an options trading firm. This was in the early 90′s, so it was really the start of the finance wave and the golden era of derivatives and risk management. At that time, my firm had a 1:1 developer to trader ratio, which is unheard of. It was a very tech-driven firm here in Chicago and I found myself gravitating toward the technology side of the business. I was working on the business side doing technology projects and became frustrated with waterfall methodology—as I started to explore technology on my own, extreme programming was becoming popular (the precursor to Agile) which I became drawn to. I wanted to learn how to do things better and faster, and found this to be challenging and fun.

What brought you to Groupon? I joined Groupon in August of 2010 to do Quality Assurance. I was the second woman hired in Tech, and at the time there were about 40 people in Engineering total. I was a business analyst and agile coach working with teams to help them function better, so my secret mission coming into Groupon was to implement processes. There had been such tremendous growth in the previous couple years that everyone was really running full speed. However, as Groupon grew, we became more structured organizationally. We were growing so astronomically with headcount and were starting to understand that you can only scale so much in that way. We already knew it had to be applied technology that was going to be our path to maturity to become the company that we are today. I ended up moving into the Product Management role, which is where I am now!

What career advice do you have for those entering the working world? Regardless of what you’re doing, if you are thinking about it in terms of career development, everything that you’re learning becomes something you can use to move forward. It always helps if you know what you want to do. I ended up in a lot of my jobs by chance, but I also spent a lot of my free time learning. For example, with options training, I went to these training sessions to learn more about the world I was in. The training videos all opened up with “Money for Nothing” by Dire Straits, and then we’d have homework, and come back in and watch more videos. I got to know the education staff pretty well and I took advantage of that. Even if you’re not where you think you should be, you need to assess what you can learn from your situation. I was in an environment where options trading was a foreign language to me, so I set out to learn that language so I could move up in that world.

Anything else? I’ve seen some quirky, Groupon-y things in the last 5 years. Mayor Daley once stopped by my desk to take a look around the office. Then, there was a Nightline segment with Andrew Mason being filmed near my desk at the time. Another day, we got to get our pictures taken with a little monkey dressed as Santa Claus for no apparent reason. Back in 2011, they put curtains around the Engineering team while they were building out “Groupon 2.0″ and made it into a big, private, exciting production. Rahm Emanuel once stuck his head into the curtains while I was working, which was surprising.

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Women in Technology: Trina, Global IT Director Pt. II

at May 11th, 2015

Today’s Women in Technology (WIT) blog entry features Trina, our Senior Global Director of IT, user of the word “bit-twiddler” and advocate of professional development. Click here to read part one of her story.  Trina - Global IT Director

What is your favorite part about what you do? People ask what I love about my job and my favorite thing is developing and mentoring people. My value is really in understanding how IT can help a business, so being a liaison, and also developing technical teams. So helping employees who don’t really know what they want to do, I like helping them figure out whether they’re interested in people management, soft skills, do you want to switch from system engineering to network engineering…making people better at their jobs and better workers. That’s what I spend a big part of time doing.

Are there IT misconceptions? I think people don’t really understand IT. The mental barrier to entering IT is huge, and it doesn’t have to be. You learn so much on the job and it changes so quickly that you’ll never know everything anyways. So many facets of IT are working with people. So if you’re good with that, you can pick up the more technical pieces along the way. One of the stronger people on my team is a Business Analyst originally, so he knows how to analyze data. But his value is working with the business and showing them how to look at data. So most of his job is actually not technical at all. So I think there are a lot of roles in enterprise IT and elsewhere that are not just “bit-twiddlers.”

That’s a great word, “bit-twiddler.”

Can you speak to the global aspect of your role a bit more? The organization structure was extremely flat when I started. I put in a few strategic layers, so I now have a Director over all of EMEA. So now it’s more of a unified operation. Same thing with North America. Now I’m doing that with LatAm, and eventually APAC. Then, it comes to making the directors work together. So getting the organization set up and scaled was a huge accomplishment. We’re still typing up processes and now it’s more of a maturity exercise. Looking at where we will be a year from now and starting to prepare for that is important.

Anything about you? I have three children. I love to work. I do not like clowns. I travel so much, that my team started to hang up weird things in my office to freak me out. Little did they know that my threshold for being scared is quite high—I didn’t even notice this stuff for weeks. At one point they had stacked up boxes and created a Jenga wall from floor to ceiling and I had to poke through the boxes to get into my office.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 10.35.37 AM

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Employee Spotlight: Mr. Business Talks Groupon Goods

at May 8th, 2015

Today we chat with Alec, an Assistant Buyer for our Goods Home & Garden channel.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 11.03.31 AM

Name: Alec

Title: Assistant Buyer for Goods’ Home and Garden channel

Start date: December 15, 2014

What did you do before Groupon and what brought you here? Before Groupon, I worked at Abercrombie & Fitch Corporate as an Inventory Analyst. I was in charge of allocating inventory for girls’ sweaters, graphic tees, etc. to our stores across the globe. From there I saw that I enjoyed the merchandising aspect of my role. I noticed an opportunity at Groupon as an Assistant Buyer in Goods, which was a new role in the department, so I applied and eventually came into the office for an interview. The interview gave me great insight into the different categories of Goods and what qualities the team was looking for in an Assistant Buyer. Home & Garden was the category I really wanted to work for, and after meeting Shimool and her team and learning about what they do and their accomplishments, I knew I made the right choice taking a job at Groupon.

And what do you do in your current role in a nutshell? As an Assistant Buyer, I cater to the needs of the Buyers. I do a lot of competitive shopping to gauge the market. I run shipping costs and help negotiate prices to make sure we have the best deals out there. I run sales data analysis on vendors we work with as well as keeping marketing history. I do requests for deal edits whether it’s adding images, changing the copy, adding inventory, etc. It’s a great opportunity to learn many aspects of merchandising and all of the challenges Buyers run into.

For people who don’t know, what does merchandising entail? So with merchandising, you work with different vendors who all want you to buy what they sell. You’re in constant communication with vendors to determine a plan for the season and make sure you have the best items that will do well for both your category and Groupon Goods. You also work a lot with cross-functional partners. You work with Editorial to see what kind of occasions and themes they’re pushing in emails so your items can be featured and seen by more customers. You analyze your weekly sales and see how your products are doing. If things are doing well and selling, then you want to keep them going, and if things aren’t selling, you want to re-evaluate. The key takeaways I’ve learned in this role are the importance of communication, negotiation, organization, and accountability.

What are some unique challenges to your role? Groupon has grown so much and is still so new, so our vendors see us in different ways. Some are really excited to feature with Groupon, and some still are unaware of our reach. But as we progress and become more established within Goods, we have more and more historical data to present to show them how Groupon can really propel their business.

How different has Groupon been compared to before? The culture is similar to A&F, in terms of it being a young, fresh company. At Groupon, you need to be able to adapt and learn different ways to do things, so you’re kept on your toes a lot. Things also move more quickly here; at Groupon I can plan a week or two out, as opposed to weeks or months at A&F. You can also react to trends and what people buy. I feel like I have more autonomy over what I’m doing, especially with the site. If any Editorial edits need to happen, I can have the content or image changed really quickly. We recently had a Facebook contest over the past few months where we made our own targeted Facebook ads—we got to promote whichever products we wanted, and whoever raised the most money won $5,000…and I won!

What’s next for you? There’s a lot I want to learn and do! I want to get better at buying and have my own category. I would love to do training and be that go-to person on my team or Goods overall. I’d also like to dabble in social media and help build out brand even more, especially for Home & Garden.

Anything interesting about you that you’d like to share? I’m a member of Pride at Groupon, and am looking to get more involved over the next year or so! I love Britney Spears – she is my deity. I worked in Italy as an English tutor for a summer camp program, which was very cool. I play piano and tennis as well. I was Mr. Business at the University of Illinois! I studied Economics at U of I, which was not the most fun major in the world, but it did allow me to build a good foundation for business.


Women in Technology: Trina, Global IT Director Pt. 1

at May 6th, 2015

Today’s Women in Technology (WIT) blog entry features Trina, our Senior Global Director of IT, user of the word “bit-twiddler” and advocate of professional development.

Name: Trina Trina - Global IT Director

Title: Senior Global Director of IT

Start Date: March of 2014

What brought you to Groupon? I started to feel complacent at my previous company. You get to a point where you become part of the problem instead of the solution, so I knew it was time to move on to a new opportunity. I started keeping my ears open to potential leads. I didn’t know a ton about Groupon before I joined. It scared me a little bit because I had been in the business for a while, and Groupon clearly operates much differently than previous places I had been. I felt energized when I started talking to people at Groupon about the culture and I felt like I would have a lot of opportunity here as opposed to other places I had been interviewing. I liked the autonomous nature here, the “run your own race” mentality. Everyone is their own entrepreneur, there aren’t a lot of rules, and you can run as fast as you want. That’s where I do my best work, which is what led me to choose Groupon, which ended up being the best decision ever.

What does your job fully entail in a nutshell? Technically, I am responsible for all of the enterprise back-end systems: networking, wifi, the connectivity between offices, production data centers, etc.

How did you get into IT? Right out of college, I did project and account management for an office furniture company for many years. I became the go-to technology person, so our systems manager at the time was moving and the CFO, who knew that I enjoyed technology issues, asked me to make the move to IT. I slowly started building servers and doing network engineering. So I ran a help desk, configured help desk software, did all those jobs, etc. Eventually I started managing project and people, then started my own company and ran that for 15 years. So I’ve been in IT now for 25 years.

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6° of Grouponation: Shinji on the Evolution of Groupon Technology

at May 5th, 2015

With 6° of Grouponation, we’ll chat with employees who have hit their six-year mark—an impressive milestone for Groupon. Shinji, currently an Engineering Director, has seen Groupon’s technology group evolve immensely since starting his career here.

Name: Shinji Shinji Engineering Director

Title: Engineering Director

Start Date: May of 2009

What is your title and what do you do? I’m an Engineering Director, so I manage Engineers and Product Managers here in Chicago as well as two teams in Berlin. All of these technology teams are part of our “commerce platform,” essentially e-commerce sub-systems.

We have many software systems for different segments of the business:

  • Finance and accounting automation for merchant payments
  • “Deal catalog” which is sort of an aggregation of all the deals we run across the different businesses
  • Voucher inventory services, which are basically the same thing but on a unit level (for Local its vouchers, Goods it’s products, Getaways it’s bookings, etc.)
  • Our deal management API and internal deal management tools

So what was Groupon like in 2009? The Point had just started hiring for Groupon when I came on board. At that time, there were about 20 people total and I think five of us had started that week. The main focus was still The Point—essentially, Groupon felt like a new project that was starting to work. About six months in, it was obvious that Groupon was the future of the company.

And what was Tech like in 2009, specifically?  There were three of us in tech and everything was in classic startup mode: everyone did everything. When I started, The Point was a single Rails app that was built to run community campaigns with tipping points. Groupon was originally launched via WordPress, and every night someone would go in and launch the “deal of the day” as a new post in the blog. My first project was to get Groupon off of WordPress and onto The Point. In the early days we were building features; we were excited when we launched the ability to buy more than 1 unit at a time. That sort of thing.

How has tech changed as an organization since 2009? From my perspective we’ve gone from doing what a startup does (proving you have something people want to buy), to maintaining that, iterating on it, and building new businesses alongside it. In the beginning it was one piece: the site. Now we have all those other components in place as well to try to improve the life cycle (finance, accounting systems, merchant center, etc.).

What has kept you here for 6 years? Groupon, which is still very much a growth company even though growth looks different now than it did 3-5 years ago, is a place where things change very quickly. On a professional and personal level, that means a lot of opportunities. I’ve been here six years and I’ve been in many different jobs and teams within the technology department, so it doesn’t feel like it’s been only one job in that sense.

Another thing is the culture. It’s characterized by openness, accessibility, and irreverence. This is a place where people don’t take themselves too seriously, and that’s really important to me.

What advice do you have for someone interested in joining Tech at Groupon? It’s possible to be professionally rewarded by being aggressively honest. This is a place where people value truth telling. Giving people the benefit of the doubt and creating spaces to tell the truth is a great professional strategy, but it’s hard to do that if you’re at all cynical about relationships, business, corporations, etc. I think if I had been very cynical and cagey about my opinions, it wouldn’t have gone as well.

Employee Spotlight: Dublin’s Talent Brand Ambassador

at May 4th, 2015

Today we get to know John, our Talent Brand Ambassador and Digital Marketing Specialist in Dublin, Ireland…and former pop star.

Name: John  John - Talent Brand in Dublin

Title: Talent Brand Ambassador & Digital Marketing Specialist, EMEA

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Start Date: March of 2015

What brought you to Groupon? I worked for myself for over 10 years managing my own company in Dublin. I decided a while ago that I wanted to move back into marketing and branding, which I really love, so I had been keeping an eye on the market. I also speak French and German so when the opportunity for EMEA Talent Brand Ambassador at Groupon arose, I thought “this job is written for me!” So, I applied and the rest, as they say, is history.

What does your role entail? I am based in our Dublin office and work closely with the Recruitment Teams across EMEA to help build Groupon’s employer brand identity. This is a pretty wide-ranging brief encompassing our online presence, social media channels, and how we reach out to candidates and engage our existing employees. I look at my job as being in Marketing and my aim is to build a loyal fanbase of Groupon ambassadors.

You’re a couple months into your Groupon journey – what has surprised you about working here? I love that it’s so dynamic. Things could change at any minute…and they regularly do! I get a real kick out of being handed a project, hitting the ground running with it and then seeing the results of the hard work paying off. In Groupon, that self-starter attribute is highly regarded and I really like that you can take your own initiative on projects! Being a young company and having grown as quickly as we did, we often don’t have a loads of processes and red tape, which actually at times is a great thing, and it can help get things done!

The first EMEA Recruiting summit recently wrapped up – what was your role in that and how has it helped EMEA’s Recruiting/Branding objectives? I worked closely with my colleagues on the Recruitment team in Dublin to prepare the summit which was a hectic, action-packed 3-day agenda. We covered so many key areas including talent pipelines, pitching Groupon, strategy development and (my baby) talent branding, which is all about positioning Groupon as an employer of choice in a very competitive market.

One of our main aims for the summit was to foster a tangible sense of community amongst our recruiters, many of whom had never met in person. It was important that we come away from the summit feeling part of a team, and I think we absolutely achieved that, which is superb!

How does what you’re doing in Dublin reflect the overall company brand vision? Just like Consumer Branding, Talent Branding is vital to a company’s strategic vision nowadays.  Groupon is no different and we need to make sure that our collective, global efforts are aligned so that we are strive towards the same goal: for candidates, that means a really strong and consistent experience when interacting with us; for employees, it means knowing that they are important to the company and that their voice is valued. Talent Branding helps reinforce our message and keeps us consistent across our markets.

What excites you about coming to work everyday? The people I work with! Yes, that may sound cheesy and utterly cliche, but when you work with great people, it makes everything much easier! As a bunch we are the living, breathing definition of “Great People Make Great Companies.” We work hard, but we laugh a lot too!

Anything else? In my free time you can generally find me in my local Crossfit Perpetua or swimming in the sea (summer time only!) Finally, speaking of cheese…eons ago, I used to be in a boy band called “Mankind” and we had a No. 2 chart hit in Ireland. We were kept from the top spot by some gal from Texas called “Beyonce” with her tune ‘Crazy In Love.’ I wonder what ever became of her…?​​

Thanks for reading the People Blog—a blog about people at Groupon! Interested in opportunities in Dublin or London? Not all of our employees are former pop stars, so don’t feel pressured to have gone up against Beyonce at some point.